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Inside The Boardroom With Brian Pearce, Chief Economist At IATA

DATE: December 2

TIME: 10:30 EST / 15:30 GMT

DURATION: 30 minutes


An exclusive one-on-one with Chief Economist Brian Pearce as IATA releases its 2021 forecast for global airline financial and traffic stats. Nothing could have prepared the air transport industry or those who monitor its financial health for the crippling effect of the pandemic.


A year ago, IATA was forecasting another profitable, traffic growth year for airlines worldwide in 2020. Pearce has been tracking and analyzing the effects of the COVID-19 virus on a daily basis through the year and will share his data and thoughts on how that will play out through 2021, globally and region by region.


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Air Transport Month Webinars

Return Of The MAX

November 24

11:00 EST / 16:00 GMT


The FAA’s approval for the Boeing 737 MAX to fly again ends a long, dark chapter in the evolving story of how the aircraft’s saga is changing aviation safety. But key questions remain. How long will it take for airlines to get grounded and undelivered aircraft back into service? What kind of pilot training is required? What are the long-term implications for the FAA and other regulatory agencies? And how vital is the MAX to Boeing’s financial recovery?


Special guest Rob Spingarn, the global head of Aerospace/Defense Equity Research at Credit Suisse, joins Aviation Week editors to answer those questions and more.


Moderated by Joe Anselmo, Editorial Director, Aviation Week Network



Sean Broderick, Senior Air Transport & Safety Editor, Aviation Week Network


Guy Norris, Senior Editor, Aviation Week Network


Robert Spingarn, Global Head Aerospace/Defense Equity Research, Managing Director, Credit Suisse



Inside The Boardroom With Arjan Meijer, CEO Of Embraer Commercial Aviation

DATE: November 23

TIME: 11:00am EST / 16:00 GMT

DURATION: 30 minutes


Arjan Meijer was promoted to President and CEO of Embraer Commercial Aviation in June, having been Chief Commercial Officer since 2017. He takes the helm at a critical time of change for the industry and for Embraer, which until the pandemic struck had been on course to be integrated with Boeing until that deal was canceled. But with the global air transport industry shrinking, more airlines will be looking to smaller aircraft—a potential opportunity for the E-Jet and maybe a good time to consider launching a new turboprop, as hinted at by Meijer. How will this Brazilian OEM steer through changing airline needs?


Join Aviation Week Network as we discuss these topics and more.



Present, Future And Past: A Spotlight On IATA's AGM

November 23

7:00 EST / 12:00 GMT


For the first time in its history, IATA’s annual AGM and gathering of the world’s airline most senior executives will be a virtual event. This panel will be held on the eve of the opening of the IATA AGM and will involve a discussion by Aviation Week Network editors who have attended many AGMs in cities worldwide.


They will discuss the 2020 AGM agenda and how it has been drastically changed by the pandemic, IATA’s priorities for 2021, and take a lookback on the most memorable moments of previous AGMs. 


Moderated by Karen Walker, Air Transport World Editor-in-Chief, Aviation Week Network



Jens Flottau, Executive Editor, Commercial Aviation, Aviation Week Network


Chen Chuanren, S.E Asia and China Correspondent, Aviation Week Network


Kurt Hoffman, European Correspondent, Aviation Week Network


Peter Harbison, Chairman Emeritus, CAPA - Centre for Aviation


What's Happening With Pilots & The Worldwide Supply Of Flight Training?

November 20

9:00 EST / 14:00 GMT

This webinar is sponsored by CAE.


COVID-19 has turned the pilot market on its head: a severe shortage of qualified pilots in some markets turned into a massive oversupply with thousands losing their jobs. How are airlines handling the situation and what are flight schools and other institutions are doing to support cadets. 


