From The Archives: Corporate Orders Set Records

Jan 26, 2022
The aviation industry is cyclical and in 1979, the business aviation sector in particular was experiencing a surge at this time. Corporate operators…
Business Aviation

From The Archives: Aircraft Loan Money In Record Supply

Jan 24, 2022
"More money is available for aircraft loans than ever before." You don't hear that said very often. Here, in this article from our extensive archive…
Business Aviation

From The Archives: King Air 90 Stresses Performance

Jan 24, 2022
Take a look at this pilot report on the King Air 90 published in Aviation Week & Space Technology in the issue of September 24 1979. With more than…
Business Aviation

2050 Net-Zero Emissions: What Are Countries Around The World Doing?

Jan 24, 2022
The airline industry is now aiming for a net-zero emissions target to be reached by 2050. Take a look at some of the things countries are doing to help reach that target.

CAPA Report: Airlines With Narrow Profit Margins In Financial Jeopardy As Carbon Prices Rise

Jan 24, 2022
Even while the entire airline industry is under immense financial stress, investor and corporate customer demands are intensifying for clarity around the airlines’ plans to reduce their emissions further.

Why Airbus Qualified A New 3D Printing Material In 2021: Flame-Retardant PA

Sponsored By Materialise Jan 11, 2022
3D printing is growing fast in low-criticality parts. Applications range from arm rests to dado panel parts, and typically use polymers. Until recently, one polymer stood out: Ultem. Then Airbus brought PA-FR on board.

South Asia & Asia-Pacific: The Fastest-Growing Regions For Military MRO Demand In The Next Decade

Jan 10, 2022
The regions with the fastest-growing military MRO demand are South Asia and the Asia-Pacific, both expanding at a 2.2% CAGR over the next decade.

WEBINAR: Challenges Facing Intuitive Machines in Returning the United States to the Moon

Sponsored By Tempo Automation Jan 07, 2022
Available On-demand! To return to the moon, Intuitive Machines required a more agile approach to product development. In 2022, Intuitive Machines…
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Fly Green: Making Your Next Trip Sustainable

Sponsored By Singapore Airshow Jan 07, 2022
While industry players are doing their part to reduce carbon emissions, how can travellers also lower their carbon footprint? 
Air Transport

WEBINAR: How Digitalization is Shaping Future of Airworthiness Certification

Sponsored By Siemens Digital Industries Software Jan 06, 2022
Available On-demand! If certification considerations are not embedded into every development activity of your aerospace program, it’s likely your…
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WEBINAR: Aerospace Leaders Discuss Advancements in Additive and a DfAM-Less Future

Sponsored By VELO3D Jan 06, 2022
Available On-demand! Despite strict regulations, additive manufacturing (AM) is being used to produce mission-critical parts for aerospace at…
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VIDEO SESSION: Digital Thread in Aerospace

Sponsored by Salesforce Jan 03, 2022
Available On-demand! Our nation’s aerospace and government customers are among the most sophisticated and capable visionaries in the world. They know…
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VIDEO SESSION: Innovations in Maintenance

Sponsored by RWS Jan 03, 2022
Available On-demand! Join this webinar as we share the latest capabilities in LiveContent S1000D mobile: Disconnected mobile IETP access. Learn how…
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SBD International Airport: A World-class Facility In The Heart Of The Inland Empire

Sponsored By San Bernardino International Airport Jan 01, 2022
Together with its partners, SBD International Airport has transformed the landscape of a community once devastated by the closure of Norton Air Force Base, taking the region toward its future as it responsibly builds on its rich aviation past.

The Race to Net-Zero: Sustainable Aviation

Sponsored By Ansys Dec 27, 2021
Aviation industry leaders committed to reach net zero carbon emissions by the year 2050. This race is more a marathon than a sprint. Like a marathon, achieving net zero will require a plan, discipline, and focus.

Webinar: The Role Of Hypersonic Missiles

Dec 22, 2021
This webinar took place on December 16, 2021. Since 2016, the U.S. has been racing to catch up with Chinese and Russian hypersonic weapons…

Monitoring The High Seas At High Altitude

Sponsored By Raytheon Intelligence & Space Dec 16, 2021
To help combat illegal activity at sea, Raytheon Intelligence & Space has developed SeaVue radars that detect small maritime targets from higher altitudes than previously possible. Learn how this increased coverage improves mission endurance.
Defense and Space

Ask The Expert: The Digital Engineering Imperative For Aerospace & Defense

Sponsored By PwC Dec 16, 2021
Aviation Week spoke with PwC leaders on the acceleration of digital engineering. Read this paper hear their perspectives on the subject.

3D Printing Takes Aerospace To New Heights

Sponsored By Singapore Airshow Dec 15, 2021
In order to move additive manufacturing forward, the industry needs innovative material development and harmonised standards for quality control.

Podcast: State of the Industry: Where Aerospace is Headed in 2022

Dec 14, 2021
Listen in as Scott Thompson, PwC’s Global Aerospace and Defense Leader, delves into key drivers in commercial aviation, defense, and space.

MRO Goes Digital

Sponsored By Singapore Airshow Dec 14, 2021
MRO goes Digital delves deeper into how companies venture into digitalisation, and its impact in a traditionally labour-intensive aviation industry.

Digital Engineering: A Winning Strategy to Accelerate Innovation

Sponsored By PwC Dec 10, 2021
Companies around the world are working to meet customer and society demands for communication, mobility and capability at much faster rates than we…

Podcast: Executive Survey Sees Aerospace Supplier Confidence Reach New Low

Dec 09, 2021
Results of the latest Accenture Commercial Aerospace Insight Report, first released to Aviation Week, point to a new low in supplier confidence after the double-whammy of the Covid-19 pandemic and the Boeing 737 MAX shutdown. When can the industrial base expect to see business growing again? What keeps executives up at night now? Listen as Senior Business Editor Michael Bruno talks with John Schmidt, Accenture global A&D lead, and Jeff Wheless, global A&D research lead.

SARS: A Mystery Illness To Impact Air Travel

Dec 09, 2021
As the cases of the coronavirus pandemic strain omicron become more transmissible, the UK has moved to Plan B restrictions which means working from home, talk of a vaccine passport, and it could, additionally, mean potential restrictions on air travel.  Let’s take a look at how Aviation Week reported on the pandemics in the early 2000s.

Disruptions Not Slowing Airbus, Boeing’s Narrowbody Demand

Dec 09, 2021
The airframers face another year of focus on operational and quality issues, market uncertainties and product development challenges.
Aircraft & Propulsion