Russian Regulator Approves Aircraft Cannibalization Amid Sanctions
Rosaviatsia now allows the installation of non-original spares on foreign-made commercial aircraft, without seeking approval from the type-certificate holders.
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AirAsia MRO Affiliate Opens Facility In Johor

By Chen Chuanren Jan 18, 2023
Asia Digital Engineering (ADE) has opened a new hangar in Johor Bahru and is offering its MRO services to third party clients beyond the LCC giant.

Working Group Calls For Unified Repair Station Guidance

By Sean Broderick Jan 17, 2023
An industry working group has recommended that the FAA consolidate its disparate guidance for repair station certification and oversight into a single source.
Safety, Ops & Regulation

Collins Aerospace’s Executive Shares Cybersecurity Tips

By Lee Ann Shay Jan 13, 2023
How other companies can learn from Collins Aerospace’s approach to addressing cybersecurity issues.
Safety, Ops & Regulation

MRO In China Struggles To Overcome Pandemic Disruptions

By Chen Chuanren Jan 13, 2023
Pandemic disruptions continue to challenge China’s MRO industry, but the outlook remains positive.
Aircraft & Propulsion

Canadian MRO Begins Bankruptcy Proceedings

By Lindsay Bjerregaard Jan 12, 2023
Springer Aerospace is undergoing a sale and investment solicitation process following pandemic-related financial problems.

Aer Lingus Targets Maintenance Investments As Operation Ramps Up

By James Pozzi Jan 12, 2023
How Aer Lingus is looking at new technologies for its maintenance operation and potentially bolstering its in-house parts repairs.
Aircraft & Propulsion

New Federal Law Mandates Safety System Upgrades For 737 MAX

By Sean Broderick Jan 12, 2023
Safety enhancements to the 737-10 will make their way to the rest of the 737 MAX fleet.
Safety, Ops & Regulation

Opinion: New Congressional Leaders Will Shape U.S. Aviation Policy

Jan 10, 2023
Despite a divided Congress for 2023, ARSA remains optimistic about collaboration on aviation policymaking.
Safety, Ops & Regulation

Extension For 737-7, 737-10 Approvals Could Come With Upgrade Mandates

By Sean Broderick Dec 01, 2022
A potential flight crew alerting deadline extension affecting the Boeing 737-7 and 737-10 has not swayed pilots who want to see U.S. Congress hold the line.
Safety, Ops & Regulation

EASA Mandate Targets Trent 800 Fuel Pumps

By Sean Broderick Nov 22, 2022
Operators of Rolls Royce Trent 800-powered Boeing 777s face mandatory fuel pump removals to correct an issue linked to thrust-loss incidents, EASA said.

MRO Memo: A Team Sport And 10 Tips

By Lee Ann Shay Nov 18, 2022
When it comes to cybersecurity, each team member needs to play their part—that was the message from Collins Aerospace’s chief information security officer, who shared some practical information that all aviation companies should heed.

Britain Sticks With European Approvals

By Alex Derber Nov 17, 2022
Post-Brexit, the UK CAA continues to adapt to its post-Brexit status outside EASA.
Safety, Ops & Regulation

Is There A Quicker, Safer Way To Maintain Aircraft Fuel Tanks?

By Henry Canaday Nov 09, 2022
Technology to coat fuel tank surfaces with chemical particles could be quicker than air purging, but industry has resisted its adoption.
Safety, Ops & Regulation

Digital Project Aims To Standardize Aircraft Maintenance Data

By Lindsay Bjerregaard Nov 08, 2022
The University of Limerick is developing a digital registry to solve issues with maintenance data across different aircraft operators.
Emerging Technologies

MROs Make Sustainability Progress

By Lindsay Bjerregaard Nov 07, 2022
Several MROs have recently rolled out initiatives to reduce carbon footprint and advance greener aircraft.

MRO Japan Gets EASA Approval, First Foreign Customer

By Henry Canaday Nov 04, 2022
Okinawa-based MRO Japan is finally poised to attract foreign customers following pandemic-related setbacks.

Mechanic Safety Has Improved, But Significant Risks Remain

By Henry Canaday Nov 02, 2022
Line maintenance, fuel tank and at-height work continue to be risky for aircraft mechanics.
Safety, Ops & Regulation

U.S. Industry Divided On Secondary Cockpit Barriers

By Sean Broderick Nov 02, 2022
Secondary barriers are coming to U.S.-registered air transport aircraft, but impact of rules remains to be seen.
Safety, Ops & Regulation

Opinion: FAA’s Aviation Safety Organization Needs Fundamentals Refresh

Nov 01, 2022
Changes in FAA bureaucracy and leadership are making it difficult for industry to maintain compliance.
Safety, Ops & Regulation

Privacy in an ADS-B Era

By James Albright Oct 19, 2022
Tools that bring safety can also expose private information.

Industry Split On Proposed Secondary-Barrier Rules

By Sean Broderick Oct 14, 2022
An FAA proposal to mandate secondary flight deck barriers has drawn contrasting opposition from across the industry.

Ecube Opens New U.S. Teardown Facility

By Prachi Patel Oct 10, 2022
Aircraft part-out specialist opened new facility at Arizona and welcomed the first aircraft for teardown.

How Travel Restrictions Have Slowed New MRO in Asia

By Lee Ann Shay Oct 05, 2022
Quarantines have hindered certain approval functions.

Next-Gen Cockpit Voice Recorders Boost Time, Data Capabilities

By Paul Seidenman Oct 05, 2022
Next-gen cockpit voice recorders are extending recording times and becoming more flight data recorder-integrated.