Moderated by Jens Flottau, Executive Editor, Commercial Aviation, Aviation Week Network



Bill Carey, Senior Editor, Aircraft Systems & Safety, Aviation Week Network


Sean Broderick, Senior Air Transport & Safety Editor, Aviation Week Network


Ben Goldstein, Congressional and Regulatory Reporter, Aviation Week Network


Inside The Boardroom With Alexandre De Juniac, Director General Of IATA

DATE: November 19

TIME: 9:00 EST / 14:00 GMT

DURATION: 30 minutes


Alexandre de Juniac took the helm at IATA in September 2016, representing the world’s major airlines through some of the industry’s most financially successful and highest growth years. In 2020, he is helping steer the industry through its worst-ever crisis, wrought by a pandemic that has devastated demand for air travel. A former CEO of Air France-KLM Group, de Juniac has first-hand experience in major airline management.


On the eve of the opening of the 76th IATA AGM on November 24, de Juniac will discuss that meeting’s top priorities and talk about where the industry stands on key issues such as expanding international air travel bubbles, encouraging governments to establish COVID-19 pre-flight testing regimes, and getting the global air transport industry back on to a firmer footing.



Inside The Boardroom With Henrik Hololei, European Commission Mobility & Air Transport Director General

DATE: November 19

TIME: 10:00 EST / 15:00 GMT

DURATION: 30 minutes


Henrik Hololei assumed the position of Director General, Mobility & Transport, at the European Commission in October 2015. He has been a passionate promoter and enabler of aviation liberalization, enabling one of the world’s most unrestricted air transport markets.

  • How will aviation liberalization and Open Skies be shaped by the pandemic and a worldwide market shrinkage? 
  • What does he see changing in the all-important transatlantic market?
  • How will the competitive landscape change as some European airlines see the return to government ownership?
  • What is the EC’s role in maintaining competition while also ensuring European airline survivability?
  • What does the apparent gap in Brexit trade talks mean for UK-European air travel?


Join Aviation Week Network as we discuss these questions and more.



Forecasting 2021 Fleet & Capacity

November 19

8:00 EST / 13:00 GMT


What are industry experts anticipating seeing through the end of this year and into 2021 in terms of recovery in passenger numbers and restoration of the grounded fleet? Where will the capacity gaps be, region by region, and where will capacity outstrip demand, lowering yields? Which aircraft types will most quickly return to service and which will be permanently retired? What are the lessons airlines can learn from the crisis as they restore networks and fleets?


Moderated by Karen Walker, Air Transport World Editor-in-Chief, Aviation Week Network



Dan Williams, Senior Fleet/Flight/Forecast Data Analyst, Aviation Week Network


Aidan Mooney, Vice President, Consulting, ASM


Lori Ranson, Senior Analyst, CAPA - Centre for Aviation


Nico Buchholz, Former Lufthansa VP fleet planning


The Wings Club Aviation Leader Series With Ed Bastian

November 18

12:00 EST / 17:00 GMT


Join us for an interview with Delta Air Lines Chief Executive Officer Ed Bastian, a global airline leader in safety, innovation, reliability, and customer experience.


Aviation Week Network’s Editorial Director Joe Anselmo will speak with Mr. Bastian about leading an airline in crisis, Delta’s focus on health and safety amid the pandemic, and his outlook for 2021 and beyond.



Ed Bastian, Chief Executive Officer, Delta Air Lines


Making Sustainable Aviation Fuels More Available And Affordable

November 18

10:00 EST / 15:00 GMT


With sustainable aviation experts in the SAF sector, the panelists will examine:

  • How to make sustainable aviation fuels more widely available to airlines and at a price that is closer to conventional jet fuels
  • Why governments are critical to that endeavor and an industry status on progress worldwide


Moderated by Graham Warwick, Executive Editor, Technology, Aviation Week Network



Nancy Young, VP environmentalist affairs, A4A


Michael Gill, Director, Air Transport Action Group (ATAG)


Darrin Morgan, Head of Growth and Investment, SkyNRG



Inside The Boardroom With Alan Joyce, CEO Of Qantas

November 17, 17:00 EST

November 18, 9:00 GMT+11 (Sydney Timezone)

Duration: 30 minutes


One of the airline industry’s most highly regarded executives, Qantas CEO Alan Joyce, has never been one to avoid bold steps. The pandemic has provided the Australian carrier’s greatest challenge, but it has been quick to respond with a wide range of measures. Hear about the progress it is making and what comes next.


