FAA Directive Mandates GE CF34-8 Inspections
The FAA has finalized a mandatory inspection program for GE CF34-8 engines to detect cracks in combustion liner outer shells that, if left to propagate, can cause the structure to buckle and, in extreme cases, trigger inflight shutdowns. 
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Fixes For PW4000-Powered 777s Edge Closer

By Sean Broderick Sep 10, 2021
Pratt & Whitney and the FAA are close to approving revised inspection protocols for PW4000s that power grounded Boeing 777s, but Boeing-led work on…
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United Eyes Pratt-Powered 777 Return; Nacelle Fix Delays Persist

By Sean Broderick Sep 09, 2021
The global fleet of 128 Boeing 777s with PW4000s has been grounded since late February following a failure onboard a United 777 near Denver—the third PW4000-powered 777 in-service event in three years linked to a cracked fan blade.
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Regulators Urge 737NG Operators To Adjust Reverser Repair Steps

By Sean Broderick Sep 09, 2021
Mandate calling for required test can create unintended consequences that cause thrust reversers to malfunction.
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EASA Directive Targets Airbus A380 Fuselage Reinforcement

By Sean Broderick Sep 08, 2021
EASA plans to mandate an Airbus-recommended fuselage modification which addresses A380 fuselage cracks operators are discovering when conducting a similar fix required by the European regulator.
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AFRA Attempts Headway Into Chinese Used Parts Market

By Lindsay Bjerregaard Aug 29, 2021
AFRA is working with the Chinese government on a solution that would enable global disassemblers to sell used parts for installation on Chinese registered aircraft.
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Aftermarket Providers Customize MRO Customs To Save Money And Time

By Alex Derber Aug 17, 2021
What MRO providers can do to streamline their import and export processes.
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MRO Memo: A Happy Story

By Lee Ann Shay Aug 13, 2021
A roadtrip for MRO editors involved adventure and a positive story.

FAA Restricts 737 MAX Cargo Capacity Under Specific Scenario

By Sean Broderick Aug 05, 2021
The FAA is ordering restrictions for Boeing 737 MAX and some 737 Next Generation models that would prohibit carrying freight in the aft cargo compartment if certain systems not critical for flight are malfunctioning.
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U.S. Executive Order Opens Door For Maintenance Manual Discussion

By Sean Broderick Aug 04, 2021
Decades-long debate over manual access could be rekindled.
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FAA Alert Flags 737NG Thrust Reverser Issue

By Sean Broderick Aug 03, 2021
A mandatory, repetitive test to validate that Boeing 737 thrust reverser sensors are working can cause the systems to malfunction.
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Avelo Taps GE Digital Flight Data Monitoring For Safety, Sustainability

By Sean Broderick Aug 02, 2021
Avelo, an all-Boeing 737 Next Generation-series operator, plans to tap its flight data and GE’s repository of algorithms to monitor and improve its operation across the board.

Regulators Flag Lavatory Fire Bottles For Return-To-Service Checks

By Sean Broderick Jul 30, 2021
New guidance from the FAA and EASA targets any operator with aircraft that have lavatory fire extinguishing bottles.
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FAA Mandate Targets 737 Cabin Pressure Switches 

By Sean Broderick Jul 16, 2021
In an immediately adopted airworthiness directive (AD) due out July 20, the agency will order Boeing 737 operators to inspect cabin altitude pressure switches more frequently.
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Known Maintenance Risk Led To 787 Gear Collapse, UK’s AAIB Finds

By Sean Broderick Jul 15, 2021
A British Airways 787-8’s inadvertent nose-gear retraction at a London Heathrow gate last month was caused by an incorrectly placed pin during routine maintenance—a design-related risk that regulators flagged in an airworthiness directive that had not been implemented on the aircraft.
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FAA Plans Three 737NG Nacelle Retrofit Mandates

By Sean Broderick Jul 14, 2021
Engine failures triggered significant amounts of airframe damage.
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FAA Safety Reporting Changes After The MAX

By Sean Broderick Jul 08, 2021
New voluntary safety reporting program gives front-line agency employees more voice in the process.
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ARSA Offers Advice As Biden Turns To Sullenberger For ICAO Role

Brett Levanto Jul 08, 2021
ARSA’s diplomatic outreach to C.B. “Sully” Sullenberger as ICAO ambassador.
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FAA, Boeing Finalizing Series Of 737NG Nacelle Modifications

By Sean Broderick Jun 28, 2021
The FAA plans to mandate three modifications to Boeing 737 Next Generation (NG) nacelles linked to a pair of inflight fan-blade failures that caused significant damage outside the engine and led to one passenger fatality. 
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EASA Reinforces Pitot Tube Warning For Aircraft Returning To Service

By Alan Dron Jun 24, 2021
EASA has issued a new airworthiness directive (AD) instructing airlines to carefully check external air data probes before returning aircraft to service after pandemic storage. 
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Remote Oversight Is Here To Stay

By Sean Broderick Jun 10, 2021
EASA will review pandemic protocols and adopt new best practices, including some remote oversight.
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FAA Budget Targets Safety Improvements

By Sean Broderick Jun 10, 2021
Response to 737 MAX probes includes adding more international staff.
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A Key Lesson For MRO Businesses

Christian A. Klein Jun 10, 2021
A thriving business usually includes this.
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FAA Budget Would Expand International Staff

By Sean Broderick Jun 01, 2021
Under the proposed budget, the FAA would spend $2.4 million in the coming fiscal year to place “senior representatives” in the UK, Mexico, Poland and somewhere in Southeast Asia.
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For Suppliers, Rising Parts Demand Can Be A Mixed Blessing

By Sean Broderick May 14, 2021
Alternative sources, including PMA and surplus material, will help shape the market.
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