Onboard Wi-Fi Grows In Importance

The airline inflight entertainment and connectivity (IFEC) sector is experiencing major change, with significant consolidation among major players, a new aud

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Podcast: Norse Atlantic CEO Explains Long-Haul Startup’s Strategy
Can Norse Atlantic make a success of the low-cost transatlantic business model? Ahead of Norse's inaugural flight in June, CEO Bjørn Tore Larsen tells Routes Editor-in-Chief David Casey how the airline plans to succeed where others have failed.
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EDITORIAL: Stop Pre-Flight COVID Testing. Now

By Karen Walker May 25, 2022
In much of the world, certainly in Europe and North America, life is looking pretty normal. Live concerts and sports events are back and selling out;…
Safety, Ops & Regulation

Airports Looking For New Revenue Streams

By Aaron Karp May 24, 2022
At Denver International Airport (DEN), passengers can have pizza delivered to the boarding gate. Or they can order a bagel, a burger, ice cream and…
Airports & Routes

How Lessors Are Putting Sustainability Into Aircraft Financing

By Victoria Moores May 23, 2022
Leasing companies are working together to support the global air transport’s collective goal of meeting 2050 net-zero carbon emission goals. The…
Airlines & Lessors

How Business Air Travel Is Changing

By Alan Dron May 20, 2022
Business travelers and corporate travel managers are coming to terms with new factors that are enabling work trips to make a comeback, but which are…
Airports & Routes

Airlines See Corporate Travel Upswings Where Borders Reopen

By Henry Canaday May 20, 2022
Major airlines are planning for a recovery in this crucial market, but not necessarily counting on business travel returning to full strength.
Airlines & Lessors

US Airlines Leading Recovery Trend

May 20, 2022
American, Delta, United and Southwest are top four in the world.
Airlines & Lessors

CAPA PERSPECTIVE: New Megatrends Emerge As Pandemic Eases

May 20, 2022
Decarbonization, increasing reliance on narrowbody point-to-point operations, changing yields among the leaders.
Airlines & Lessors

Podcast: As Europe Recovers, Sustainability Takes Center Stage

By Victoria Moores May 19, 2022
This week’s Window Seat Podcast comes from Bergen, Norway, where decision-makers are gathering at Routes Europe to shape future airline networks.
Air Transport

Airlines Seek News Ways To Reduce Onboard Waste

By Alan Dron May 18, 2022
Cabin waste is costing airlines money, consuming valuable resources and undermining the sector’s sustainability credibility. But different rules from…
Airlines & Lessors

A New Strategy Aspires To Double Royal Air Maroc’s Size

By Victoria Moores May 18, 2022
Royal Air Maroc (RAM) finally celebrated its oneworld membership on March 17, two years after it joined the alliance. Now the Casablanca-based…
Airlines & Lessors

INTERVIEW: Etihad Aviation Group CEO Tony Douglas

By Karen Walker May 18, 2022
When Tony Douglas took the helm at Abu Dhabi-based Etihad, the mission was clear and grave: Find a way to survive. Etihad’s equity partnership…
Airlines & Lessors

For Oneworld, A Significant Strengthening

By Victoria Moores May 17, 2022
Royal Air Maroc (RAM) announced plans to join oneworld in December 2018 and became a full member in April 2020. However, COVID put the joining party…
Airlines & Lessors

Podcast: The Battle for Spirit Airlines

By Karen Walker May 12, 2022
Our editors discuss competing bids to acquire U.S. ultra-low-cost carrier Spirit Airlines and how the outcome could change the U.S. airline landscape.
Air Transport

Clearing The Cabin Air: ‘AirShield’ Moves Closer To FAA Certification

By Linda Blachly May 10, 2022
AirShield aims to further clear the cabin air by improving the effectiveness of overhead vents to prevent the spread of viruses by creating a protective air barrier around each passenger. It is expected to be FAA-certified by July.
Interiors & Connectivity

Podcast: IATA DG Willie Walsh On Challenges Airlines Are Facing Ramping Back Up

By Karen Walker May 05, 2022
As air transport recovers to normal levels in much of the world, IATA Director General Willie Walsh discusses the issues carriers are now contending with, how the market is changing and the outlook for the industry. 
Air Transport

How Big An Impact Will Higher Oil Prices Have On Airlines?

By Henry Canaday May 02, 2022
Fuel prices have been driven sharply upward by a combination of an aggressive war, cartel avarice and climate idealism. Short-term cost increases…
Airlines & Lessors

Head Of Thai Airways’ Restructuring Plan Wants Long-Term Results

By Chen Chuanren May 02, 2022
In 2008, Thai Airways suffered one of its worst financial results, incurring a THB21.4 billion ($647 million) net loss on the back of surging fuel…
Airlines & Lessors

Podcast: How Can The U.S. Pilot Shortage Be Resolved?

By Karen Walker Apr 28, 2022
Listen in as Aviation Week and ATW air transport editors discuss the pilot shortage U.S. airlines are grappling with during the post-pandemic rebound.
Air Transport

SAF Initiatives Aim To Scale Up Production And Use

ATW Editors Apr 26, 2022
Sustainability initiatives were brought to the center of the Airlines for Europe (A4E) summit at the end of March as airline executives—including…
Airlines & Lessors

US traffic grew 82% in 2021, Bureau of Transport Statistics says

Apr 26, 2022
US domestic traffic recovered to 75% of pre-pandemic levels in 2021, while international travel in and out of the country was about half of where it…
Airlines & Lessors

EDITORIAL: China’s COVID Zero-Sum Game

By Karen Walker Apr 22, 2022
A zero-sum game is a situation in which one person or group can win something only by causing another person or group to lose it.
Air Transport

ANALYSIS: Chaos Greets The Returning Air Traveler

By Karen Walker Apr 22, 2022
After months of being told by airlines that it was safe to fly, in terms of virus infection risk, passengers are returning to air travel in droves. They are clearly ready to fly. But the air transport industry? Not so much.
Air Transport

Podcast: Interview Exclusive With Alaska Airlines CEO Ben Minicucci

By Karen Walker Apr 21, 2022
The leader of Alaska Airlines talks with ATW Editor-in-Chief Karen Walker about 2022 goals, customer service, sustainability and innovation.