General Atomics Wins Draco Nuclear Reactor Design Contract

By Steve Trimble Apr 12, 2021
The award begins a two-track Phase 1 for the Demonstration Rocket for Agile Cislunar Opeations (Draco) demonstration program. 

DARPA Project Will Apply AI To Air-Taxi Design

By Graham Warwick Nov 19, 2020
Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) is to use artificial intelligence in the design of an air taxi under a four-year, $7.2 million DARPA contract.
Advanced Air Mobility

U.S. Edges Closer To Nuclear Thermal Rocket Vision

By Guy Norris Oct 09, 2020
As NASA continues feasibility studies into nuclear propulsion for deep space missions, DARPA has awarded an initial contract to help pave the way toward possible orbital tests of a nuclear-powered rocket for U.S. military use in and around cislunar space.

DARPA, USAF Reaffirm HAWC Flight Test Plans By Year's End

By Steve Trimble Sep 02, 2020
The Lockheed Martin and Raytheon variants of the Hypersonic Air-breathing Weapon Concept have completed captive carry tests, a military official said. 
Missile Defense & Weapons

DARPA Outlines Plans For Active Flow Control X-Plane

By Graham Warwick Jun 30, 2020
DARPA plans to launch a program to fly an X-plane designed around active flow control.
Aircraft & Propulsion

U.S. Air Force Investigates Hypersonic Test Mishap

By Guy Norris Jun 09, 2020
A scramjet-powered missile developed under the joint DARPA/U.S. Air Force Hypersonic Air-breathing Weapon Concept (HAWC) program was destroyed in a recent test accident, Aviation Week has learned. 
Missile Defense & Weapons

Hypersonic ARRW Missile Facing Year-Long Delay, GAO Says

By Steve Trimble Jun 03, 2020
A nearly year-long setback for the Tactical Boost Glide program will cause a similar delay for the U.S. Air Force’s AGM-183A Air-launched Rapid Response Weapon, the U.S. Government Accountability Office says.
Missile Defense & Weapons

DARPA’s ACE Wants To Automate Dogfighting To Empower AI

By Graham Warwick Mar 10, 2020
DARPA’s Air Combat Evolution (ACE) program aims to use dogfight automation as a crucible to give pilots confidence that AI “can handle a high-end fight.”
Aircraft & Propulsion

Astra Scrub Ends DARPA Launch Challenge

By Graham Warwick Mar 03, 2020
With no winner in its Launch Challenge, DARPA is now looking at the possibly of staging the demonstration of a flexible, responsive launch of a small satellite during a major military exercise.
Air Warfare Symposium

DARPA Selects Northrop Grumman For Glide Breaker

By Steve Trimble Jan 26, 2020
The U.S. defense research agency awarded Northrop a $13 million, one-year contract under the Glide Breaker program.
Defense and Space

Dynetics Flies DARPA’s Gremlins Air-Recoverable UAS For First Time

By Graham Warwick Jan 17, 2020
The air vehicle was lost during the ground-recovery sequence, but Dynetics noted it has four test vehicles remaining.
Defense and Space

With OpFires, Lockheed A Six-Time Hypersonic Winner

By Steve Trimble Jan 15, 2020
Lockheed Martin has won a sixth prime contractor role in a U.S. hypersonic missile program.
Defense and Space

Missile Defense Faces Year Of Change

By Steve Trimble Dec 18, 2019
A year of change is in store for the military organizations tasked with intercepting missiles launched from another continent. In the U.S., the $160…
Defense and Space