Wisk Aero Unveils Proposed Concept Of Operations

By Garrett Reim Sep 21, 2022
Wisk envisions one “multivehicle supervisor” managing three air taxis at once from a remote location by 2030.
Advanced Air Mobility

Collaboration is key to creating a holistic journey

By Linda Blachly Sep 20, 2022
Keeping innovation going in a complex industry requires planning, listening and partnering with many colleagues to answer questions that haven’t been asked. 
Interiors & Connectivity

Most People Still Don’t Think Inflight Connectivity Is Worth The Price

By Alan Dron Sep 20, 2022
Passenger expectations of what it means to have good connectivity onboard are changing and outpacing what many airlines can provide.

Partnership Will Fill Network Gaps, Cut Latency, Say Companies

By Alan Dron Sep 14, 2022
The decision by satellite communications companies OneWeb and Intelsat to sign a global distribution partnership agreement to offer airlines seamless…

As Fuel Prices Threaten Profitability, Airlines Lean On Ancillaries

By Helen Massy-Beresford Sep 12, 2022
Carriers are finding new ways to encourage passengers to pay for flexibility and a smooth journey.
Interiors & Connectivity

Thales Wins $350M Avant Up IFE Contract To Equip Emirates A350s

By Thierry Dubois Sep 08, 2022
Thales is finding customers that are taking up more technology features of its Avant Up inflight entertainment system.

Qatar Airways, Inmarsat Expand IFC Partnership

By Linda Blachly Sep 07, 2022
Qatar Airways has expanded its partnership with Inmarsat to provide inflight connectivity (IFC) on its Boeing 737-10 and 787-9 fleet.

Consolidation Among Cabin Lighting Suppliers As Heads Up Buys STG

By Victoria Moores Aug 22, 2022
Heads Up Technologies has bought fellow aircraft cabin lighting supplier STG Aerospace for its "concept-to-certification capability and extensive intellectual property."

Airbus Taps Quantum Computing Startup To Explore Aero Applications

By Michael Bruno Aug 19, 2022
Quantum computing company IonQ of suburban Washington said Aug. 18 that it has signed an agreement with European airframer giant Airbus to explore applications of the fast and powerful algorithm technology in aerospace services and passenger experiences.
Interiors & Connectivity

Industry Balks At The FAA’s 5G Risk-Mitigation Plan

By Sean Broderick Aug 08, 2022
The FAA’s decision to push radio altimeter upgrades as wireless companies roll out new 5G networks has airlines on edge.

FAA Seeking Data On Seat-Pitch Standards

By Sean Broderick Aug 02, 2022
The FAA is seeking input on minimum passenger seat dimension as part of its response to a U.S. congressional mandate to improve cabin layout safety. 
Interiors & Connectivity

Could Airliners Use An FMS In The Cloud?

David Hughes Jul 29, 2022
NASA study seeks to improve air-to-ground connectivity for commercial aviation.

Eutelsat And OneWeb To Merge, Combining GEO, LEO Constellations

By Tony Osborne Jul 26, 2022
The merger is set to “accelerate the commercialization of OneWeb’s fleet.”
Commercial Space

New Materials Key To Sustainability, Collins Says

By Thierry Dubois Jul 08, 2022
Thermoplastic composites and ceramics are seen as crucial to aviation’s sustainability efforts.
Farnborough Airshow

Air New Zealand Confirms Economy Sleep Pods For New 787 Cabins

By Adrian Schofield Jun 29, 2022
Air New Zealand has unveiled new international cabin products for its Boeing 787 fleet, including a set of bunk-like sleep pods that can be booked by economy-class passengers.
Interiors & Connectivity

Podcast: Airline CEOs Discuss Industry Issues At The IATA Annual Meeting

By Karen Walker Jun 23, 2022
Aviation Week Network editors covering the 78th IATA AGM in Doha report on airline industry optimism and challenges as air traffic demand surges back.
Air Transport

Daily Memo: Commercial Aviation Is Out Of Control

By Jens Flottau Jun 21, 2022
Aviation executives departed into a parallel universe for a few days in June. 
Aircraft & Propulsion

Aircraft Cabin Manufacturers Ready For Radical Reassessment

By Thierry Dubois Jun 20, 2022
From sustainable materials to improved wheelchair access, cabins must be a part of aviation’s reassessment.
Interiors & Connectivity

Boeing Encore Introduces Virtual Tool For Custom Galleys

By Alan Dron Jun 16, 2022
Boeing Encore, the OEM’s interiors manufacturer, has replaced a legacy system for configuring Boeing 737 galleys with a new virtual design tool.
Interiors & Connectivity

Podcast: Window Seat At Aircraft Interiors Expo

By Thierry Dubois Jun 15, 2022
At Aircraft Interiors Expo this week in Hamburg, Aviation Week Network editors discuss the new products that have caught their attention, and share their thoughts about the major trends they see in cabin design and manufacturing.
Air Transport

Higher-Bandwidth ViaSat-3 Satellites To Serve Aviation First

By Thierry Dubois Jun 15, 2022
Satellite operator Viasat is counting on its next-generation ViaSat-3 satellites to drastically improve inflight connectivity, as the first of three spacecraft plans to launch in 2022.
Interiors & Connectivity

Air4All Aims At Personal Wheelchair Access

By Thierry Dubois Jun 15, 2022
Disabled persons currently cannot bring their own wheelchair on board commercial passenger aircraft; the Air4All consortium is working on a solution for carriers.
Interiors & Connectivity

OneWeb, Stellar Blu Claim LEO Broadband Test Flight Success

By Alan Dron Jun 15, 2022
Two companies aiming to improve inflight connectivity have carried out what they describe as the successful delivery of high-speed, low-latency inflight connectivity from a low-Earth-orbit satellite to a commercial airliner.
Interiors & Connectivity

Thales Introduces New Avant Up IFE System

By Thierry Dubois Jun 14, 2022
Thales has unveiled Avant Up, the latest evolution of its inflight entertainment systems, featuring an improved display and smart charging for the passenger’s devices.
Interiors & Connectivity

New Emergency Oxygen System To Allow More Direct Routing

By Thierry Dubois Jun 14, 2022
Caeli Nova, a startup company formed in 2018, is developing a more efficient emergency oxygen system that aims at allowing shorter routes.
Interiors & Connectivity