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MRO Top Performers: Strategies for Leading Customer Satisfaction

July 21

9:00 EDT | 14:00 BST | 21:00 SGT


Since its launch in 1997, Doha-based Qatar Airways has grown to connect more than 160 destinations and become a 5-star airline that sets industry standards in passenger service.


Group CEO Akbar Al Baker has been instrumental in shaping the development of Qatar Airways and is an industry influencer. Throughout the pandemic, he has transitioned Qatar Airways by introducing dedicated cargo and repatriation flights, restoring scheduled routes and launching hygiene safety initiatives to reassure and safeguard passengers and employees.


Mr. Al Baker serves on the IATA Board of Governors, which he chaired in 2018-2019. He is also a member of the Executive Committee of the Arab Air Carriers Organisation and a non-executive Director of Heathrow Airport Holdings. A recipient of France’s Legion of Honor in recognition of his leadership in the aviation industry, Mr. Al Baker also holds a private pilot license.


Join Aviation Week Network as Mr. Al Baker provides his perspective on how the worldwide airline industry should position itself to best survive the global pandemic and return to strength.


Moderated by Karen Walker, Air Transport World Editor-in-Chief and Group Air Transport Editor-in-Chief



Valerie Manning, SVP of Customer Support, Airbus


Mike Hoffmeister, VP of Customer Support, CFM


Austin Major, VP of Business Development and Global Support, Parker Aerospace


Jonas Murby, Principal, AeroDynamic Advisory


Lee Ann Shay, Chief Editor, MRO, Aviation Week Network


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Engine Leasing: Recovery and Ramp Up

June 10

10:00 EDT / 15:00 BST / 16:00 CEST


Assessing what the engine leasing market will look like as the market recovers from the COVID-19 pandemic including the competitive landscape for lessors, spare engine supply/demand and material pricing. What’s the outlook for green-time engines?


Moderator: Lee Ann Shay, Chief Editor MRO, Aviation Week Network


*Due to a technical issue there are no webcams in this recording








Joe Hussar, EVP and Head of Portfolio, ELFC


Bobby Janagan, Managing Director at Rolls-Royce & Partners Finance


Andrea Luebke, Managing Director, MTU Maintenance Lease Services


Eastern Europe MRO Post Pandemic

June 3

9:00 EDT / 14:00 BST / 15:00 CEST


How is the Eastern European MRO sector doing and what are its prospects post pandemic? Is it positioned for the long-term or does it have geographical advantages that help its outlook? Examining the region’s fleets and the grounded aircraft. How will COVID-19 impact base maintenance strategies?


Moderator: James Pozzi, European MRO Editor, Aviation Week Network







Risto Maeots, CEO, Magnetic MRO


Karolis Matulaitis, Director, Kaunas International Airport


Adrian Ionascu, Deputy General Director, Blue Air


Aircraft Maintenance Training During COVID-19

May 20


COVID-19 has resulted in many schools shifting toward online and distance learning, but a crucial portion of aviation maintenance training requires hands-on learning for technical concepts. How have AMT schools and organizations pivoted to cope with the situation and how will this affect Part 147 training moving forward?


This webinar will tackle these topics and examine how the novel coronavirus crisis may impact the future workforce pipeline.


Moderator: Lindsay Bjerregaard, Digital Editorial Producer, Aviation Week Network








Eric Jones, Department Chair Aviation Maintenance Sciences, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University


Shonu Bamrah, Director, British School of Aviation


James Hall, Dean Aviation Technologies, WSU Tech

SpeedNews - Part 2: Status of the Industry - Suppliers, MRO and the Aftermarket

May 12


Now, without the benefit of hosting public gatherings and the need for crucial aviation industry intelligence, we are bringing you SpeedNews Virtual Nation, a hosted webinar that provides our SpeedNews community with the opportunity to re-connect, receive updated data, forecasts and presentations, and participate in a live Q&A session, all from your (mandated) home office.


This two-part webinar series has been developed specifically for our SpeedNews Community to gain the required intelligence necessary to navigate your organization's journey through this unprecedented global downturn from COVID-19.



Steve Costley, Managing Editor, SpeedNews



Joanna Speed, Managing Director, SpeedNews



Chris R. Celtruda, Chief Executive Officer, Kellstrom Defense


Kevin Michaels, Managing Director, AeroDynamic Advisory






Used Serviceable Materials Post-Pandemic

May 6


Before the current downturn, many airframe and engine platforms were facing shortages of quality used service material (USM). With airlines poised to reduce their flying and their fleet sizes to match new, lower demand, that will change. Retirements will rise, and new deliveries will fall. What could this mean for USM suppliers? How will operators view the USM market going forward?


Join our panel of experienced industry representatives as we explore how the novel coronavirus pandemic could re-shape the USM landscape. 


