Embraer’s New Turboprop May Use Alternative Propulsion Systems

By Jens Flottau Jun 17, 2021
Arjan Meijer, president and CEO of Embraer Commercial Aviation, sits down with AW&ST to chat about technology and aviation’s status quo.
Defense and Space

How Five Platforms Are Shaping Asian Defense

By Chen Chuanren Jun 11, 2021
These programs highlight innovation, collaboration and off-the-shelf solutions.
Aerospace & Defense

Interview: CEO Dave Calhoun On Where He’s Steering Boeing

Jun 11, 2021
In a wide-ranging interview, Boeing chief David Calhoun says the company won’t be rushed into launching a new airplane.

Pentagon Poised For New Round Of Acquisition Reform

By Steve Trimble Jun 10, 2021
A backlash to the widespread of application of fast-track acquisition authorities inspires new ideas to solving old problems.
Aerospace & Defense

Boeing And Embraer Serious About New Conventional Aircraft Soon

By Jens Flottau Mar 17, 2021
Are Boeing and Embraer betting on the right concepts for new aircraft in the near term?