Largest U.S. Aviation Maintenance School to Open in Chicago

By Lindsay Bjerregaard Jun 16, 2021
The newest branch of the Aviation Institute of Maintenance will be 30% larger than its flagship campus in Norfolk, Virginia.
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Driving Change in Aviation Workforce Diversity

By Lindsay Bjerregaard Jun 16, 2021
Chicago-based nonprofit AeroStar Avion Institute is working to make aviation careers more accessible for diverse communities.
Workforce & Training

Joramco, VD Gulf Sign Agreement To Explore Cooperation

By Lee Ann Shay Jun 15, 2021
Objectives could include building hangars for additional lines of maintenance or painting, as well as aircraft conversions.
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Cargo Lifting Legacy Engine Services, Pratt & Whitney Says

By Chen Chuanren Jun 09, 2021
Component and services demand for Pratt & Whitney’s legacy engines remains steady thanks to the soaring freighter movements in the past year. 
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Polish MRO Expands Capabilities Due to Pandemic Demand

By Lindsay Bjerregaard Jun 07, 2021
ALL4JETS has implemented online training and distance examinations, launched an engine inspection subsidiary and increased staff in the face of changing customer demand.

Daily Memo: Are These Aftermarket-Services Alternatives Set To Gain Ground?

By Sean Broderick May 21, 2021
Sensing that customers will continue to crave options to keep costs down and reliability up, Iberia Maintenance has positioned alternative sourcing as a major part of its services portfolio.
Maintenance & Training

Readying Next-Generation AMTs For Emerging Technologies

By Lindsay Bjerregaard May 13, 2021
As progress is made on modernizing FAA Part 147 educational requirements, AMT schools prepare to train students to work with emerging aviation technologies.
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One Piece (Of Paper) At A Time

Sarah MacLeod May 12, 2021
To install a part or not, that is the question.
Safety, Ops & Regulation

Gatwick Incident Prompts Action On Biocide Procedures

By Sean Broderick May 12, 2021
FAA, EASA and IATA develop new standards for biocide treatments to prevent engine degradation problems.
Safety, Ops & Regulation

New Nonprofit Seeks to Advance Aviation Industry Gender Parity

By Lindsay Bjerregaard May 10, 2021
Aviation Women Inspiring Next Generation (A-WING) is working on efforts to bridge the gap between organizations devoted to women in aviation and companies seeking to hire more women.
Workforce & Training

Opinion: Virtual Systems Improve Training and Safety

By P. Barry Butler May 07, 2021
Extended reality systems present a way to address key safety and workforce-training challenges.
Maintenance & Training

Fast 5: Etihad Airways Technical Training Pivots During Pandemic

By Lindsay Bjerregaard May 06, 2021
Etihad’s head of technical training on adapting coursework to cope with pandemic restraints and looking into new technologies to train MRO workforce.
Workforce & Training

Factors That May Be Driving Women Away from Aviation Careers

By Lindsay Bjerregaard May 05, 2021
A study by members of the FAA’s Women in Aviation Advisory Board has identified several factors standing in the way of workforce gender balance.
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United Airlines Says PW4000 Inspection Work Progressing
United Airlines said Pratt & Whitney, the FAA and other stakeholders are making progress on getting Pratt PW4000-series engines back in service but declined to say when its affected 777s will return.
guy.ferneyhoug… Thu, 04/29/2021 - 16:33
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Have COVID-19 Budget Cuts Negatively Impacted MRO Technician Training?

By Lindsay Bjerregaard Apr 26, 2021
Ask the Editors: Despite pandemic budget challenges, MROs invested in technician-training technology to ensure regulatory compliance.
Workforce & Training

Fast 5: The State of MRO Workforce Post-Pandemic

By Lindsay Bjerregaard Apr 22, 2021
Launch Technical Workforce Solutions CEO Mike Guagenti shares insights on how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected the MRO workforce.
Workforce & Training

MRO Market Changes And Trends To Expect In Pandemic Recovery

By Lee Ann Shay Apr 16, 2021
Aviation Week editors answer questions about the direction of the MRO industry as commercial aviation climbs out of the crisis.

Opinion: Why You Should Care About Workforce Diversity

Andy Hakes Apr 15, 2021
Startling examples from the aviation industry reveal there is more work to do in making the aviation aftermarket workforce more diverse.
Workforce & Training

New MRO Career Opportunities for Transitioning Veterans

By Lindsay Bjerregaard Apr 15, 2021
VIPER Transitions is working with MRO industry partners to help service members transition more easily into aviation maintenance careers.
Workforce & Training

Tackling Gender Barriers In Aviation Maintenance

By Lindsay Bjerregaard Apr 15, 2021
Women in the MRO workforce are still facing gender-related challenges on the job.
Workforce & Training

North American MROs Still Prioritize Digital Investments Despite Pandemic

By James Pozzi Apr 15, 2021
How MROs in North America are moving forward with digital strategies despite COVID-19.
Emerging Technologies

American Airlines COO On Reactivating Fleet

By Lee Ann Shay Apr 14, 2021
American Airlines COO David Seymour speaks with Aviation Week's Lee Ann Shay on how the airline is helping distribute the COVID-19 vaccine and how it…

Aviation Maintenance Students On Challenges Facing Next-Gen Workforce

By Lindsay Bjerregaard Apr 14, 2021
Inside MRO speaks with students about the COVID-19 crisis effects, diversity and inclusion barriers and more.
Workforce & Training

Qatar Airways Opens Facility To Streamline Engine Maintenance

By Kurt Hofmann Apr 09, 2021
Qatar Airways has opened a 9,000-ft.² technical engine facility in Doha that it says will boost cost efficiencies and workflow.
Workforce & Training

AAR Launches Gender Equity Initiative in Miami

By Lindsay Bjerregaard Mar 29, 2021
AAR has hired its first all-female aircraft maintenance technician cohort in Miami, which will participate in a study to investigate how to attract women to MRO career paths.
Workforce & Training