NASA Mars Helicopter Flight Test On Hold
Fixing an issue with NASA’s Mars Ingenuity helicopter will require a slight modification to the vehicle’s software, delaying the first flight test. 
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Hubble’s Wide Field Camera 3 Recovered After Power Issue

By Mark Carreau Mar 15, 2021
Wide Field Camera 3 (WFC-3) aboard NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope (HST) was reactivated over the weekend, following a low-voltage incident linked to the aging observatory’s recent lapse into safe mode.

NASA Strikes Novel Launch Agreement For ISS Astronauts

By Mark Carreau Mar 10, 2021
NASA has contracted with Axiom Space to acquire a seat aboard Russia’s Soyuz MS-18 for a NASA astronaut to launch to the orbiting science lab on April 9.

Study Suggests Oort Cloud Comets Delivered Life-Enabling Carbon

By Mark Carreau Mar 08, 2021
Comet impacts during the Solar System’s planet-forming period about 4.5 billion years ago may have delivered the carbon essential for life to the rocky planets in the Sun’s habitable zone, according to a new study of the comet Catalina.

Valve Issue Delays SLS Core Stage 'Hot Fire'

By Irene Klotz Feb 23, 2021
NASA has delayed the planned Feb. 25 full-duration hot fire of the Space Launch System (SLS) core stage due to a faulty valve in the system that supplies liquid oxygen to one of the vehicle’s four Aerojet Rocketdyne RS-25 engines.

Northrop Grumman Cargo Capsule Reaches Space Station

By Mark Carreau Feb 22, 2021
Northrop Grumman’s 15th NASA-contracted Cygnus resupply mission successfully rendezvoused with the International Space Station (ISS) early Feb. 22, enabling astronauts on board to grapple the freighter and its 8,400 lb. cargo with the orbiting lab’s Canadian robot arm.

NASA Buys Falcon Heavy To Launch First Gateway Modules

By Irene Klotz Feb 10, 2021
NASA on Feb. 9 awarded SpaceX a $331 million contract for Falcon Heavy launch and support services to send the first two modules of its planned Gateway outpost toward lunar orbit.

NASA Mulls Additional Soyuz Ride To ISS

By Irene Klotz Feb 10, 2021
With one of its two U.S. commercial space taxi lines not yet operational, NASA is considering bartering for an extra seat on a Russian Soyuz capsule slated to launch in April or May to the International Space Station (ISS), the agency said Feb. 9.

NASA Steps Up Civil Hypersonic Studies With Aerion, GE

By Guy Norris Feb 09, 2021
NASA is transitioning long-running hypersonic technology studies increasingly toward potential commercial applications and has awarded two new contracts supporting high speed design and propulsion work to Aerion Supersonic and GE Aviation respectively.
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Biden Administration Makes First Appointments At NASA

By Irene Klotz Jan 21, 2021
On the job less than a day, the Biden administration made its first two appointments at NASA.

NASA’s Mars InSight Lander Team Gives Up On Digging

By Mark Carreau Jan 18, 2021
The unanticipated clumpy nature of the Martian soil at Elysium Planitia, the equatorial landing site, offers little friction for digging meaning a probe cannot be buried.

SLS Core Stage Hot Fire Shuts Down Early

By Irene Klotz Jan 16, 2021
NASA did not immediately say why the hot fire was cut off about 67 sec. after ignition.

Wisk Teams With NASA On Autonomous Urban Air Mobility

By Graham Warwick Nov 16, 2020
Self-flying air-taxi developer Wisk has teamed with NASA to address the safe integration of autonomous aircraft into urban airspace. 
Urban & Unmanned Aviation

Osiris-Rex Successfully Touches Down On Asteroid

By Mark Carreau Oct 21, 2020
Flying autonomously more than 208 million mi. from Earth, NASA’s Osiris-Rex spacecraft made brief successful contact with the boulder-strewn surface of the asteroid Bennu, according to data from the probe received by the mission operations and science teams on Oct. 20.

Payload Shrinking Competition Moves Ahead, Seeks Recruits

By Mark Carreau Oct 15, 2020
Introduced in April, the “Honey, I shrunk the NASA payload”  global crowdsourcing competition is moving on to “Honey, I Built the NASA Payload, The Sequel.”

NASA Eyes Transonic Truss Braced Wing Flight Demonstrator

By Graham Warwick Oct 15, 2020
The experimental aircraft would be one of a suite of demonstration projects to mature key technologies for a next-generation subsonic commercial transport by the mid-2020s.
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Commercial Partners To Advance NASA Deep Space Technologies

By Mark Carreau Oct 15, 2020
Fourteen U.S. companies are to receive an estimated $370 million in NASA “Tipping Point” agreements intended to advance technologies needed to achieve a sustained human presence on the Moon during the 2020s and support the human exploration of Mars thereafter.

Seven Nations Sign U.S. Artemis Accords For Space Exploration

By Irene Klotz Oct 14, 2020
The first countries to sign bilateral Artemis Accords agreements with the U.S. are Australia, Canada, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, the United Arab Emirates and the United Kingdom.

Podcast: Tech Talk On NASA’s Dragonfly Mission To Titan

By Jefferson Morris Oct 14, 2020
In this special edition Check 6 Tech Talk, we speak to Elizabeth Turtle, the principal investigator of NASA’s upcoming Dragonfly mission.

NASA, Boeing Target Nov. 14 For SLS Hot Fire

By Irene Klotz Oct 13, 2020
The SLS’s four Aerojet Rocketdyne RS-25 engines will ignite for a full-duration, 8-min. firing at NASA’s Stennis Space Center in Mississippi

Flexible Sample Collection Device Headed for Moon, Mars

By Mark Carreau Oct 13, 2020
NASA and the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) have selected a new technology for planetary sample collection and return for future missions to the Moon and Martian moon Phobos.

U.S. Edges Closer To Nuclear Thermal Rocket Vision

By Guy Norris Oct 09, 2020
As NASA continues feasibility studies into nuclear propulsion for deep space missions, DARPA has awarded an initial contract to help pave the way toward possible orbital tests of a nuclear-powered rocket for U.S. military use in and around cislunar space.

Launch Of Space Station Resupply Mission Scrubbed

By Mark Carreau Oct 02, 2020
The scrub of Northrop Grumman’s 14th NASA contracted resupply mission to the International Space Station (ISS) was logged at 2 min. 40 sec. prior to a planned liftoff on Oct. 1 at 9:43 p.m., EDT.

Russia’s ISS Nauka Module Arrives At Baikonur Spaceport

By Maxim Pyadushkin Aug 21, 2020
Russia is preparing to expand its segment of the International Space Station with the 20-ton Nauka Multipurpose Laboratory Module.

NASA To Probe Source Of Small Space Station Pressure Loss

By Mark Carreau Aug 21, 2020
The rate of the leak has "slightly increased, so the teams are working a plan to isolate identify, and potentially repair the source,” NASA says, stressing that it poses "no immediate danger to the crew or the space station.”