Southwest Airlines Slashes 2022 Deliveries Over Supply Constraints

By Lori Ranson Jul 28, 2022
The airline will only take delivery of 66 Boeing 737 MAX narrowbodies instead of the 114 it originally planned to add to its fleet.
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Southwest Converts 40 MAX 7 Orders To MAX 8s Amid Certification Delays

By Ben Goldstein Apr 28, 2022
Southwest Airlines has converted 40 firm orders for the Boeing 737-7 to the slightly larger 737-8, as Boeing’s timeline for certifying the smallest MAX family variant continues to slip.
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Southwest Airlines Focuses On Increasing Flight Frequencies

By Aaron Karp Apr 13, 2022
Most of Southwest Airlines' summer plans are driven by the airline’s desire to add “depth” to its “spider web” network, as CFO Tammy Romo has said.
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Staffing Shortages Push Southwest Airlines To Lower 2022 Capacity

By Aaron Karp Jan 31, 2022
Southwest Airlines conceded it will not fully restore pre-pandemic capacity levels in 2022 as planned citing ongoing staffing issues.
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U.S. Airline CEOs Blame Operational Meltdowns On Poor Overtime Take Rate

By Ben Goldstein Dec 15, 2021
Recent high-profile meltdowns were mainly caused by a reluctance of workers to pick up overtime shifts during periods of high stress such as bad weather events and IT system failures, the CEOs said. 
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Southwest Airlines Stresses Network Restoration Will Help Ease Operational Woes

By Lori Ranson Oct 21, 2021
Southwest Airlines remains in the midst of a hiring push to alleviate operational challenges it encountered during the third quarter, but the airline is also turning attention to building up network depth over the next year to recover more quickly from irregular operations. 
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Newark Slots Opened To LCCs To Boost Competition

Sep 17, 2021
The U.S. Transportation Department (DOT) plans to award the rights for several peak flights at Newark Liberty International (EWR) to a LCC or ULCC to spur competition and reduce fares.
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U.S. Carriers Adjust Vaccine Policies To Boost Worker Uptake

By Ben Goldstein Sep 16, 2021
Southwest Airlines and United Airlines announced updated employee vaccination policies, as U.S. carriers experiment with carrots and sticks to incentivize greater vaccine uptake among their workers.
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Southwest President Steps Down During Leadership Change

By Ben Goldstein Sep 15, 2021
Southwest Airlines President Tom Nealon has retired from leading the company just a few months after being passed over to replace outgoing CEO Gary Kelly.
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Southwest, Delta To Hire Extra Staff To Meet Demand Surge

By Ben Goldstein Aug 31, 2021
Southwest Airlines and Delta Air Lines announced plans to increase their employee hiring targets, part of an effort to address staffing shortages amid a strong U.S. domestic summer travel season.
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Southwest Airlines Guides Down Q3 Profitability On Delta Variant Spike

By Ben Goldstein Aug 11, 2021
Southwest Airlines warned that it does not expect to be profitable in the 2021 third quarter (Q3), as a spike of COVID-19 infections associated with the new delta variant appears to be harming demand for air travel.
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Southwest Hints At Exercising More 737 MAX Options In 2022

By Lori Ranson Jul 22, 2021
Southwest Airlines could exercise up to 44 options for Boeing 737 MAX jets in 2022 to either fuel growth or accelerate retirements of older 737-700s. 
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Southwest Pilots Sound Alarm On Staff Shortage, Training Bottleneck

By Ben Goldstein Jul 01, 2021
Southwest Airlines pilots said a staff shortage caused by an aggressive schedule ramp-up and training bottleneck is exacerbating operational challenges plaguing the company in recent weeks. 
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Southwest Airlines Adds 34 Aircraft To Existing 737-7 Order

By Ben Goldstein Jun 08, 2021
The move comes as the airline cites improving revenue trends and a strong domestic travel recovery in the U.S.
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Southwest Airlines Supports SAF Production From Food Waste

By Graham Warwick Apr 22, 2021
Southwest Airlines has committed to continue supporting the U.S. National Renewable Energy Laboratory’s development of sustainable aviation fuel produced from food waste.
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Inspections Find More Electrical-Grounding Issues On Boeing 737 MAXs

By Sean Broderick Apr 15, 2021
One week into a de facto partial fleet grounding, Boeing continues to evaluate the scale and needed steps to correct 737 MAX electrical system problems—an issue that extends beyond the area originally flagged by the manufacturer.
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U.S. Carriers See Booking Curve Begin To Stretch

By Ben Goldstein Mar 16, 2021
U.S. airlines are seeing an elongation of the booking curve, a sign that air travel may finally be starting to return to something resembling normalcy. 
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Daily Memo: U.S. Airlines Don’t Need Any More Money From Congress

By Ben Goldstein Mar 11, 2021
U.S. federal lawmakers are sending airlines another $14 billion to prop up payrolls until Sept. 30, which they hope will see the industry through to recovery. 
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Southwest CEO Looks Ahead To Resurgent Summer Season

By Lori Ranson Mar 10, 2021
Southwest Airlines CEO Gary Kelly believes the airline is moving beyond the worst of the COVID-19 pandemic as widespread vaccinations could help move the needle on demand later in 2021.
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U.S. Carriers Back CDC Contact Tracing Proposal

By Ben Goldstein Feb 22, 2021
A group of major U.S. carriers announced plans to implement voluntary contract tracing for international arrivals, part of a Biden administration effort to better track and contain the spread of COVID-19 through commercial air travel. 
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Southwest Airlines Lowers Cash Burn Target On Improved Leisure Demand

By Ben Goldstein Feb 16, 2021
Southwest Airlines lowered its cash burn estimate for the 2021 first quarter (Q1) after observing stronger than expected revenue and booking trends in February.
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U.S. Pilot Unions Warn Against Domestic Pre-Flight COVID Testing

By Lori Ranson Feb 12, 2021
U.S. pilot unions are joining airlines and manufacturers in opposing a potential coronavirus test requirement for domestic U.S. airline passengers, though a mandate to move forward with the proposal does not seem imminent.
Safety, Ops & Regulation

Southwest Airlines Aims For 69 MAXs In Fleet By Year-End

By Lori Ranson Jan 28, 2021
Southwest Airlines plans a measured re-entry into service for its Boeing 737 MAX aircraft and projects ending 2021 with 69 of the type in its fleet.
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U.S. Senate Report Faults FAA Oversight, Whistleblower Protections

By Sean Broderick Dec 21, 2020
The FAA’s recent shift towards working with certificate holders to resolve certain regulatory violations and its handling of safety complaints from employees are facing renewed scrutiny and some legislative changes following a Senate Commerce, Science & Transportation Committee report on safety oversight.
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United Airlines To Resume 737 MAX Operations In February 2021

By Ben Goldstein Dec 18, 2020
United Airlines will become the second U.S. carrier to resume commercial Boeing 737 MAX operations when it reintroduces the model to service in…
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