Designing For Maintainability Makes Money For Crossover Jets

By Bernie Baldwin Feb 24, 2021
When any new aircraft is launched into the market, the headline items from the manufacturer describing the new product usually relate to parameters…
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United Nigeria Begins Commercial Operations With Fleet Of ERJ145s

By David Casey Feb 16, 2021
Two weeks after securing an air operator’s certificate (AOC), United Nigeria has begun commercial operations. 
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Crossover Jets Add Anti-COVID Cleanliness To Comfort

By Bernie Baldwin Feb 09, 2021
Delivering comfort in what was once thought of as a niche segment, crossover narrowbody jets such as the Airbus A220 family and the first and second…
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ANA Increases Focus On Smaller Aircraft For Fiscal 2021

By Adrian Schofield Jan 26, 2021
All Nippon Airways (ANA) expects to rely more heavily on smaller aircraft types for both domestic and international flying in its upcoming fiscal year, as it looks to align its operations with expected market conditions.
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Congo Airways Doubles Embraer E2 Order

By Alan Dron Jan 13, 2021
Central African operator Congo Airways has placed a firm order for two Embraer E195-E2 regional jets, six months after ordering a pair of E190-E2s.
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Will Airlines Use More Narrowbody Aircraft On Long-Haul Routes?

By Jens Flottau Dec 11, 2020
Ask the Editors: Aviation will see less demand due to COVID-19, so the introduction of long-haul narrowbodies is unlikely to gain steam.
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ANALYSIS: Long-Haul Narrowbodies Will Help Bridge Gaps As Airlines Shrink

By Jens Flottau Nov 17, 2020
The airline industry and its main aircraft suppliers will be in survival mode at least through the upcoming winter season and until a broadly distributed COVID-19 vaccine allows public life worldwide to return to normal. 
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Chinese Domestic Services Almost Back To Pre-COVID Levels

Aug 20, 2020
Chinese domestic airline activity has virtually recovered to its 2019 levels as airlines have laid on more capacity than is profitable, in an apparent move to promote a revival in tourism and business travel.

Recovery For Commercial Aftermarket May Be Prolonged

Aug 20, 2020
Initial drop of about 50% could be followed by prolonged and uneven climb back to prepandemic demand levels.

Creating The Right Environment To Fly

Sponsored by Embraer Jun 12, 2020
We take a look at the initiatives the aviation industry is taking to restore passenger confidence.
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How Much Does Embraer’s Future Rely On Changes In Scope Clauses?

By Sean Broderick May 25, 2020
Ask the Editors: Embraer’s CEO says the original E175 will remain in production for as long as there are customers.
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How Will The Single-Aisle Market Be Affected By The COVID-19 Crisis?

By Jens Flottau May 06, 2020
Ask the Editors: The single-aisle market will be severely affected but less so than widebodies.
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Aircraft Demand: Is Smaller Now Better?

May 05, 2020
Airlines have been increasing their average aircraft size for years, but will small aircraft be better positioned when the industry begins to emerge…
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Poll: Will small aircraft be better positioned when the industry begins to emerge from COVID-19?

May 01, 2020
With so much going on within the aviation sector we want to know your views on the key topics and stories.
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How Will Regional Jet Market Be Affected By COVID-19 Crisis?

By Michael Bruno Apr 29, 2020
Ask the Editors: Regional jets just might be a dark horse in the post COVID-19 landscape.
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Smaller Narrowbodies May Benefit As Airlines Readjust Networks

By Guy Norris Apr 10, 2020
Small narrowbodies have been losing market share to larger aircraft but lower travel demand may mean a second chance.
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The Embraer E2 Profit Hunter: King of the Skies

Sponsored by Embraer Feb 13, 2020
The E2 Profit Hunter is the world’s most efficient single-aisle aircraft. It was also the star attraction at the Singapore Airshow. To celebrate this…
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ATR Turboprop Dominance Presents Aftermarket Opportunities

By Alex Derber Jan 28, 2020
Over the past 20 years ATR has carved a dominant position in the turboprop market, while sales of its competitor, the Q400, dwindled to such an extent that Bombardier sold the aircraft line last year.
Asset Utilization

Boeing 'Excited' About Possible New Embraer Turboprop

By Jens Flottau Jan 22, 2020
Boeing appears to be watching a new turboprop in the planning at its likely future joint venture partner Embraer with some interest. 
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Major Retirement Of E175s When E175-E2 Enters Service Unlikely

By Paul Seidenman Jan 10, 2020
Scope clauses play a big impact on the Embraer E175 fleet and its existing and emerging competitors.
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German Airways Accelerates Embraer E190 Fleet Expansion

Dec 23, 2019
Berlin-based logistics company Zeitfracht Group—which markets its two airlines LGW and WDL Aviation under the moniker German Airways—will expand its fleet with four Embraer E190LRs between January and April 2020.
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Embraer Starts Hybrid-Electric Transport Study For Brazil Military

By Steve Trimble Dec 20, 2019
Embraer and the Brazilian Air Force (FAB) have partnered to study joint development of a light military transport with a hybrid-electric propulsion. system
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Narrowbodies Old And New Driving Engine MRO Market

By James Pozzi Dec 20, 2019
Delays in service entry for new-generation engines driving MRO spending as legacy types remain in service.
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Flexjet Places $1.4 Billion Order With Embraer

By William Garvey Nov 19, 2019
Flexjet made news at October's NBAA-BACE by placing a $1.4 billion order with Embraer for Praetor 500 and 600 aircraft, as well as Legacy 450 and Phenom 300 midsize jets.
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Finnair Narrowbody Fleet Decision To Align With Sustainability Agenda

Nov 13, 2019
Finnair is asserting that sustainability will be a key driver for its 2020-2025 strategy period, with its long-awaited decision for a new narrowbody fleet as the most significant contributor to the airline’s agenda.
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