Despite Challenges, North American MRO Looks Forward

By James Pozzi May 11, 2022
A recap of some of the key talking points from MRO Americas 2022.
Emerging Technologies

Aftermarket Supply Chain Specialists Pursue Innovation, Sustainability

By Lindsay Bjerregaard May 09, 2022
Companies target logistics, supplier management, used serviceable material programs and more.

Flair Airlines Pursues Digital MRO Efficiencies

By Henry Canaday May 04, 2022
Flair Airlines is deploying TrustFlight’s electronic tech log to save money, improve MRO and operations.
Emerging Technologies

LATAM Mechanics Adopt AR Technology in Brazil

By Lindsay Bjerregaard Apr 21, 2022
LATAM Airlines Brasil is now using augmented reality glasses to support maintenance at 20 bases in Brazil.
Emerging Technologies

Swiss-AS Plans New Digital MRO Tools

By Lindsay Bjerregaard Apr 19, 2022
The MRO software provider is rolling out several new digital products for paperless maintenance management.
Emerging Technologies

Bristow Prepares For Transition To Electric Aviation

By Graham Warwick Apr 14, 2022
Global helicopter operator brings its experience to bear to help AAM get off the ground.

Infrastructure, MRO Changes Needed For AAM To Take Off

By Lee Ann Shay Apr 14, 2022
Why new infrastructure, MRO procedure changes will be essential for a successful launch of AAM services.
Emerging Technologies

How New Technologies Are Aiding Air Canada’s Maintenance Operation

Apr 13, 2022
How Air Canada is using new tech in its maintenance division.
Aircraft & Propulsion

Structural Health Sensors Come Of Age

By Lee Ann Shay Apr 13, 2022
Using newly approved sensors to monitor parts of an aircraft fuselage can save time and money.
Emerging Technologies

IFS Adds New Capabilities to MRO Software

By Lindsay Bjerregaard Apr 11, 2022
IFS has rolled out several updates to its IFS Cloud platform aimed at improving digital collaboration at MROs.
Emerging Technologies

New Aftermarket Initiatives Aim To Improve Sustainability

By Lindsay Bjerregaard Apr 10, 2022
MROs, airlines and OEMs are rolling out new sustainability initiatives to reduce waste and carbon emissions.
Emerging Technologies

Taking An Automotive Approach To AAM’s Aftermarket

By Lindsay Bjerregaard Apr 10, 2022
Will a mix of aftermarket standards from aviation and automotive industries be necessary to make advanced air mobility operations viable?
Emerging Technologies

Pratt & Whitney Targets Increased SAF Testing to Reduce MRO Environmental Footprint

By Lindsay Bjerregaard Apr 05, 2022
The engine OEM is partnering with Air bp to test and research the use of sustainable aviation fuel in Pratt & Whitney engines.
Aircraft & Propulsion

Speeding Up Data Transfer for Predictive Maintenance

By Henry Canaday Apr 05, 2022
How aircraft engine OEMs are upgrading the ways data is delivered for predictive maintenance.
Aircraft & Propulsion

Lufthansa Technik CEO On Next Steps

By Lee Ann Shay Mar 08, 2022
Lufthansa Technik CEO Johannes Bussmann talks about restructuring, potential IPO and digitalization.
Supply Chain

Rolls-Royce, QOCO To Extend Data Transfer System

By Henry Canaday Mar 01, 2022
The engine OEM and Finnish IT specialist are looking to increase the use cases and airline implementation of
Emerging Technologies

SWISS Plans Shark-Inspired, Eco-Friendly Fleet Modifications

By Lindsay Bjerregaard Feb 23, 2022
Swiss International Air Lines will be the first passenger airline to install AeroSHARK surface technology on its fleet.
Emerging Technologies

Jazeera Airways Plans To Grow MRO Operations

By James Pozzi Feb 22, 2022
How Jazeera Airways is preparing its maintenance operations for the post-pandemic recovery.
Aircraft & Propulsion

New Digital MRO Tools Gain Asia-Pacific Traction at 2022 Singapore Airshow

By Lindsay Bjerregaard Feb 18, 2022
GE Aviation and Lufthansa Technik secured Asia-Pacific customers at the 2022 Singapore Airshow for their new digital MRO tools.
Emerging Technologies

Spirit AeroSystems Plans Expansions To Asia Repair Capabilities

By Lee Ann Shay Feb 16, 2022
Its new JV should receive its first certification in March.
Singapore Airshow

Pratt & Whitney Pilots Cobots, Sensing Technology for MRO

By Lee Ann Shay Feb 16, 2022
Pratt wants to track parts “every minute of the day.”
Singapore Airshow

Triumph Group Testing New Startup’s MRO Blockchain Software

By Lindsay Bjerregaard Feb 04, 2022
Triumph Group has started a commercial pilot of Aerotrax MRO Service Management software.
Emerging Technologies

How The Middle Eastern Aftermarket Is Shaping Up In 2022

By James Pozzi Feb 04, 2022
The Middle East’s MRO industry is planning further recovery in 2022.
Aircraft & Propulsion

Coatings Complexity Rises For Next-Gen Engines

By Alex Derber Feb 02, 2022
Why advanced coatings are crucial for aircraft engines—and will also be for next-gen engines, including hydrogen-powered types.
Aircraft & Propulsion

MTU, JetBlue Partner on SAF Engine Testing

By Lindsay Bjerregaard Feb 02, 2022
MTU Maintenance will be performing test runs with SAF on JetBlue’s V2500 engines.
Aircraft & Propulsion