Narrowbodies Will Dominate Europe’s MRO Visits In Next 10 Years

Credit: Patrick Delapierre-AFI KLM E&M

The 2024 preliminary edition of Aviation Week’s Commercial Aviation Fleet & MRO Forecast projects how the world’s aircraft fleet and aftermarket will evolve over the next 10 years. Commercial aviation MRO visits in Europe are expected to surpass 60,500 by 2033. Europe’s fleet is forecast to account for nearly 23% of worldwide MRO events.

Airbus is forecast to account for 42% of these visits, followed by Boeing (37%) and Embraer (7%). The Airbus A320 comprises the largest share with 38%, followed by the Boeing 737 with 25%.

The forecast projects that the majority of Europe’s commercial aviation MRO visits will be for narrowbody  aircraft, comprising more than 65% of total visits, followed by widebody aircraft at 18% and turboprops at 8%.