Pratt & Whitney Backs ‘Carrot And Stick’ Approach For SAF Adoption

By Chen Chuanren Jun 16, 2021
Pratt senior fellow Michael Winter says there is potential for mega-cities to produce sustainable aviation fuels from garbage and waste using Fischer-Tropsch plants.
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Daily Memo: Boeing’s -5X Project A Must-Win For Engine OEMs

By Jens Flottau Mar 23, 2021
As Boeing is quietly beginning to work on what is now being called the -5X project—a small widebody aircraft derived from the new mid-market airplane (NMA) studies—things are getting serious for the three engine OEMs, too. 
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Daily Memo: Embraer Pushes Ahead With Turboprop Plans

By Jens Flottau Mar 16, 2021
Despite the former CEO of Embraer Commercial Aviation saying the development of a new turboprop was contingent on forming a joint venture with Boeing, the Brazilian company has decided to go it alone.
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Iberia Aims To Expand Maintenance, Training Facilities

By Alan Dron Feb 08, 2021
Iberia has laid out plans to expand its existing maintenance installations into a major hub for MRO activities in southern Europe. The Spanish flag…
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Irkut MC-21 Makes First Flight With Russian-Made Engines

By Maxim Pyadushkin Dec 15, 2020
An Irkut MC-21-300 narrowbody powered by Russian PD-14 turbofan engines made its first flight from Irkutsk, Russia, on the morning of Dec. 15.
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OGMA Adds Pratt GTF To Engine Capabilities

By Lee Ann Shay Nov 13, 2020
OGMA will become a Pratt & Whitney-authorized maintenance center for the geared turbofan engine that powers the Airbus A320neo.

MTU, Safran Offer Cautious Optimism For Engine MRO

By Sean Broderick Oct 30, 2020
While powerplant suppliers Safran and MTU Aero Engines posted expected drops in aftermarket revenues for the last quarter, executives from each company highlighted several trends that support a cautiously optimistic outlook.
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Pandemic A Potential Technology Accelerator, Pratt & Whitney Says

By Guy Norris Jul 17, 2020
Despite the global air transport market collapse and aircraft production slowdown following the COVID-19 pandemic, Pratt & Whitney believes the longer-term impact may potentially accelerate the adoption of advanced propulsion technology as airframers revise product development strategies.
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USAF Opens Bidding Phase Of B-52 Re-Engine Competition

By Steve Trimble May 20, 2020
The request for proposals invites bids from GE Aviation, Pratt & Whitney and Rolls-Royce to supply 608 engines.
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Airbus A220 Operators Urged To Monitor Engine Data

By Sean Broderick Apr 30, 2020
Airbus A220 operators are being urged to monitor Pratt & Whitney PW1500G low-pressure compressor (LPC) operating performance following a mandated upgrade to full authority digital electronic control (FADEC) to prevent compressor stalls.
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USAF Releases Draft Solicitation For Re-engining B-52 Fleet

By Steve Trimble Apr 24, 2020
The release of the second draft on April 24 by the Air Force Lifecycle Management Center moves the competition closer to a formal bidding phase scheduled to begin later this year.
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FAA Orders Checks On PW1100G-JM Engines To Prevent Turbine Blade Fractures

By Sean Broderick Mar 20, 2020
Operators of Pratt & Whitney-powered Airbus A320neos face fast-tracked inspection mandates to help eliminate the risk of engine turbine blade fractures caused by mid-frame turbine piston seal debris that have been plaguing older blades.
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