Photo Source: Getty Images

Bird droppings cause a lot of problems for aircraft hangars including interfering with sensitive instruments. The two common solutions are bird netting, which can be costly, or a hazing spray, which has the potential to leave residue on aircraft.

The new product from Bird B Gone, launched this week, is a humane bird hazing system that repels winged creatures, especially sparrows, via a light vapor that remains airborne so it should not settle onto aircraft.

The Bird B Gone system is designed to work indoors/outdoors by deploying a light haze of EcoBird 4.0  repellent made from a non-toxic, EPA approved food-grade ingredient that irritates a bird’s mucous membrane. Birds experience an unpleasant but temporary sensation when flying through the repellent that prompts them to avoid it.

The Bird B Gone Bird Hazer uses a 1-liter tank at each drop location. The liquid stays in the air longer because its particle size is less than one micron. Each main unit controls up to six satellite units for full perimeter coverage and the plug-and-play unit is designed to be simple to install and operate. Each weatherproof unit comes with a one-year manufacturer warranty and setup consultation support.

Photo Source: Bird B Gone