  • What is the outlook for Australia’s domestic market as state border restrictions are progressively removed?
  • What are the prospects for international travel, and in what way could this resume?
  • Are the airline’s ultra-long-haul ambitions under Project Sunrise still on the table?
  • How might the roles of the global airline alliances change in a post-pandemic world?


Gain insights from one of the world’s most iconic long-haul carriers, which marks its 100th anniversary this year.



Inside The Boardroom With Robin Hayes, CEO Of JetBlue

DATE: November 17

TIME: 11:00 EST / 16:00 GMT

DURATION: 30 minutes


Robin Hayes joined New York-based JetBlue Airways in 2008, ultimately taking the helm as CEO in February 2015. An airline renowned for its strong customer service and innovation, Hayes will share his perspective on the future of the transatlantic market and JetBlue’s plans to enter that market next year, beginning with flights from New York and Boston to London.


As the pandemic crisis struck the US in early 2020, JetBlue was at the forefront of initiatives such as requiring masks for all passengers, trialing cabin sanitizers that use UV technology, and guaranteeing flexibility for customers to change their flights without fees.



Aircraft OEMs and COVID-19: Light at the End of the Tunnel?

November 16

11:00 EST / 16:00 GMT


News of a highly effective COVID-19 vaccine has raised hopes that a recovery in the air transport sector could begin sooner than expected. How likely is that – and what would it mean for aircraft builders and their suppliers? 


Aerospace and defense analyst Douglas S. Harned, a managing director at Sanford C. Bernstein & Company, joins Aviation Week editors to discuss the outlook for 2021, planned production rates at Airbus and Boeing, and how the airline industry’s appetite for new airplanes will change when demand returns.


Moderated by Joe Anselmo, Editorial Director, Aviation Week Network



Douglas S. Harned, Managing Director, Sanford C. Bernstein & Company


Jens Flottau, Executive Editor, Commercial Aviation, Aviation Week Network


Sean Broderick, Senior Air Transport & Safety Editor, Aviation Week Network



Inside The Boardroom With Gary Kelly, CEO And Chairman Of Southwest Airlines

DATE: November 16

TIME: 10:00 EST / 15:00 GMT

DURATION: 30 minutes


Gary Kelly is among the most respected leaders of one of the most successful and imitated airlines. He joined Dallas, Texas-based Southwest Airlines in 1986, worked closely with then-CEO Herb Kelleher and was promoted to Chief Financial Officer in 1989 before assuming the CEO and Chairman role in 2004.


Join Aviation Week Network as he provides insight into how Southwest is adapting to be able to depend predominantly on leisure travel through the industry’s recovery years and how he sees the US airline industry being reshaped by the pandemic.



Winter of Discontent

October 22

8:00 am-8:30 am EDT


With COVID cases on the rise, travel restrictions increasing, and the typically subdued northern hemisphere winter travel season approaching, we take a closer look at how severely the industry will be affected. 

  • What will the increased restrictions due to already heavily impacted demand? 
  • How can airports survive winter? 
  • How will airlines respond to the changing trading environment?


Join Aviation Week Network as we discuss these questions and more.


