WEBINAR: The Future of Flight: Advanced Air Mobility (AAM)

Sponsored By IFS Sep 22, 2022
Available On-demand! As one of the most discussed disruptors in transportation and aviation, AAM promises to set a new standard for short-haul…
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免费网络研讨会: 如何利用工程数字化帮助 航空航天与国防企业提高业务绩效

Sep 22, 2022
加入我们,与西门子A&D战略部总监约翰·奥康纳(John O’Connor)一起讨论如何构建以完善且连贯的数字线程为支撑的高保真数字孪生,并基于此制定数字化战略,帮助开发下一代产品。这将帮助您提高企业的业务表现,使您在航空航天和国防工业领域更具竞争力。 您将在这场研讨会中学到: -…

Interview With HAECO’s Chief Commercial Officer

Sep 22, 2022
HAECO’s Chief Commercial Officer Richard Kendall shares his thoughts on the Hong Kong market and how the company is adapting to post-covid recovery…
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Modernizing Aerospace & Defense Supply Chain and Logistics

Sponsored By Salesforce Sep 21, 2022
Aerospace and Defense organizations are challenged with delivering improved procurement, supply chain, logistics, and sustainment systems for…

The Cutting-Edge Technologies That Are Redefining Air Dominance

Sponsored by Raytheon Intelligence & Space Sep 21, 2022
Aviation Week talks to Raytheon Intelligence & Space about its cutting-edge technologies in the business’s air dominance portfolio, and how these are addressing the complex challenges currently faced by warfighters.

MRO Asia 2022: Steps To Diversify MRO Workforce

Sep 21, 2022
Tips for how MROs can attract more women to join the industry. Women in Aviation-Singapore VP Lou-Ann Seet speaks with Aviation Week's Executive…
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From The Archives: Cessna Skymaster Prototype

Sep 20, 2022
In this cover story, see Cessna Skymaster's prototype, a four-place "light-light twin" in a photo at taken at the start of its flight test program at…
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Access Lavatory - Fly With Ease, Dignity & ACCESSibility

Sponsored By ST Engineering Sep 19, 2022
While modern air travel has advanced significantly since its inception, existing aircraft lavatories still pose significant mobility issues and anxiety for PRMs due to limitation in space and lack of user-friendly designs, deterring them from using on-board lavatories with ease or flying altogether. This, coupled with an ageing world’s population, necessitates an efficient solution that delivers value for both passengers and airline operators. Using modern and human-centric interior design principles, ST Engineering has created ACCESS – the world’s first expandable lavatory to promote inclusive air travel. Developed in partnership with Acumen, a multi-award-winning product and transport design consultancy, ACCESS empowers airlines and operators to revolutionise the flying experience of Passengers with Reduced Mobility (PRMs) without sacrificing valuable seating capacity.

HAECO Global Engine Support – A Leader In Engine Services

Sponsored By HAECO Sep 19, 2022
HAECO Global Engine Support strives for excellence when minimising downtime for customers via a global on-wing and off-wing support.
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WEBINAR: A New ESG Era - Complying with Climate Requirements

Sponsored By PwC Sep 16, 2022
Available On-demand! ESG is upending the way businesses operate and think about their future. In this webinar, we will focus on what Aerospace &…
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From The Archives: De Havilland 125 Executive Jet

Sep 16, 2022
This image of the De Havilland 125 executive jet took pride of place on the front cover of our magazine 60 years ago this week. It was the first…
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New Data Reveals Global Manned Aircraft Opportunities

Sep 16, 2022
Almost half of all global manned aircraft opportunities over the next decade will arise from Asia, new data from Aviation Week Intelligence Network has revealed.
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Achieving Earlier Virtual Integration Of Aircraft Systems

Sponsored By Siemens Digital Industries Software Sep 15, 2022
A virtual integrated aircraft approach helps accelerate aircraft systems engineering. By implementing a model-based design method, you master the aircraft systems integration complexity, from component to full system.

Bringing Data Science Into The Cockpit To Reduce Fuel Burn And Carbon Emission

Sponsored By SITA Sep 15, 2022
Sita's Optiflight® turns to machine learning in move that is already helping airlines save time, save fuel & cut emissions.
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Partnership Will Fill Network Gaps, Cut Latency, Say Companies

By Alan Dron Sep 14, 2022
The decision by satellite communications companies OneWeb and Intelsat to sign a global distribution partnership agreement to offer airlines seamless…

WEBINAR: Powering Digital Travel - Tips for Successful Biometric Deployments

Sponsored By SITA Sep 13, 2022
Available On-demand! According to SITA’s 2022 Passenger IT Insights research, passengers are increasingly embracing mobile, biometric, and touchless…
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Business Aircraft Hours On Rise Despite Aviation Fuel Increases

Sep 12, 2022
The hours of business aircraft utilization rose by 15% to around 690,000 hours in June 2022 despite the cost of fuel soaring to $4.12 per gallon from…
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Webinar: A New Class of Autonomous Combat Aircraft

Sep 07, 2022
In this webinar, Aviation Week Network editors Steve Trimble, Tony Osborne & Brian Everstine discussed the concepts emerging from government and industry leading to a new future of autonomous aircraft.
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How Self-Powered Solutions Can Solve Your Design Challenges

Sponsored By ThermOmegaTech Sep 06, 2022
Learn how thermostatic technology can improve reliability, precision and overall performance in Avionics, Space, and Defense applications due to its ability to function without a power source, compact size, and low SWaP.
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Five Ways Digitalization Disrupts The Aircraft Certification Process

Sponsored by Siemens Digital Industries Software Sep 01, 2022
This ebook explores five of the most meaningful ways a verification and certification digital thread, woven from requirements through verification and onto certification, impacts typical A&D programs for the better.

WEBINAR: Mergers & Acquisitions: 5 Costly Mistakes Sellers Often Make

Sponsored By Alderman & Company Aug 29, 2022
Available On-demand! Part consolidation, lightweight components, and greater efficiencies are just some of the ways metal additive manufacturing (AM)…
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WEBINAR: Tackling the "Baggage Mountain": Driving Operational Efficiencies Through Automation

Aug 26, 2022
Available On-demand! You've likely read about or seen first-hand the “baggage mountains” accumulating at airports around the globe as passengers wait…
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From The Archives: Landing Gear Design

Aug 25, 2022
This is a part focusing on landing gear design from the article Three Commercial Autogiros: The Pitcairn and Kellet machines, - a comparative study…

WEBINAR: Reducing Program Risk Before First Flight with End-To-End Digitalization

Sponsored By Siemens Aug 24, 2022
Available On-demand! In this webinar, you will learn how to use modeled digital twins across the full thread to production and into service. This…
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From The Archives: Next-Gen Training

Aug 24, 2022
This article in our archives explores the question, which emerging technologies will become the most valuable for maintenance training? Boeing's…