Honda Aircraft introduced an upgraded HondaJet at EBACE 2018; named “Elite,” it will replace the current version of the light business jet after a few months' transition, according to Honda Aircraft President and CEO Michimasa Fujino.

The new aircraft has been in development for the past two years. Changes include increased fuel capacity from an auxiliary fuel belly tank as well as aerodynamic improvements. The width of the horizontal tail has increased slightly to increase elevator authority. The aircraft also includes noise-attenuating engine inlets, full-service galley, new paint options and other features.

The HondaJet Elite has a four-passenger range of 1,437 nm, up from 1,223 nm. Takeoff roll will be reduced to 3,491 ft. from 3,924 ft. Useful load increases to 3,627 lb. from 3,401 lb. and fuel capacity increases to 2,948 lb. from 2,845 lb.

The aircraft includes updated Garmin 3000 avionics, with new features such as automated stability and angle-of-attack protection. It includes dual touch-screen controllers and three 14-in. high-resolution displays.

“The HondaJet Elite represents Honda Aircraft’s continued commitment to performance, efficiency and environment, creating new value in business aviation,” he said. “The result of innovation, design and engineering, our new aircraft features several performance and comfort enhancements that, once again, set a new standard in aviation.” Price of the Elite is $5.25 million, up from $4.9 million for the previous version. First deliveries are expected in August.