2024 Engine Yearbook


The top reference book for aero-engine professionals at airlines, engine OEMs and engine aftermarket companies. All aspects of engine development, overhaul, leasing and specialist repairs is examined by our expert team of journalists and analysts. Also included: a comprehensive directory listings of the world’s leading engine/APU overhaul shops and specialist engine repair companies.

What’s inside the 2024 Engine Yearbook:

  • Global engine MRO demand 2024-2033
  • Large engine life-cycle management
  • Global engine deliveries 2024-2028
  • The next narrowbody engine
  • Engine OEM Market Share 2024 vs 2033
  • Leasing: An asset for maintenance
  • How to deal with the spare engine shortage
  • Engine and APU overhaul directory
  • Specialist engine repairs directory