Moderator: Sean Broderick, Senior Air Transport & Safety Editor, Aviation Week Network









Derk-Jan van Heerden, CEO, AELS


Jason Reed, President, Component Solutions Group, GA Telesis


Steve Williamson, Vice President, Acquisitions & Trading, Contrail Aviation Leasing


Shawn Bergquist , Director, Intertrade, Collins Aerospace


MRO Virtual Content Week Trivia Round-Up

May 1

12:00 EDT / 17:00 BST / 18:00 CEST


Join us to recap our MRO Virtual Content Week.


Show off what you know, catch-up on webinar content you may have missed, and compete to win a free conference pass to MRO Americas 2020 in Dallas, Texas.


Host: Lindsay Bjerregaard, Digital Editorial Producer, Aviation Week Network






Airline Panel - Risk Strategies And Returning To Service

April 30


Risk management is key for airlines to survive and recover from the novel coronavirus pandemic.

This webinar will focus on airlines' fleet and aftermarket strategies for now and as fleets reenter service.


Moderator: Lee Ann Shay, Chief Editor MRO, Aviation Week Network








Serife Akin, VP Procurement, Pegasus Airlines

Valter Fernandez, CEO, Portugalia Airlines

Ken Newton, Aircraft Lease Management Director, Alaska Airlines

Paul Salwik, Head of Technical Procurement, Norwegian Air Shuttle

Liquidity of MROs

April 30


Cash flow is critical to sustain aerospace and defense companies. How are companies securing and managing liquidity?  This webinar will tackle these topics and examine prospects for aftermarket companies during the next 12 months. 


Moderator: Michael Bruno, Senior Editor, Aviation Week Network








Ken Herbert, Managing Director, Canaccord Genuity


Bert van Leeuwen, Head of Aviation Research, DVB Bank


Martin Hallmark, SVP, Moodys


Rapid Sustainment in the COVID-19 Era - Maintaining Collaboration

April 29


How is rapid sustainment of the U.S. Air Force fleet being impacted in the era of COVID-19? The average age of the U.S. Air Force aircraft keeps growing and that has a direct impact on mission readiness.


How much greater is the challenge of maintaining collaboration between the government, OEMs and small business during a global pandemic? How is COVID-19 impacting the supply chain that support mission readiness? What does it mean for the future?


Moderator: Jen DiMascio, Executive Editor, Defense & Space, Aviation Week Network








Anthony Baumann, Director of Contracting, Air Force Sustainment Center

Lorenzo Marandola, President, M1 Composites Technologies

Kevin Nalette, Vice Director, 448th Supply Chain Management Wing, Air Force Sustainment Center



A Continuation Of Consolidation?

April 29


The aviation aftermarket has been consolidating for years and most likely will continue to do so as it recovers from the pandemic.


What areas most likely will consolidate? Who will be the buyers? What will ratios look like?


Moderator: James Pozzi, European MRO Editor, Aviation Week Network







Azad Badakhsh, Managing Director, Moelis

Richard Brown, Managing Director, NAVEO Consultancy

Olivier Legrand, CEO, Revima Group

PJ Anson, CEO, STS Aviation Group

Assessing the Challenges of Lease Returns

April 28


The lease return process can be challenging for leasing companies, airlines and MRO in good times. With the prospect of a plethora of aircraft and engines lease returns as airlines adjust to these changing times, how will the industry handle this? What opportunities are there to complete some of the returns during the typically slow MRO summer period? 


This webinar will assess the market landscape and plot future strategies for the route forward.


Moderator: Lee Ann Shay, chief editor MRO, Aviation Week Network



Graeme Crickett, CTO, SMBC Aero Engine Lease


Allan Rennie, Technical Director, KV Aviation


Bill Gibson, Partner, Vedder Price











MRO Compliance During COVID-19

April 22

10:00 EDT / 15:00 BST / 16:00 CEST


Regulatory compliance and enforcement have flexed with the times of social distancing—from license extensions to using video for inspection approvals.


As the industry recovers, to what extent will remote compliance services be the new normal? Hear our panellists discuss all this and more.


Moderator: Lee Ann Shay, Chief Editor MRO, Aviation Week Network


Brett Levanto, Vice President, Operations, ARSA


Carol E. Giles, President/CEO, Giles Group


Gregg Brown, VP - compliance & technical solutions, MRO Holdings


Sean Broderick, senior air transport & safety editor, Aviation Week Network





MRO and COVID-19: Dealing With Parked or Idle Aircraft and Engines

April 15

1000 EDT / 1500 BST / 1600 CEST
A large portion of airlines’ fleets are parked at airports and tarmacs around the world. Even though they’re not operating, they still require short-term maintenance.


Join our panel of experts as we discuss what airlines are doing to ensure airworthiness, maximize fleet flexibility and anticipate needs from suppliers. Register for free and submit your questions. 


Moderator: Lee Ann Shay, Chief Editor MRO, Aviation Week Network

Erik Olund, Managing Director of Base Maintenance, American Airlines


Paul Longhurst, general manager, light maintenance at HAECO Hong Kong


Daniel Williams, Fleet Analyst, Aviation Week Intelligence Network