Upbeat LCCs Highlight Weaker Airlines’ Struggles
Europe’s major LCCs are bullish as two smaller players succumb to the still-tough environment.
andrea.copleys… Tue, 02/07/2023 - 09:00
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Upbeat LCCs Highlight Weaker Airlines’ Struggles

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Norwegian To Lease Six Former Flyr Boeing 737-8s

By Helen Massy-Beresford Feb 06, 2023
The aircraft come in addition to three 737-8 aircraft which Norwegian previously agreed to lease from ALC.
Airlines & Lessors
Opinion: Why Boeing’s Troubles In China Run Deep
Aircraft deliveries to China have collapsed, and big hurdles stand in the way of a sharp rebound.
audra.avizieni… Fri, 02/03/2023 - 21:00
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Daily Memo: Europe Counts Its 2023 Airline Casualties So Far

By Helen Massy-Beresford Feb 02, 2023
Is the much predicted and much delayed pandemic-driven wave of airline casualties finally here?
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Improved Composites Inch Toward Large-Scale Production
Daher bets on thermoplastics for higher production rates and reduced environmental footprint.
jack.freifelde… Thu, 02/02/2023 - 06:00
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FL Technics Extends CAMO Capabilities For Airbus, Boeing Aircraft

By James Pozzi Feb 01, 2023
Expansion to existing CAMO services now include Boeing 737 MAX, 787 and Airbus A220 aircraft.
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Avolon Expects Multiyear Time Frame For Boeing Recovery

By Jens Flottau Feb 01, 2023
Avolon CEO Andy Cronin talked with Aviation Week about the company’s place as the second-largest lessor behind AerCap with an important voice in the industry.
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Daily Memo: Where Avolon Plans To Spend Its Money—And Where Probably Not

By Jens Flottau Jan 31, 2023
Avolon is the second-largest lessor behind AerCap, an important voice in the industry with a lot of money to spend.
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Boeing 737 Ramp-Up Plan Adds Assembly Line In Everett, Capacity In Renton

By Sean Broderick Jan 30, 2023
Boeing says it will stand up its dormant third 737 final assembly line and add a fourth one at Everett to meet its ramp-up plans.
Aircraft & Propulsion

Boeing Takes 737 MAX Retrofit Hit, Says Certifications Progressing

By Sean Broderick Jan 26, 2023
Boeing is shedding little light on when it expects to be done certifying the final two 737 MAX family variants.
Safety, Ops & Regulation

Boeing Stresses Cash Haul As 2022 Results Disappoint Analysts

By Michael Bruno Jan 25, 2023
Boeing recorded a net loss of more than $5 billion in 2022, at least 17% worse than in 2021, but sales rose 7% year-over-year to $66.6 billion.
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Boeing Flags Supply-Chain ‘Stability’ As Main Near-Term Concern

By Sean Broderick Jan 25, 2023
Meeting near-term 737 and 787 delivery and production-rate targets hinges upon stabilizing a turbulent supply chain, Boeing executives report.
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Daily Memo: Imminent Air India Order Set To Accelerate India’s Narrowbody Boom

By Adrian Schofield Jan 24, 2023
Air India is expected to place orders with Airbus and Boeing to add more than 400 narrowbodies to its fleet.
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Ryanair Group May Boost A320ceos For Lauda, Considering 737-10s

By Kurt Hofmann Jan 24, 2023
Group CEO Michael O'Leary says the company is in talks with lessors to expand its Airbus A320ceo fleet and sees a Boeing 737 MAX 10 order opportunity.
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Daily Memo: Airbus’ Not So Simple A220 Stretch Scenarios

By Jens Flottau Jan 23, 2023
Designing the stretched A220 dubbed the -500 is not as simple a task for Airbus as one might think.
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Japan’s Skymark Firms 737 MAX Order For Fleet Upgrade

By Adrian Schofield Jan 20, 2023
Tokyo-based Skymark Airlines has confirmed an order for up to six Boeing 737 MAX aircraft.
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Daily Memo: Europe’s Safety-Improvement Plan Reflect Human Factors’ Increasing Importance

By Sean Broderick Jan 18, 2023
The newly updated European aviation safety plan is a reflection of the complex and increasingly critical human-machine interface's role in reducing risk.
Safety, Ops & Regulation

Ex-Boeing Defense Chief Caret Joins Raytheon Board Of Directors

By Michael Bruno Jan 17, 2023
Former Boeing defense and space leader Leanne Caret has joined the board of directors of Raytheon Technologies.
Safety, Ops & Regulation

Alaska Airlines Retires Its Last Airbus A320

By Chris Sloan Jan 13, 2023
Alaska Airlines inherited a fleet of 73 leased Airbus A320 family jets in its 2016 acquisition of Virgin America.
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Boeing 737 MAX Returns To Commercial Service In China

By Chen Chuanren Jan 13, 2023
China Southern Airlines brought the Boeing 737-8 back into commercial service, the first Chinese carrier to do so since Beijing grounded the MAX in 2019.
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Airbus And Boeing Delivery Performance Improves

By Jens Flottau Jan 13, 2023
Despite some ongoing headwinds, the post-pandemic production ramp-up for major airframers looks promising.
Aircraft & Propulsion

Delivery Struggles Could Boost New Spare-Parts Business

By Sean Broderick Jan 12, 2023
Struggles among original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to meet delivery targets is providing near-term boosts for aftermarket providers.
Aircraft & Propulsion

Ethiopian-Led 737 MAX Probe Ignores Human Factors Issues

By Sean Broderick Jan 12, 2023
A final report on Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302 accident offers little insight on pilot performance, which France and the U.S. say deserves closer scrutiny.
Safety, Ops & Regulation

New Federal Law Mandates Safety System Upgrades For 737 MAX

By Sean Broderick Jan 12, 2023
Safety enhancements to the 737-10 will make their way to the rest of the 737 MAX fleet.
Safety, Ops & Regulation

Daily Memo: Are Airbus And Boeing At A Turning Point?

By Jens Flottau Jan 11, 2023
For the major commercial aircraft manufacturers, in 2022 it was not about meeting targets, but coming as close as possible to them.
Aircraft & Propulsion