U.S. Ex-Im Bank Renews LEAP-1B Guarantee; New Head Nominated
The U.S. Export-Import Bank has renewed a guarantee supporting aircraft-engine sales while Reta Jo Lewis has been nominated to lead the export credit agency.
guy.ferneyhoug… Tue, 09/14/2021 - 09:08
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Daily Memo: CFM ‘Open Fan’ Project Confirms Airbus, Boeing Plans

By Thierry Dubois Jun 15, 2021
GE Aviation and Safran want to widen the field of possibilities as they have to meet the needs of two competing airframers—something CFM has consistently managed to do with one family of engines and customized versions.
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CFM Unveils ‘Open Fan’ Demonstrator Plan For Next-Gen Engine

By Guy Norris Jun 14, 2021
CFM International joint venture partners GE Aviation and Safran have launched an aggressive technology development program to pave the way for a new generation of fuel-efficient unducted—or open fan—engines to enter service around the mid-2030s.

Daily Memo: Boeing’s -5X Project A Must-Win For Engine OEMs

By Jens Flottau Mar 23, 2021
As Boeing is quietly beginning to work on what is now being called the -5X project—a small widebody aircraft derived from the new mid-market airplane (NMA) studies—things are getting serious for the three engine OEMs, too. 
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Daily Memo: Safran Weathering, Adapting To Crises

By Thierry Dubois Feb 25, 2021
The company, which specializes in engines, cabin interiors and other aircraft equipment, released remarkable financial results, given the gloomy economic situation for the air transport industry.
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Iberia Aims To Expand Maintenance, Training Facilities

By Alan Dron Feb 08, 2021
Iberia has laid out plans to expand its existing maintenance installations into a major hub for MRO activities in southern Europe. The Spanish flag…
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Daily Memo: New Safran CEO Faces Short-Term Challenges, Future-Defining Decisions

By Thierry Dubois Jan 19, 2021
Olivier Andries has to helm the super-Tier 1 manufacturer as it navigates a still-turbulent environment while longer term Safran will have to offer new concepts to decarbonize commercial aviation.
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Safran Targets 20% Engine Fuel-Efficiency Gain In 2035

By Thierry Dubois Oct 30, 2020
Safran’s research and technology engineers are studying ways to improve fuel efficiency by 20% for an engine that would enter into service in 2035, says CEO Philippe Petitcolin.
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MTU, Safran Offer Cautious Optimism For Engine MRO

By Sean Broderick Oct 30, 2020
While powerplant suppliers Safran and MTU Aero Engines posted expected drops in aftermarket revenues for the last quarter, executives from each company highlighted several trends that support a cautiously optimistic outlook.
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Daily Memo: Intermediate Version Of LEAP Not Needed, Safran CEO Says

By Thierry Dubois Sep 21, 2020
An intermediate engine between the current LEAP turbofan and one that would enter service in 2035 with slashed greenhouse gas emissions is not in the cards, according to Safran CEO Philippe Petitcolin.
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