Tackling the Pilot Shortage: Business Aviation

By Matthew Orloff Jun 27, 2022
The business aviation sector faces many of the same challenges as its regional airline counterparts, particularly with the turnover of new pilots seeking to move on to a mainline carrier
Maintenance & Training

Fast Five: Bizav’s Contribution To Airport Operations

By Bill Carey Jun 27, 2022
HPN handled 142,336 total aircraft operations in 2021, of which 89,346 (63%) were business aviation operations.
Airports, FBOs & Suppliers

Checklist: How To Prepare For Hurricane Season

By Molly McMillin Jun 26, 2022
Hint: Now is the time for aircraft owners, operators, FBOs and others to prepare for a hurricane or other disaster.
Safety, Ops & Regulation

Air Zermatt to the Rescue, Part 3

By Patrick Veillette, Ph.D. Jun 25, 2022
Teaching other operators how to be safe.
Safety, Ops & Regulation

Air Zermatt to the Rescue, Part 2

By Patrick Veillette, Ph.D. Jun 25, 2022
Mentoring is key to developing pilots.
Safety, Ops & Regulation

Air Zermatt to the Rescue, Part 1

By Patrick Veillette, Ph.D. Jun 25, 2022
The base of the Matterhorn provides a world-class environment for training high-altitude helicopter pilots
Safety, Ops & Regulation

XL Aero Approved to Repair Bell Main Transmission Cases

By Matthew Orloff Jun 23, 2022
XL Aerospace, a provider of aviation engineering, repair and manufacturing solutions to general aviation and helicopter MRO sectors, received…
Maintenance & Training

Getting Pummeled by Hail, Part 2

By Patrick Veillette, Ph.D. Jun 23, 2022
In Part 1, we discussed flight crews’ misconceptions regarding threatening weather. Now, we’ll look at ATC’s perspective. The avoidance of severe…
Flight Deck

Checklist: Steps To Purchase A Business Aircraft

By Matthew Orloff Jun 22, 2022
Before buying an aircraft, consider these steps.
Aircraft & Propulsion

Getting Pummeled By Hail, Part 1

By Patrick Veillette, Ph.D. Jun 22, 2022
The ASRS reveals common gaps in our ability to avoid hail strikes.
Flight Deck

AirVenture Attendees To Select Final Design For Build-A-Plane Project

By Molly McMillin Jun 21, 2022
Volunteer builders will help construct a complete aircraft over seven days during EAA AirVenture in July while attendees will determine its final look. 
Aircraft & Propulsion

Loss of Control After Takeoff, Part 2

By Roger Cox Jun 21, 2022
One of the objectives of simulations performed by the NTSB was to see if differences between the desktop simulation and the LDR data were the result of snow and ice contamination.
Safety, Ops & Regulation

Fast 5: Jet Luxe's CEO On Young Dubai Charter

By Molly McMillin Jun 20, 2022
Gabriel Madrid, Jet Luxe CEO, founded the Dubai-based company in February 2020, after serving at Jetex as head of aircraft sales, lease, acquisition…
Aircraft & Propulsion

Loss of Control After Takeoff, Part 1

By Roger Cox Jun 20, 2022
An FAR Part 91 personal flight was departing Chamberlain Municipal Airport (K9V9) in Chamberlain, South Dakota, when the pilot immediately lost control of the Pilatus PC-12 he was flying.
Safety, Ops & Regulation

Compartmentalization and Your Family, Part 3

Jun 17, 2022
The balance between supporting your family and flying.
Business Aviation

Compartmentalization and Your Family, Part 2

By James Albright Jun 16, 2022
Be honest about your struggles to “keep up.”
Business Aviation

Compartmentalization and Your Family, Part 1

By James Albright Jun 15, 2022
Should you talk about the risks of your job with your family?
Business Aviation

XO Invests In AI To Improve Processes As Demand Grows

By Matthew Orloff Jun 14, 2022
XO, a global private jet travel provider based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, has been investing in artificial intelligence (AI) to maximize its process and practices to make transportation more accessible to a larger group of customers.
Aircraft & Propulsion

Marketplace: Propeller MRO Service Providers

By Paul Seidenman Jun 14, 2022
Increased aircraft utilization is driving the propeller MRO market. The companies listed below are among authorized propeller service providers…

Mind Your Fuel Status, Part 2

By Ross Detwiler Jun 14, 2022
No matter how sophisticated the system, there comes a time when the pilot must grab the airplane, make a decision and carry through with it.
Flight Deck

Average Jet-A Fuel Prices Decline In June From May Figures

Jun 13, 2022
All eight FAA regions posted monthly price increases for Avgas in April, the third consecutive month for an increase.
Airports, FBOs & Suppliers

Opinion: Will 2030 Be The Year Uncrewed Flight Takes Off?

Jessie Naor Jun 13, 2022
The Adoption Of Commercial Flight In 1929, only 6,000 people traveled by airplane in the U.S.—a mere four years later, that number multiplied to 450…
Safety, Ops & Regulation

Mind Your Fuel Status, Part 1

By Ross Detwiler Jun 13, 2022
Although fuel planning’s evolution has become more precise, there’s still the “what if” to consider.
Flight Deck

Being Part of the NTSB Go Team

By Robert Sumwalt Jun 09, 2022
What’s involved in being part of the NTSB Go Team—including getting to the accident.
Safety, Ops & Regulation

Point of Law: Drunk On A Plane

By Kent Jackson Jun 08, 2022
In the charter world, crews know that the customer paid a princely sum for the privilege of a private flight—and these customers may want to celebrate to excess.
Safety, Ops & Regulation