EDITORIAL: Aviation’s Focus On Efficiency Misses The Big Environmental Picture

By Victoria Moores Nov 19, 2021
Commercial aviation has made huge strides in environmental efficiency, but is the industry prepared for a shift in focus to gross emissions?

Will Saudia Or New Airline Be Kingdom’s Future Flag Carrier?

By Alan Dron Nov 15, 2021
Mixed messages from Saudi Arabia have the industry wondering about Saudia’s future.
Airlines & Lessors

Embraer Explores New Turboprops and Technologies

By Victoria Moores Nov 14, 2021
Embraer is exploring four 10- to 50-seat commercial aircraft research and development (R&D) projects, with further details likely to be released…
Aircraft & Propulsion

Larger Regional Jets Gain Traction In Asia-Pacific

By Chen Chuanren Nov 14, 2021
Larger regional jets are finding their niche in Asia-Pacific and China.
Aircraft & Propulsion

KLM CEO Confident In Return Of Good Times

By Karen Walker Nov 06, 2021
Dutch flagship KLM was more ready than most for a traffic recovery.
Airlines & Lessors

Norse CEO Outlines Transatlantic LCC Ambitions

By Karen Walker Nov 06, 2021
Another Norwegian startup prepares for Europe-US service launch.
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CEO Interview: Finnair’s Topi Manner

By Victoria Moores Oct 28, 2021
Topi Manner became Finnair CEO in January 2019. Manner was a newcomer to aviation, just as the industry hit its worst-ever crisis. Before joining…
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Engine Makers, Maintainers See Industry Beginning Of Industry Recovery

By Henry Canaday Oct 28, 2021
Engine maintenance is clearly recovering.

MRO Providers See A Changed Industry Developing

By Henry Canaday Oct 28, 2021
MRO providers are charting their way through the industry recovery.

CAPA Perspective: International Recovery Will Vary By Region

Oct 28, 2021
There’s a wide gap between where the industry stands and where it wants to be.

Editorial: Is Africa consolidation finally becoming a reality?

By Victoria Moores Oct 21, 2021
For years, there has been talk about the need for African partnerships. Could recent glimmers of action bode well for the future?
Air Transport

ANALYSIS: US Airlines Expand Employee Vaccine Mandates

By Karen Walker Oct 21, 2021
US airlines expand employee vaccine mandates.
Airlines & Lessors

EDITORIAL: Healthy Debates Can Strengthen The Industry

By Karen Walker Oct 21, 2021
Lockdowns and restrictions on personal travel are not natural human states. That is why jail sentences are a punishment for those who do wrong. The…
Airlines & Lessors

Airlines Losing Less, But A Long Road Ahead

By Karen Walker Oct 21, 2021
Financial losses across the world’s airlines are expected to total $201 billion for the pandemic-struck years of 2020-2022, IATA said during a…
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How IATA Chief Walsh Set Priorities As Industry Came Together Again

By Karen Walker Oct 21, 2021
IATA confronts the big issues as industry reunites.
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LATAM spells out its sustainability strategy

By Wesley Charnock Oct 20, 2021
LATAM sustainability director Juan José Tohá explains the Latin American carrier’s sustainability pathway. –Interview by WESLEY CHARNOCK What’s at…
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CAPA Perspective: Why Airlines Must Get Ahead Of Carbon Pricing

Oct 20, 2021
Aviation’s existential threat is not COVID; it’s the environment.
Safety, Ops & Regulation

INTERVIEW: Korean Air Chairman & CEO Walter Cho

By Karen Walker Oct 08, 2021
Walter Cho joined Korean Air in 2004 and gained experience in core business areas, including procurement, corporate strategy and planning, and in…
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About the ATW Industry Achievement Awards

Oct 08, 2021
2021 ATW INDUSTRY Achievement Awards It is always an honor and a privilege for the ATW editors to select and present the annual ATW Airline Industry…
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IATA’s Net Zero Carbon 2050 Resolution Brings New Challenges

By Linda Blachly Oct 06, 2021
Once the IATA resolution for the global air transport industry to achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2050 was approved at the IATA AGM in Boston, it was almost immediately met with the realization of the huge challenges ahead.

Aviation Stakeholders Must Rise To Meet Sustainability Goal Challenges

By Linda Blachly Oct 05, 2021
Aviation industry players have already begun discussing ways to put feet on IATA’s recently approved resolution that commits member airlines to achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2050. 

Korean Air Is ATW's Airline Of The Year

Oct 02, 2021
For most airlines, 2021 is about working a path back to profitability, or at least reducing losses so that they can enter next year on a firmer…
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How Contactless Technologies Are Benefiting Airports And Passengers

By Linda Blachly Sep 27, 2021
Airports are quickly learning the benefits of contactless systems.
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Inmarsat unveils ‘OneFi’ as passenger IFEC demand grows

By Linda Blachly Sep 22, 2021
Inmarsat's OneFi serves as a catalyst to monetize inflight connectivity by “bringing a host of onboard services together within a single portal interface that passengers can easily access using their own personal devices.”
Interiors & Connectivity

ANALYSIS: US Airlines Turn To Bigger ‘Small’ Jets

By Ben Goldstein Sep 20, 2021
US airlines turn to bigger ‘small’ jets.
Crossover Narrowbody Jets