Australia To Establish Space Division By 2022

By Chen Chuanren May 19, 2021
The Australian Department of Defense has confirmed that it will set up a space division under the ambit of the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) by early 2022.

Boeing Builds ATS Loyal Wingman For AFRL’s Skyborg Program

By Graham Warwick Mar 03, 2021
With the first flight of the Airpower Teaming System under its belt, Boeing Australia is producing more of the unmanned aircraft for the Royal Australian Air Force’s Loyal Wingman demonstration program, the U.S. Force’s Skyborg autonomy initiative, and other customers.
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ATS Loyal Wingman Makes First Flight, More Investment Follows

By Tony Osborne Mar 02, 2021
A successful first flight on March 1 has triggered additional investment of $90 million from the Australian government to build another three Boeing Airpower Teaming System aircraft.
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Growler Block 2 An Option For Australia

By Bradley Perrett Oct 07, 2020
Australia will consider the Block 2 upgrade of the Boeing EA-18G Growler as part of a regular program of keeping aircraft common with those of the U.S. Navy, the defense department in Canberra said.
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Australia Lifts Defense Spending 9.1%, Plans More Big Rises

By Bradley Perrett Oct 07, 2020
Undeterred by the budgetary effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, Australia will increase defense spending by a nominal 9.1% in the fiscal year that began in July 2020, with further strong rises planned for the following three years.
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Australia To Expand Electronic Attack, ISR Forces In 2030s

By Bradley Perrett Jul 02, 2020
Australia is planning to expand its electronic-attack force for the 2030s following the retirement of its Boeing EA-18G Growlers while also enlarging its fleets of surveillance aircraft, partly through the replacement of Boeing E-7A Wedgetails.
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Australia Finds C-17 Mod Could Cut Fuel Burn 0.6-1.2%

By Bradley Perrett Mar 09, 2020
The results of the work will be a factor in any eventual decision on whether to attach finlets on the sides at the rear of the aircraft.
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