Airbus Pursues Sustainable Aircraft Recycling in China

By Lindsay Bjerregaard Jan 19, 2022
Airbus and Tarmac Aerosave are setting up a joint venture in Chengdu that will offer a range of aircraft lifecycle services.

ILS Expects Part Price Increases to Continue in 2022

By Henry Canaday Jan 19, 2022
ILS expects aerospace part prices to continue increasing based on its review of 2021 pricing trends.
Supply Chain

Supply Chain Lags, Inflation Hits U.S. Aftermarket

By Henry Canaday Jan 18, 2022
Price escalation is hitting various line replaceable units, rotables, consumables, expendables and parts sent out for repair.
Supply Chain

Lessons Learned From Parking Aircraft

By Lee Ann Shay Jan 13, 2022
Airlines, MROs and OEMs share lessons learned from parking aircraft during the pandemic.
Aircraft & Propulsion

Niche Numbers Belie CF6-80A’s MRO Prospects

By Sean Broderick Jan 12, 2022
Push to keep the fleet flying economically prompts partnerships.
Aircraft & Propulsion

Opinion: How the Aerospace Industry Can Weather 2022’s Turbulence

John Schmidt Jan 05, 2022
Building supply chain resilience, sustainable innovations and collaboration can help companies persevere through continued uncertainty.
Manufacturing & Supply Chain

Pratt & Whitney Seeing Faster-Than-Expected MRO Recovery, Supply Chain Worries

By Henry Canaday Dec 20, 2021
The engine OEM says engine MRO has recovered quicker than it expected, but it is preparing for supply chain disruptions moving forward.
Aircraft & Propulsion

What’s In And What’s Out For 2022 In MRO

By Lindsay Bjerregaard Dec 17, 2021
A look at what’s trending—and what has lost popularity—in the aviation aftermarket.

JSSI Acquires Maintenance Software Provider Traxxall

By Molly McMillin Dec 14, 2021
Jet Support Services, a maintenance and financial services provider to the business aviation industry, has acquired Montreal-based Traxxall, a provider of software for aircraft maintenance tracking, parts inventory management and other services.
Maintenance & Training

MRO IT Systems Widen Deployment

By Henry Canaday Dec 09, 2021
Despite the financial pressures of the pandemic, MRO IT providers continue to bring on new customers while upgrading their systems. 

Airbus, Boeing See Strong Narrowbody Demand Despite Disruptions

By Sean Broderick Dec 08, 2021
The airframers face another year of focus on operational and quality issues, market uncertainties and product development challenges.
Aircraft & Propulsion

Daily Memo: Engine Aftermarket Suppliers Shifting To Support Recovery

By Sean Broderick Dec 06, 2021
The overall recovery trend is positive, particularly in the core of the fleet—narrowbody flying that serves both domestic routes and many intra-regional cross-border markets.
Supply Chain

MRO Memo: Backstory Of Annual Top 10 MRO Predictions

By Lee Ann Shay Nov 18, 2021
Creating our annual Top 10 MRO Predictions list for the upcoming year usually includes a four-step process. It starts the second half of November…

Aftermarket Gains Continue, But Future Still Uncertain At TransDigm

By Henry Canaday Nov 17, 2021
While commercial aftermarket sales continue to increase at TransDigm, supply chain issues could become a challenge.
Supply Chain

Blockchain Hurdles Still Blocking Progress in the Aviation Aftermarket

By Lindsay Bjerregaard Nov 08, 2021
Regulatory compliance issues remain a major hurdle for blockchain adoption in the aviation aftermarket.
Supply Chain

Steps Toward Sustainability For MROs Require Greater Collaboration

By Victoria Moores Nov 05, 2021
Are MROs falling behind on aviation industry efforts toward sustainability?
Emerging Technologies

Steps MROs Are Taking To Become More Sustainable

By Lee Ann Shay Nov 05, 2021
Steps aviation aftermarket companies are taking to become more sustainable.
Safety, Ops & Regulation

Inside MRO News Briefs And Contracts, November 2021

Nov 05, 2021
Cross-border joint MRO ventures and component supply agreements feature in this month’s contracts and briefs.
Aircraft & Propulsion

Aeroman Plans 20-30% Growth As El Salvador Commits to Recovering Aviation Sector

By Henry Canaday Nov 02, 2021
Aftermarket stakeholders in El Salvador are preparing for the growth its newly-launched AERO Cluster is expected to bring.

The Disconnect Between Aviation’s Hot Topics And Actual Implementation

Brett Levanto Nov 01, 2021
Perception of progress in aviation’s hot topics does not always match practical efforts for change.
Safety, Ops & Regulation

Asian Airline Recovery Could Cause Short-Term MRO Pressure

By Adrian Schofield Oct 29, 2021
Reactivating stored fleets is likely to create a temporary shortage in MRO capacity.
Aircraft & Propulsion

IFC Antenna OEMs Prepare For Low-Earth-Orbit Satcom

By Paul Seidenman Oct 29, 2021
How low-Earth-orbit satellites will impact inflight entertainment.
Interiors & Connectivity

Allegiant Taps Supply Chain Ahead Of Next Peak Season

By Sean Broderick Oct 29, 2021
Allegiant Air is stocking spare parts and adding mechanics ahead of its next peak-flying period—part of the carrier's strategy to get ahead of supply…
Supply Chain

Aftermarket Digitalization Progress To Continue Post-Pandemic

By Lindsay Bjerregaard Oct 29, 2021
Engine MROs and OEMs expect demand for digitalization tools to grow post-pandemic but see challenges in large-scale implementation.
Emerging Technologies

Aircraft Retirements Hit Lowest Point

By Lee Ann Shay Oct 29, 2021
Aviation Week data shows the number of commercial jet and turboprop aircraft being retired continues to drop.
Aircraft & Propulsion