Moderated by Wes Charnock, Editor-in-Chief, Routes



FSC: Peter Cerda




Maria Kouroupi, Senior Manager Aviation Development, Marketing and Communication, Hermes Airports


Vicki Jaramillo, Senior Director, Marketing & Air Service Development, Orlando International Airport


David Casey, Senior Network Planning Editor, Routes

Fireside Chat With Air Lease Corporation Executive Chairman, Steven F. Udvar-Házy

October 13

10:00am-10:30am EDT


Air Lease Corporation Executive Chairman Steven F. Udvar-Házy is an industry icon who is credited with creating the aircraft leasing industry as it is known today. An industry veteran, he co-founded International Lease Finance Corporation (ILFC) in 1973, leaving in 2010 to found Air Lease Corporation, an aircraft leasing company with over 382 aircraft and a global customer network.

  • How is Air Lease Corporation and lessors, in general, helping airlines through the pandemic?
  • How does he see the recovery reshaping the air transport industry?
  • Which aircraft types does he expect to see best weathering the pandemic?


FSC: Peter Cerda

Join Aviation Week Network as we discuss these questions and more. 

Fireside Chat with IATA Vice President, The Americas, Peter Cerdá

October 6

10:00 - 10:30 EDT / 15:00 - 15:30 BST


The market status across Latin America is quite varied with some countries beginning to permit international flights and others keeping borders closed and airlines grounded. Peter Cerdá, Vice President, The Americas, at the International Air Transport Association, will join Aviation Week Network to discuss the latest data in demand for air travel and what that means for airlines for the rest of this year, new developments in pre-flight COVID testing for passengers and trends in the Latin American market.


IATA represents some 290 airlines worldwide that operate 82% of the global air traffic. Based in Miami, Cerdá liaises with government authorities, safety officials, airports and industry stakeholders across The Americas. He has 30 years of industry experience, including positions at Spanish carrier Iberia, and is on the IATA Senior Leadership Team.


FSC: Peter Cerda

Join Aviation Week Network as Cerdá highlights the latest developments in the air transport industry and within The Americas region.

Fireside Chat with Captain Thomas W. Hallam, CEO of Somon Air

September 24

08:00 EST | 13:00 BST


Captain Thomas W Hallam has spent a varied life in aviation, from a career as a pilot in the US Air Force, Delta and Ethiopian Airlines, to senior roles in Aruba and Kazakhstan. Now the CEO of Tajikistan’s flag carrier Somon Air, we speak to Hallam to learn more about how the global pandemic is impacting on the Central Asia region, which in 2019 was a growing connection point between Europe and Asia.


How is the current crisis affecting demand within and from Central Asia?

What does the future hold for the region with the forecast slow recovery for intercontinental travel?

How does the relatively new carrier Somon Air plan to progress from the shadow of coronavirus?


Join Aviation Week Network for this interactive webinar as we discuss these questions and more.


FSC: Captain Thomas Hallam

Moderated by Wes Charnock, Editor-in-Chief, Routes

Route to Recovery | What’s Next for the UK’s Aviation Market?

September 3

08:00 EDT | 13:00 BST


The UK’s changing quarantine policy is creating uncertainty among both passengers and airlines, with the list of flight corridors changing on an almost daily basis. Airlines are becoming highly reactive, reducing and adding capacity with the policy fluctuations, while passengers are understandably booking later in the cycle to minimise their risks.


- How are airports coping with the constant uncertainty?

- With the summer season dwindling, how can the market weather the winter?

- And how much has the network planning process been affected by the changes?





Tom Screen, Aviation Director, Birmingham Airport


Uel Hoey, Business Development Director, Belfast International Airport


Nigel Mayes, Senior Vice President, Consulting & Product Development, ASM


Moderated by Wesley Charnock, Editor-in-Chief, Routes

Fireside Chat with IATA's Medical Advisor Dr. David Powell

16:00 EDT, August 20 | 06:00 AEST, August 21


Airlines are faced with the task of educating passengers that it is safe to fly and that the measures they are taking ensure virus transmission risk is minimized throughout the air travel journey. Airlines are following ICAO guidelines, using hospital-quality HEPA filters in cabins, conducting extra anti-bacterial cleanings between flights and altering their in-flight offerings. Through a medical and scientific perspective, Dr. David Powell, IATA’s Chief Medical Officer, will explain why it is safe for passengers and crews to fly in a virus pandemic and provide evidence that supports why the transmission numbers aboard planes are so low.


