Eight Startups That Could Make Waves In MRO

By Lindsay Bjerregaard Sep 21, 2021
A look at eight startups that could revolutionize MRO and supply chain operations.

Viewpoint: The MRO Technology Propelling Commercial Aviation Recovery

Rob Mather Sep 20, 2021
How airlines and MROs are investing in technology to gain a competitive advantage during pandemic recovery.
Emerging Technologies

Airlines Plan Post-COVID Aircraft Cabins

By Helen Massy-Beresford Sep 17, 2021
Cabin interiors specialists are looking beyond COVID-19 to the interiors trends that will shape the coming years of recovery.
Interiors & Connectivity

Startup Aims to Simplify Electric Aircraft Battery Maintenance

By Lindsay Bjerregaard Sep 14, 2021
Mobius Energy will offer an electric aircraft battery subscription that includes maintenance, replacement and salvage services.
Emerging Technologies

Singapore Hub Powers Collins Aerospace Digitalization Pivot

By Chen Chuanren Sep 13, 2021
Collins Aerospace’s recently launched Singapore Innovation Hub has continued its pursuit of new technology products throughout the pandemic.
MRO Asia

MRO Continuing Its Worldwide Digital Evolution

By Lee Ann Shay Sep 09, 2021
Examples of digital transformation in the aviation aftermarket.
Emerging Technologies

Upheaval In Engine MRO: Gearing Up For Change

By Guy Norris Sep 09, 2021
Expect disruption in the aviation engine market, including the aftermarket.
Emerging Technologies

AirAsia’s Ambitious Plans For MRO Growth Post-Pandemic

By James Pozzi Sep 09, 2021
AirAsia bets big on digital, plans to grow new MRO business.
MRO Asia

Opinion: How Automation Can Improve Aircraft Parts Purchasing

Erkki Brakmann Sep 09, 2021
New automation tools, AI and workflows are making aircraft maintenance more cost-effective.
Supply Chain

SIAEC Upskilling Workforce Through New Lean Academy

By Lindsay Bjerregaard Sep 07, 2021
SIA Engineering Company Limited has launched a new Lean Academy to train its workforce on Lean methodologies.
Workforce & Training

Tackling Connectivity Challenges In Aircraft Hangars

By Lindsay Bjerregaard Sep 01, 2021
For various reasons, aircraft hangars can block cellular and satellite signals. How can MROs ensure reliable connectivity inside the hangar?
Emerging Technologies

Composites May Be Key as Aircraft Propellers Become More Complex

By Paul Seidenman Aug 30, 2021
Composites can enable the use of more and lighter blades to enhance aircraft performance.
Aircraft & Propulsion

FEAM Rolls Out New Tech to Advance Aircraft Maintenance

By Lindsay Bjerregaard Aug 25, 2021
FEAM is implementing new technologies to make aircraft maintenance more efficient and combat the MRO industry’s workforce shortage.
Emerging Technologies

New Partnership Seeks to Prepare MRO Workforce for Hydrogen-Powered Aircraft

By Lindsay Bjerregaard Aug 23, 2021
German OEM Deutsche Aircraft has partnered with AERO-Bildung to begin training technicians for maintenance of its upcoming D328eco aircraft.
Workforce & Training

Connecting Assets To Improve Maintenance

By Henry Canaday Aug 10, 2021
Connecting aircraft to the ground has long been known to bring benefits to maintenance by transmission of inflight performance and fault data. But…

Tailored MRO Training Programs Target Workforce Growth, Reskilling

By Lindsay Bjerregaard Aug 06, 2021
Companies are customizing aviation maintenance training through technology and tailored programs to reach a wider pool of future technicians.
Workforce & Training

Aftermarket Startup Chases Supply Chain Deals for Airlines, MROs

By Lindsay Bjerregaard Aug 03, 2021
Aircraft parts platform SkySelect is using automated algorithms to find the best deals and improve supply chain efficiencies for airlines and MROs.
Supply Chain

Rolls, Pratt Pushing Hard On Additive Manufacturing For Future

By Henry Canaday Aug 03, 2021
GE has looked to edge forward its additive manufacturing capabilities in the commercial aviation industry. But other engine OEMs are moving to…

SITA To Industrialize Blockchain For Aviation Aftermarket

By Henry Canaday Aug 02, 2021
After years of hopeful speculation about the benefits of blockchain for the aviation aftermarket, a major IT player with technical expertise and wide…

MRO Memo: Milestones at EAA AirVenture 2021

By Lindsay Bjerregaard Jul 29, 2021
This year’s EAA AirVenture show included a unique look at MRO, an urban air mobility milestone and a personal first for one Aviation Week editor.

Video: Volocopter VoloCity eVTOL at EAA AirVenture 2021

By Lindsay Bjerregaard Jul 28, 2021
Editor's Note: Due to flight demonstration noise in the background, we suggest turning on closed captioning for this video. Volocopter CEO Florian…
Urban & Unmanned Aviation

Cybersecurity Looms Large For Technology-Reliant Airlines

By Alex Derber Jul 26, 2021
Cybersecurity is expected to play a larger part in the future strategies of airlines and their divisions--including maintenance.

HAECO Hong Kong Leverages Remote Inspection Technology

By Lindsay Bjerregaard Jul 22, 2021
HAECO Hong Kong recently collaborated with an OEM on an on-wing nacelle modification using remote inspection technology.
Emerging Technologies

How Wearable Technologies Could Help The MRO Workforce

By Lindsay Bjerregaard Jul 09, 2021
Which wearable technologies will gain traction in MRO and which ones are not living up to the hype?
Emerging Technologies

Boeing Drops Growth As Primary Services Goal

By Sean Broderick Jul 09, 2021
Focus will be on digital products, leveraging its own intellectual property.
Aircraft & Propulsion