Airbus Helicopters CEO Discusses Digital Transformation

By Tony Osborne Jun 18, 2021
Airbus Helicopters has already had to adapt to challenging market conditions, and now it’s gearing up for a digital transformation.
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Fast Five With FAA Administrator Steve Dickson

By Sean Broderick Jun 18, 2021
The FAA, with lessons from Boeing 737 MAX, is confident it can handle certification of more advanced vehicles, such as eVTOLs.
Aerospace & Defense

Webinar: Defense in a More for Less World – Asia Edition

Jun 17, 2021
This webinar took place June 17, 2021. In the shadow of China’s expanding military power, nations across Asia are adding muscularity to their…
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U.S. Military Bets On Fledgling Rocket Transportation Industry

By Lee Hudson Jun 17, 2021
The U.S. military plans to become an early adopter of using rockets to move cargo.
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Embraer’s New Turboprop May Use Alternative Propulsion Systems

By Jens Flottau Jun 17, 2021
Arjan Meijer, president and CEO of Embraer Commercial Aviation, sits down with AW&ST to chat about technology and aviation’s status quo.
Defense and Space

Webinar: Catching Up With FAA Administrator Steve Dickson

Jun 15, 2021
This webinar took place June 15, 2021. FAA Administrator Steve Dickson faces no shortage of challenges, from revamping how aircraft are certified to…
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Airbus Set To Transform Industrial Setup And Processes By 2025

By Jens Flottau Jun 15, 2021
The manufacturer aims to prepare for the next generation of aircraft, planned to be introduced by 2035.

Sorting Out Responsibility For Space Traffic Management

By Bill Carey Jun 15, 2021
An office within the U.S. Commerce Department will launch a space traffic management pilot program this summer.
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FAA’s Space Data Integrator Shifting To Operational Status

By Bill Carey Jun 14, 2021
After years of development, the FAA is bringing to bear a new capability for tracking spacecraft.
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Webinar: Defense in a More for Less World

Jun 11, 2021
This webinar took place June 11, 2021 and was sponsored by Makino. Defense budgets are beginning to level off, and yet potential threats posed by…
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Podcast: Giddy And Nervous In LA

By Michael Bruno Jun 11, 2021
Aviation Week Business Editor Michael Bruno talks to experts about the state of the industry at the 2021 SpeedNews Commercial Aviation Industry Supplier Conference.
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How Five Platforms Are Shaping Asian Defense

By Chen Chuanren Jun 11, 2021
These programs highlight innovation, collaboration and off-the-shelf solutions.
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Interview: CEO Dave Calhoun On Where He’s Steering Boeing

Jun 11, 2021
In a wide-ranging interview, Boeing chief David Calhoun says the company won’t be rushed into launching a new airplane.

Pentagon Poised For New Round Of Acquisition Reform

By Steve Trimble Jun 10, 2021
A backlash to the widespread of application of fast-track acquisition authorities inspires new ideas to solving old problems.
Aerospace & Defense

Electric VTOL Air Taxis Advancing Toward Certification And Operation

By Graham Warwick Jun 09, 2021
European and U.S. authorities are putting the pieces in place to enable advanced air mobility.
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Podcast: NTSB’s Robert Sumwalt On Next Steps For Safety

By Lee Ann Shay Jun 09, 2021
Before his retirement on June 30, NTSB Chairman Robert Sumwalt shares insights into some key things that would make the aviation industry safer—and how to do it.
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Leonardo CEO Profumo On The Future Of European Defense

By Tony Osborne Jun 09, 2021
Alessandro Profumo is upbeat about the future of post-COVID-19 European defense capability.
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Radical Digital Approach To Cut Cost From Tempest Development

By Tony Osborne Jun 09, 2021
A digital-first approach is key to achieving Tempest’s development goals, but the technology needs to be proved.
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Certifying Artificial Intelligence Is Key To Automating Air Mobility

By Graham Warwick Jun 09, 2021
EASA provides industry with the first concrete guidance on certification requirements for AI in safety-critical applications.
Aerospace & Defense

For Suppliers It Is Survival Of The Financed

By Michael Bruno Jun 08, 2021
Leaders expect a smaller, more streamlined supply chain to emerge as aircraft OEMs struggle to reach or exceed pre-pandemic rates.
Aerospace & Defense

U.S. Defense Programs To Watch

By Lee Hudson Jun 07, 2021
Aircraft procurement takes a hit in the Pentagon’s fiscal year 2022 budget request.
Aerospace & Defense

MBDA CEO Beranger On Collaboration And Competition

By Tony Osborne Jun 07, 2021
The European missile manufacturer sees opportunities for missile development and consolidation as future fighter programs evolve.
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Preparing The Aftermarket For Advanced Air Mobility

By Lindsay Bjerregaard Mar 22, 2021
Electric vertical lift startups, maintenance providers and infrastructure specialists are collaborating to tackle new challenges.
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Podcast: Nanoracks’ CEO on Commercializing Space

By Jen DiMascio Mar 19, 2021
Listen in as Nanoracks CEO Jeff Manber predicts that by the end of the year, private space companies will have more discretionary money to spend than the U.S. federal government.
Program Management

U.S. Space Force Juggles Changes To Missile Warning Portfolio

By Lee Hudson Mar 19, 2021
The Pentagon is diversifying the U.S. early missile warning portfolio with a mix of satellite types and sizes in different orbits to prevent unwanted missile attacks.
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