Airbus A320neo Fleet Will Drive Leap Engine MRO Demand

engine on wing
Credit: P. Pigeyre/Airbus

The CFM International Leap engine fleet will increase to more than 28,500 active engines in 2032 from just over 6,800 in 2023, according to Aviation Week’s 2023 Commercial Aviation Fleet & MRO Forecast. The increase in fleet and the commensurate utilization are expected to drive MRO spending over the decade to $18.9 billion. That figure includes expenditures from more than 5,700 engine service events.

The Airbus A320neo accounts for the largest Leap fleet, at 52.8%. The Boeing 737 MAX 8 follows at 29.7%.


India is expected to generate 27% of Leap engine MRO demand, followed by Western Europe (25%) and North America (14%).