Interview: ERA Director General Montserrat Barriga

By Victoria Moores Aug 03, 2021
The European Regions Airline Association (ERA) is the trade association representing more than 55 airlines and over 130 associate members, to promote and advocate for the European regional airline market.
Air Transport

WORLD AIRLINE REPORT: On the Way, But Not There Yet

By Karen Walker Jul 29, 2021
The recovery of the air transport and travel industry is either well underway—even surging—or a long way off, depending on where and when you look.
Air Transport

EDITORIAL: Use Human Adaptivity to Reopen the World

By Karen Walker Jul 28, 2021
There’s a lot of talk about how the COVID-19 coronavirus adapts, and understandable concern about the infection rates of new mutations. What’s often overlooked, however, is how significantly humans have adapted, individually and as collectives, and how much has been learned over the past 18 months.
Air Transport

ANALYSIS: Angry Birds: Unruly Passengers Present A Growing Challenge

By Karen Walker Jul 27, 2021
The US is once more experiencing busy airports and full flights as domestic leisure travel numbers surge close to 2019 levels. In their pandemic isolation, however, some Americans appear to have forgotten how to behave in public.
Air Transport

China’s New Chengdu Airport Facilitates Massive Air Travel Growth

By Chen Chuanren Jul 12, 2021
Chengdu opened Tianfu International Airport (TFU) June 27, becoming the third Chinese city to operate two major airports after Beijing and Shanghai.
Air Transport

EDITORIAL: Governments should focus on consistency, not consumer rules

By Victoria Moores Jul 08, 2021
The European Commission (EC) is looking to crack down on airlines with regard to consumer rights as they relate to cancellations and refunds.
Air Transport

CEO Interview: Roman Vik, Smartwings

By Kurt Hofmann Jul 07, 2021
Prague-based Smartwings is part of the Smartwings Group and the largest carrier in the Czech Republic.
Air Transport

Webinar: Safely Reopening International Air Travel Using Data-Based Decisions

Jul 06, 2021
This webinar took place July 6, 2021. Airlines, airports and the air transport industry are urging governments to make data-based decisions so that…
Safety, Ops & Regulation

International Travel: A Summer Of Hope And Frustration

By Linda Blachly Jul 01, 2021
The 2021 northern summer season opened with many in the industry and would-be travelers hopeful of a recovery in international air travel, at least in the leisure and tourist sectors.
Air Transport

Europe’s Flight Crew Mental Health Rules Take Effect

By Victoria Moores Jun 30, 2021
New European commercial flight crew mental fitness rules took effect in February as a safety response to the 2015 Germanwings crash caused by a pilot suicide.
Air Transport

CAPA Perspective: Factors that will determine the speed of corporate travel recovery

CAPA–Centre for Aviation Jun 29, 2021
Business and corporate travel is vital for airlines. Corporate travel accounts for 10%-15% of airline passenger numbers, yet provides roughly 20% to 30% of airline revenue, depending on the carrier.
Air Transport

Webinar: Spotlight on Asia Pacific: Restarting the global powerhouse

Jun 29, 2021
This webinar took place June 29, 2021. Asia Pacific air transport is a global powerhouse and in 2019 China was expected to quickly become the world’s…
Airports & Routes

Korean Air named ATW 2021 Airline of the Year

Jun 28, 2021
Korean Air was today announced the recipient of the Air Transport World 2021 Airline of the Year Award.
Air Transport

EDITORIAL: UK government backed itself into an air travel legal challenge

By Victoria Moores Jun 18, 2021
The UK government has said throughout the pandemic that it was working in partnership with the air transport industry on when and how to re-open international travel. But airlines and airports appear to have reached the end of their patience with talks that are leading nowhere, and some are looking to a legal remedy. 
Air Transport

2021 ATW Award winners announced

Jun 16, 2021
US carriers JetBlue and United Airlines, Mexican low-cost carrier Viva Aerobus, Qatar Airways Cargo, Incheon International Airport in Seoul, and former IATA director general and CEO Alexandre de Juniac have been named winners in the 2021 Air Transport World Airline Industry Achievement Awards.
Air Transport

EDITORIAL: The hypocrisy of G7 leaders’ international travel

By Karen Walker Jun 14, 2021
If presidents and prime ministers cannot conduct their business via Zoom, they should lift the travel rules they impose on their citizens but cannot comply with themselves.
Safety, Ops & Regulation

EDITORIAL: Why A Return To Supersonic Commercial Travel Is Far From Certain

By Aaron Karp Jun 10, 2021
There was a time when airline executives believed supersonic flight would become ubiquitous on long-haul routes.
Air Transport

EDITORIAL: Data Can Guide Governments To Better International Travel Policies

By Karen Walker Jun 04, 2021
The UK government’s abrupt reversal on allowing its citizens to travel to Portugal for vacation has severe immediate and long-term repercussions for airlines and the travel industry.
Air Transport

Webinar: Will The Sun Shine On Europe’s Summer Season?

Jun 01, 2021
This webinar took place June 1, 2021. With summer approaching in earnest we take a look at the European air transport market and how the leisure…
Airports & Routes

IATA regional VP optimistic for African airline growth

By Alan Dron May 26, 2021
Africa’s opportunity lies with aviation liberalization.
Airlines & Lessors

The Trend For Long, Thin Routes Accelerates

By Aaron Karp May 26, 2021
Airlines are looking to fly more point-to-point long-haul routes with smaller, more efficient aircraft.
Aircraft & Propulsion

Loyalty Programs as Lifelines

By Linda Blachly May 26, 2021
Some US carriers have seen their loyalty programs in a new light—as collateral to raise billions in loans. United Airlines started it off in June…
Airlines & Lessors

How Airline Loyalty Programs Are Changing

By Linda Blachly May 26, 2021
Frequent flyer programs are no longer about flying frequently.
Airlines & Lessors

INTERVIEW: Spirit Airlines CEO Ted Christie

By Karen Walker May 26, 2021
Florida-based ultra-LCC Spirit Airlines has resumed its growth track and expects to be one of the first US carriers to return to profitability if…
Airlines & Lessors

CAPA PERSPECTIVE: World’s Major Hubs Slide Down Departure Rankings

May 26, 2021
Data show effects of travel freeze on world’s biggest international airports.
Airlines & Lessors