Safran And GE Avio Aero Propose New Open-Rotor Engine Demo

By Guy Norris Oct 23, 2020
Plans for major technology demonstrators to shape next generation of single-aisle airliner firming up in Europe and U.S.
Aircraft & Propulsion

NASA Prepares For Next Generation Of Single-Aisles

By Graham Warwick Oct 23, 2020
Transonic Truss Braced Wing, electrified propulsion small-core turbofans and high-rate composites top NASA’s priorities
Emerging Technologies

Startups Embrace Additive Manufacturing For Speed To Market

By Graham Warwick Oct 22, 2020
From Boom to Joby, aviation startups are turning to 3D printing to reduce time and cost required to field new products.
Manufacturing & Supply Chain

Aviation Week Unveils 2020 Grand Laureate Winners

Oct 21, 2020
Aviation Week editors honored more than two dozen 2020 Laureate Awards winners from around the globe in a virtual event.
Aircraft & Propulsion

Singapore Deploys Military-Grade Anti-Drone System At Changi

By Chen Chuanren Oct 21, 2020
In a continuing effort to thwart potential drone incursions into Changi Airport (SIN) airspace, local authorities have deployed a military-grade anti-drone protection system during the lull in activity at the airport. 
Airports & Routes

Volansi Tests Drone Delivery Of Cold-Chain Medicines

By Bill Carey Oct 20, 2020
U.S. drone start-up Volansi announced on Oct. 20 that it is testing the delivery of temperature-controlled medicines in North Carolina with pharmaceutical company Merck.
Urban & Unmanned Aviation

Sustainable aviation initiatives in the spotlight (November 2020)

By Linda Blachly Oct 20, 2020
Aviation’s electric propulsion pioneers are reliving the passion of the formative years of aviation as the push to develop electric and hybrid…
Emerging Technologies

British Hydrogen-Powered UAS To Provide 5G Connectivity 

By Tony Osborne Oct 19, 2020
British start-up Stratospheric Platforms is developing a hydrogen fuel cell-powered, high-altitude, long-endurance unmanned air system (UAS) that could provide cellular connectivity to remote areas.
Urban & Unmanned Aviation

The Week In Technology, Oct. 19-23, 2020

By Graham Warwick Oct 19, 2020
Kawasaki’s compound; Rolls’ eVTOL rig; ADAC OKs multicopters; Aerion’s eSTOL linkup; Eve for UAM; and Compact rotary power.
Emerging Technologies

Europe Presses Ahead With Modernizing Air Traffic Management

By Thierry Dubois Oct 19, 2020
Data link and ADS-B will be instrumental for improved European air traffic management, but key countries are late in implementation.
Air Traffic

Open For Business: Commercial Facilities On The ISS

By Irene Klotz Oct 19, 2020
Here is a look at some of the commercially developed and operated hardware on the International Space Station.
Commercial Space

Opinion: How To Demonstrate AI System’s Safety

Mark Roboff Oct 16, 2020
Certification standards we use for human pilots could also be applied to artificial intelligence.
Emerging Technologies

Stratolaunch Aims To Restart Flight Tests In Early 2021

By Guy Norris Oct 16, 2020
Upgrades are underway for carrier aircraft as Stratolaunch prepares to offer hypersonic test capability from 2022 onward.
Commercial Space

FAA Envisions Integrated But Distinct Airspace Layers

By Bill Carey Oct 15, 2020
Urban air mobility and drone traffic management share the same technology pillars but will occupy different layers of airspace.
Urban & Unmanned Aviation

Opinion: Economic Downturn Opens Doors For Entrepreneurs

P. Barry Butler Oct 15, 2020
University research parks help startups learn business and develop innovative technologies as well as the next generation of leaders.
Emerging Technologies

Multi-Copters Could Supplement Helicopters in EMS Role, Study Says 

By Tony Osborne Oct 14, 2020
Electric-powered multi-copters could supplement traditional helicopters in the emergency medical service role, a study by Germany’s ADAC motoring association has detailed. 
Urban & Unmanned Aviation

While World Changes, Space Station Partnership Holds Strong

By Irene Klotz Oct 14, 2020
Fifteen-nation program marks 20 years of continuous human presence in low Earth orbit.

Army Funding Advances LiquidPiston’s Jet-Fuel Rotary Engine

By Graham Warwick Oct 13, 2020
Development of compact, efficient rotary internal-combustion engines able to run on jet fuel has been boosted by U.S. Army contracts to advance the technology for unmanned-aircraft propulsion and rotorcraft auxiliary-power applications.
AUSA 2020

Canada Launches Research Into Advanced Air Mobility, Autonomy

By Graham Warwick Oct 13, 2020
With the second largest helicopter fleet in the world, Canada has launched a program to develop the technologies, supply chain and regulations for advanced air mobility, including urban and regional cargo and passenger transportation.
Urban & Unmanned Aviation

PHASA-35 HAPS Faces Simulated Cold Soak

By Tony Osborne Oct 12, 2020
Prismatic’s PHASA-35 high-altitude pseudo-satellite has been fitted with a sensor payload and been taken through simulated cold soak testing to prepare it for stratospheric flight. 
Emerging Technologies

Ampaire Sets Distance Milestone With Hybrid-Electric Flight

By Graham Warwick Oct 12, 2020
The startup describes the flight from Camarillo to Hayward in California as “the longest flight to date for any commercially relevant aircraft employing electric propulsion.”
Emerging Technologies

The Week In Technology, Oct. 12-16, 2020

By Graham Warwick Oct 12, 2020
HAPSMobile flies high; Islander automated; multifuel UAV engines; NASA’s X-59 slips; Russia targets quiet supersonics; fresh fruit by autonomous aircraft.
Emerging Technologies

Does The U.S. Air Force Plan To Replace Its E-3 AWACS Fleet?

By Steve Trimble Oct 09, 2020
Ask the Editors: U.S. Air Force and NATO officials have discussed replacing E-3s using a distributed systems approach, but options are not fully developed.
Air Dominance

The Week In Defense, Oct. 9-15, 2020

By Jen DiMascio Oct 09, 2020
France to replace Rafales; SDA awards tracking layer contracts; Russian airlifter delayed; and Boeing WGS clears PDR.
Aircraft & Propulsion

XB-1 Demonstrator Rollout Adds Credibility To Boom Supersonic Airliner

By Guy Norris Oct 09, 2020
Startup Boom looks ahead to flying its XB-1 scaled demonstrator in 2021 and going supersonic by year-end.
Aircraft & Propulsion