Boeing 777X Flight Tests Halted After GE9X Incident

By Guy Norris Nov 30, 2022
Boeing has temporarily suspended 777-9 test flights pending joint investigations with GE Aerospace into an unspecified issue on the aircraft’s GE9X engine.
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FAA Clears Return To Service For 52 United 777-200s

By Ben Goldstein May 17, 2022
The FAA issued final paperwork clearing the return to service of 52 Pratt & Whitney-powered Boeing 777-200s operated by United Airlines, ending a grounding that has constrained the carrier’s widebody capacity over the last fifteen months.
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Lufthansa Places Orders For More 787-9s, 777Fs, 777-8Fs

By Jens Flottau May 09, 2022
Lufthansa has decided to order an additional 10 Boeing widebody freighters for its subsidiary Lufthansa Cargo and is also adding to its 787-9 orderbook as the airline juggles the impact of the further delay in the 777-9 program.
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China Airlines Orders Four More 777Fs Amid Strong Cargo Outlook 

By Chen Chuanren Jan 27, 2022
China Airlines is acquiring four more Boeing 777 freighters as the Taiwanese airline looks to consolidate its market position amid the ongoing air cargo boom.
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5G Rollout Concerns Led To U.S.-Bound Flight Cancellations

By Ben Goldstein Jan 19, 2022
Several global airlines canceled a host of flights to the U.S. to shield their aircraft from potential radio altimeter interference caused by the looming rollout of 5G C-band service across the country.
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Boeing Proposes Phase-In Of 777 Nacelle Modifications

By Sean Broderick Oct 13, 2021
Boeing is developing a series of nacelle improvements for grounded Pratt & Whitney PW4000-powered 777s and wants FAA’s blessing to phase them in as they are finalized, instead of delivering a complete, compliant nacelle structure as required by the agency’s certification rules.
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Weekly Debrief: The Impact On Certification

By Carole Rickard Hedden Jul 08, 2021
What does the approval of a new electric vertical-takeoff-and-landing aircraft have to do with certification of the Boeing 777-9?
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Daily Memo: 777X Certification And The Derivative Dilemma

By Guy Norris Jul 02, 2021
When it comes to certification, major derivatives are often more difficult and sometimes as expensive and more taxing than all-new alternatives.
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‘We Hope The Worst Is Over,’ SWISS CEO Says

By Kurt Hofmann Jun 28, 2021
Swiss International Air Lines has begun to invest again, unveiling its new premium economy class that is scheduled to be rolled out from mid-November on its Boeing 777 fleet.
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Austrian Airlines Ends ‘Preighter’ Ops As Long-Haul Demand Returns

By Kurt Hofmann Jun 23, 2021
Austrian Airlines is reconverting two Boeing 777-200ERs for passenger service that had been used for cargo flights over the past 15 months amid the COVID-19 crisis.
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United Airlines Says PW4000 Inspection Work Progressing

By Sean Broderick Apr 29, 2021
United Airlines said Pratt & Whitney, the FAA and other stakeholders are making progress on getting Pratt PW4000-series engines back in service but declined to say when its affected 777s will return.
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Aeroflot Resumes Widebody Fleet Development After COVID-19 Pause

By Maxim Pyadushkin Mar 12, 2021
Russia’s Aeroflot has resumed the evolution of its widebody fleet after a one-year pause. 
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Metal-Fatigue Signs Link United 777 Fan Blade Failure With 2018 Incident

By Sean Broderick Feb 23, 2021
U.S. NTSB investigators determined metal fatigue is suspected as the reason a fan blade fractured just before an in-fight engine failure suffered by United Airlines Flight 328 on Feb. 20.
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Engine Failure Prompts Immediate Action For Pratt-Powered 777s

By Sean Broderick Feb 22, 2021
Global regulators and operators moved quickly to minimize the risk of another incident involving a Pratt & Whitney-powered Boeing 777, banning them from airspace or voluntarily pulling them from service while the FAA, Boeing, and Pratt develop immediate inspection parameters. 
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Singapore Airlines Defers Deliveries, Swaps 787-10s For 777-9s

By Chen Chuanren Feb 09, 2021
Singapore Airlines (SIA) has reached agreements with Airbus and Boeing to defer the delivery of more than 130 aircraft in its order book past the contracted timeframe and some beyond the immediate five years.
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Podcast: Suddenly, The MAX Is Boeing’s Good News

Jan 29, 2021
As Europe clears the MAX's return, 777X and 787 woes cap a horrible year and record loss for Boeing. Listen in as Aviation Week editors discuss on Check 6.
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Daily Memo: Within The Industry, Boeing’s Settlement Won’t Settle Much

By Sean Broderick Jan 08, 2021
The settlement between Boeing and the U.S. Justice Department (DOJ) is not likely to generate many positive reactions from outside the two organizations.
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Pilot Praises Robust 777X As Test Hours Build

By Guy Norris Dec 08, 2020
Boeing’s new long-range 777-9 twinjet is demonstrating high reliability and trouble-free handling to-date in initial flight tests, according to 777/777X chief test pilot Van Chaney.
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Thai Airways Selling Off 34 Older Aircraft

By Chen Chuanren Nov 05, 2020
Thai Airways has put a total of 34 aircraft up for sale, including all of its Boeing 747-400, 777-200 and 777-300, as the flag-carrier turns to more fuel-efficient aircraft for the handful of international flights it now operates.
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Japan Airlines To Slash Boeing 777 Fleet, Citing COVID-19 Travel Shifts

By Adrian Schofield Oct 30, 2020
Japan Airlines (JAL) plans to cut its widebody fleet by retiring many of its Boeing 777s, following a similar move announced recently by All Nippon Airways (ANA).
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Air New Zealand Extends Grounding Of 777 Fleet

By Adrian Schofield Sep 10, 2020
Air New Zealand plans to ground its Boeing 777-300ERs until at least September 2021, extending its estimate of how long these aircraft will be out of service.
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Ethiopian Airlines 777F Catches Fire In Shanghai

By Chen Chuanren Jul 22, 2020
An Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 777F freighter caught fire July 22 while unloading cargo at Shanghai Pudong International Airport (PVG). Video…
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FAA Recommends Boeing 777 Autothrottle Wiring Repair

By Sean Broderick Jun 11, 2020
The FAA is urging Boeing 777 operators to modify wiring to eliminate the risk of uncommanded throttle advances while aircraft are on the ground.
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FAA Specialists Reviewing Boeing 777X Certification Work

By Sean Broderick May 22, 2020
A group of internal FAA experts is reviewing aspects of the Boeing 777X and providing feedback to the team tasked with day-to-day oversight of Boeing’s certification work, jump-starting an effort the agency plans to integrate into its aircraft-approval process, Aviation Week has learned.
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Second Boeing 777-9 Joins Flight Test Campaign

By Guy Norris May 01, 2020
Boeing’s 777X test program is set to accelerate with the addition of a second 777-9 flight test aircraft, WH002, which made its first flight from the…
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