New LEAP-1A Check Parameters Stress MRO Tracking Systems

A new inspection requirement affecting CFM LEAP-1A operations in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) is shaping up to be a maintenance record-keeping hea

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North Star Air Gets Avionics Upgrades to Improve Arctic Operations

By Lindsay Bjerregaard Jan 18, 2022
The Canadian airline is upgrading avionics on its ATR 72 fleet as it grows its cargo and maintenance operations.
Interiors & Connectivity

How Recovering Commercial Air Traffic Is Impacting MRO Shops

By Henry Canaday Jan 13, 2022
MRO shops are getting busier as commercial flying has recovered to half of its pre-COVID levels.

Lessons Learned From Parking Aircraft

By Lee Ann Shay Jan 13, 2022
Airlines, MROs and OEMs share lessons learned from parking aircraft during the pandemic.
Aircraft & Propulsion

Chinese Aviation, MROs Have Strong 2021 Finish

By Henry Canaday Jan 07, 2022
Three major Chinese MROs finished the year with new capacity, capabilities and business.

Regulators Tighten A380 GP7200 Inspection Intervals

By Sean Broderick Jan 04, 2022
Operators of certain Engine Alliance-powered Airbus A380s must conduct more frequent inspections of engine fan hubs and add a new check after regulators mandated manufacturer-recommended revisions.
Safety, Ops & Regulation

FAA Set To Issue Pratt-Powered 777 Service Return Requirements

By Sean Broderick Dec 22, 2021
The FAA will soon release draft final rules that details return-to-service requirements for Pratt & Whitney-powered Boeing 777s, adopting Boeing-recommended nacelle modifications and new Pratt-developed fan blade inspection protocols.
Safety, Ops & Regulation

Worldwide MRO Outlook For 2022

By Lee Ann Shay Dec 17, 2021
MRO demand by region based on Aviation Week Network’s 2022 Fleet & MRO Forecast.
Aircraft & Propulsion

Salt Air Exposure Led To CRJ-1000 Engine Failure

By Sean Broderick Dec 13, 2021
Corrosion from prolonged exposure to salty air set the stage for a part to crack and trigger a recent inflight engine shutdown on a Bombardier CRJ-1000, an FAA airworthiness directive confirms.
Safety, Ops & Regulation

Ameriflight Improves Maintenance Efficiency

By Lee Ann Shay Dec 07, 2021
By streamlining and digitizing maintenance paperwork, Ameriflight is cutting aircraft downtime.

Avoiding Unpleasant Surprises In Aircraft Mod Procurement

By Henry Canaday Dec 06, 2021
The Independent Aircraft Modifier Alliance shares tips on how modification customers and suppliers can work smarter on major mod projects.

FAA Inspection Mandates Target Subset Of Boeing 787s

By Sean Broderick Dec 03, 2021
The FAA has finalized an inspection plan for a subset of Boeing 787s produced from 2013-2017 that may have improper shimming in several areas. 
Safety, Ops & Regulation

BA Sues Chicago For Trent 1000 Damage

By Alex Derber Dec 03, 2021
Lawsuit relates to six Rolls-Royce Trent 1000 engines.

Fast 5: Ferrovial On Maintenance Infrastructure At Vertiports

By Lindsay Bjerregaard Nov 19, 2021
Ferrovial Airports’ senior vice president of corporate development shares the company’s vertiport plans and predicts how MRO will differ for advanced air mobility.
Emerging Technologies

Boeing 777 Nacelle Changes Expand To Thrust Reversers

By Sean Broderick Nov 18, 2021
Boeing has expanded its proposed nacelle changes for Pratt & Whitney-powered 777s to include thrust reverser modifications, the company told the FAA in a regulatory filing.
Aircraft & Propulsion

Daily Memo: The High Costs Of Inadequate Safety Assessments

By Sean Broderick Nov 08, 2021
A series of errors contributed to the October 2019 overrun of a PenAir Saab 2000 at Alaska’s Unalaska Airport that killed one passenger.
Safety, Ops & Regulation

Blockchain Hurdles Still Blocking Progress in the Aviation Aftermarket

By Lindsay Bjerregaard Nov 08, 2021
Regulatory compliance issues remain a major hurdle for blockchain adoption in the aviation aftermarket.
Supply Chain

Steps MROs Are Taking To Become More Sustainable

By Lee Ann Shay Nov 05, 2021
Steps aviation aftermarket companies are taking to become more sustainable.
Safety, Ops & Regulation

As 737 MAX Fleet Grows, MRO Spending Will Follow

By Sean Broderick Nov 03, 2021
China’s role will help shape near-term delivery, aftermarket activity.
Aircraft & Propulsion

Opinion: FAA ODA ‘Designees’ Need Training

Richard Kucera Nov 01, 2021
Organization designation authorization designees need to manage effectively, empower ODA unit members and not interfere with their work.
Safety, Ops & Regulation

The Disconnect Between Aviation’s Hot Topics And Actual Implementation

Brett Levanto Nov 01, 2021
Perception of progress in aviation’s hot topics does not always match practical efforts for change.
Safety, Ops & Regulation

Drakkar Aerospace and Argo Aviation Launch New Mobile Repair Services JV

By Lindsay Bjerregaard Oct 31, 2021
The Canada-based joint venture will offer mobile repair and aircraft inspection services to aviation customers in the Americas.

Boeing Proposes Phased Nacelle Retrofits For Some Models

By Sean Broderick Oct 29, 2021
FAA must approve Boeing’s plan because it goes against certification rules that govern design change.
Safety, Ops & Regulation

Inspector General Audit Finds FAA Inspection Shortcomings

By Sean Broderick Oct 29, 2021
Issues similar to findings in earlier audits.
Safety, Ops & Regulation

Inspector General Report Faults FAA Maintenance Oversight Process

By Sean Broderick Oct 22, 2021
The FAA plans to implement new training and several revised processes that ensure issues flagged by its maintenance inspectors are both accurately identified and properly addressed through safety systems.
Safety, Ops & Regulation