QARs Evolve As Airlines Demand Quick Data Retrieval

By Paul Seidenman Apr 13, 2022
Today’s QARs have evolved to provide airlines with better capability, capacity and connectivity.

Structural Health Sensors Come Of Age

By Lee Ann Shay Apr 13, 2022
Using newly approved sensors to monitor parts of an aircraft fuselage can save time and money.
Emerging Technologies

Recycling Specialists Expand Focus To Entire Aftermarket Life Cycle

By Lindsay Bjerregaard Apr 12, 2022
Recycling services providers are offering ways to reduce waste from the full spectrum of aircraft MRO.
Supply Chain

At Spirit AeroSystems, The Fix Is In

By Sean Broderick Apr 12, 2022
Spirit AeroSystems sees repairs, expansion into new markets as keys to growing aftermarket business 20% annually through 2024.
Aircraft & Propulsion

New Aftermarket Initiatives Aim To Improve Sustainability

By Lindsay Bjerregaard Apr 10, 2022
MROs, airlines and OEMs are rolling out new sustainability initiatives to reduce waste and carbon emissions.
Emerging Technologies

Taking An Automotive Approach To AAM’s Aftermarket

By Lindsay Bjerregaard Apr 10, 2022
Will a mix of aftermarket standards from aviation and automotive industries be necessary to make advanced air mobility operations viable?
Emerging Technologies

U.S. Welcomes Long-awaited Technician Training Revamp

By Lindsay Bjerregaard Apr 08, 2022
How training schools are adjusting to, and likely to benefit from, new FAA Part 147 requirements.
Workforce & Training

Opinion: Outdated Resources Hinder Modern Aviation Technician Training

Dan Sullivan Apr 07, 2022
Aviation maintenance training resources in the U.S. are not keeping pace with modern advances in aircraft or MRO technologies.
Workforce & Training

EASA And FAA Call For Leap 1A Inspections In Certain Regions

By Sean Broderick Apr 07, 2022
Why affected airlines find Leap 1A record-keeping mandated by regulators burdensome.
Safety, Ops & Regulation

Opinion: Regulation Must Be Nimble Enough to Allow AAM Evolution

Brett Levanto Apr 07, 2022
ARSA says the aviation industry must embrace sensible regulatory interpretation to ensure the success of futuristic flight technologies.

Transforming Air Travel For Reduced Mobility Passengers

By Paul Seidenman Apr 07, 2022
New aircraft seat designs are being developed to better accommodate passengers with reduced mobility.
Interiors & Connectivity

Opportunity Knocks for Latin American MROs Post-Pandemic

By Lindsay Bjerregaard Apr 06, 2022
Latin American MROs could have advantages over competitors to the north as aftermarket demand recovers post-pandemic.
Workforce & Training

Inside MRO News Highlights And Contracts, April 2022

Apr 06, 2022
Embraer E-Jet cargo conversion, FEAM acquires Northern Aerotech, MTU Maintenance Zhuhai's new facility and new noteworthy contracts.
Aircraft & Propulsion

Data Spotlight: Russian MRO Demand for Western Aircraft

By Lindsay Bjerregaard Mar 11, 2022
A look at how the country’s MRO industry could be affected by Western sanctions.

The Trent 1000’s Return To Reliability

By Alex Derber Mar 11, 2022
Can Rolls-Royce restore the Trent 1000’s reputation and arrest a slide of the engine’s aftermarket share on the Boeing 787?
Aircraft & Propulsion

Opinion: Optimized Aircraft Maintenance Helps Solve MRO Staff Shortage

Allen McReynolds and Jeff Pauls Mar 11, 2022
How using optimization programs to decrease the hours needed to perform maintenance could help alleviate the MRO technician shortage.
Workforce & Training

Opinion: Early Knowledge-Sharing Key To MRO Workforce Development

Brett Levanto Mar 11, 2022
ARSA urges aftermarket companies to work together with educators to support workforce development.
Workforce & Training

Engine MRO Demand Accelerates

By Sean Broderick Mar 10, 2022
Watch items on way back to 2019 activity levels include widebody demand, possible supply chain constraints.
Aircraft & Propulsion

How OEMs And MROs Are Ensuring Safe Water Onboard Aircraft

By Paul Seidenman Mar 08, 2022
New designs and maintenance processes are improving onboard water and waste management systems.
Safety, Ops & Regulation

Lufthansa Technik CEO On Next Steps

By Lee Ann Shay Mar 08, 2022
Lufthansa Technik CEO Johannes Bussmann talks about restructuring, potential IPO and digitalization.
Supply Chain

Cargo Conversion Specialists Ramp Up Progress

By Lindsay Bjerregaard Feb 25, 2022
Companies specializing in passenger-to-freighter conversions are adding new platforms, regulatory approvals and customers to meet demand.

Converted Passenger Aircraft Take On Varied Special Missions

By Paul Seidenman Feb 23, 2022
Airliners are being repurposed for uses other than hauling cargo, such as aerial firefighting and military missions.
Aircraft & Propulsion

Passenger-To-Freighter Conversions Shift With Growing Cargo Activity

By Paul Seidenman Feb 23, 2022
A new generation of passenger aircraft is seeing a second life as cargo carriers.
Aircraft & Propulsion

Jazeera Airways Plans To Grow MRO Operations

By James Pozzi Feb 22, 2022
How Jazeera Airways is preparing its maintenance operations for the post-pandemic recovery.
Aircraft & Propulsion

New MRO Norm: Buoyancy And Bottlenecks

By Lee Ann Shay Feb 04, 2022
Face the MRO market’s new realities: profits, increased demand, supply chain hurdles and opportunities.
Aircraft & Propulsion