Dr. Powell joined IATA in his current role in 2018, though he has been providing expert medical advice to the aviation industry for over a decade. He is a former Medical Officer in the Royal New Zealand Air Force with previous airline posts, including Chief Medical Officer at Air New Zealand and Group Medical Officer at Virgin Australia.


Join Aviation Week Network as Dr. Powell highlights the current health precautions being taken by the entire industry to ensure pilots, flight attendants and passengers stay healthy and feel safe flying again.




Route to Recovery: Fleets, Planning and Forecasting for 2020 and Beyond

August 13

9:00 EDT | 14:00 BST


Airlines and airports are building their schedules for the second half of 2020 and into 2021, while OEMs and suppliers are adjusting to operators’ needs in a low-demand market. Forecasting the demand for air travel, and matching that with the right-sized aircraft based on capacity levels, has never been more difficult.


Join Aviation Week Network and our panel of experts as they examine the complexities of forecasting and planning in a pandemic era, share their insights on capacity re-growth numbers and which types of aircraft will be most in demand.



Peter Harbison, Chairman Emeritus, CAPA - Centre for Aviation


Nico Buchholz, Special Advisor to the Board, Airline


Aidan Mooney, Vice President, Consulting, ASM


Dan Williams, Senior Fleet/Flight/Forecast Data Analyst, Aviation Week Network


Moderated by Karen Walker, Editor-in-Chief, ATW and Group Air Transport

R2R_Fleet, Planning and Forecasting

Fireside Chat with Airbus Americas Chairman & CEO Jeff Knittel

August 4

10:00 EDT | 15:00 BST | 16:00 CEST


As Chairman and CEO at Airbus Americas, Jeff Knittel is at the forefront of the conversation surrounding aircraft systems that will help ensure hygiene safety for passengers and crews. Reporting directly to Airbus CEO Guillaume Faury, Knittel is responsible for Airbus’ commercial aircraft business in the Americas and provides leadership for the company’s helicopter, defense and space businesses in North America.


Join ATW and Group Air Transport Editor-in-Chief Karen Walker as she sits down with Knittel for an interactive discussion around the challenges the market is currently facing, such as:


-How can US airlines leverage their strong financial positions as they entered the pandemic crisis?

-How will they adapt to a changed market?

-What technology innovations are being pursued to further increase hygiene standards throughout the travel journey?



Route to Recovery | Driving the European Recovery

July 28

10:00 EDT | 15:00 BST | 16:00 CEST


As the EU and UK continue to relax their borders, demand is starting to return to the continent. But the impact from airlines down the tourism business chain has already been seismic, with little of the summer season left to claw back revenues. We learn more about how safety standards and marketing can reignite passenger demand, and how networks are being rebuilt for the return of leisure travel across Europe.


- Can Europe salvage the critical summer 2020 season?

- How can the industry instill confidence in passengers who are unwilling to travel?

- How can airports and airlines coordinate to rebuild viable long-term routes?


Join Aviation Week Network to discuss this crucial topic.




Ioanna Papadopoulou, Director, Communications & Marketing, Athens International Airport


Andrew Brown, Global Commercial Manager, World Travel & Tourism Council


Marcel Lekkerkerk, Director Route & Business Development, Aviation Marketing, Cargo & Customer Experience, Amsterdam Airport Schiphol


David Stroud, Managing Director, ASM


Moderated by Wes Charnock, Editor-in-Chief, Routes

R2R European Recovery

Fireside Chat with Qatar Airways Group CEO Akbar Al Baker

July 21

9:00 EDT | 14:00 BST | 21:00 SGT


Since its launch in 1997, Doha-based Qatar Airways has grown to connect more than 160 destinations and become a 5-star airline that sets industry standards in passenger service.


Group CEO Akbar Al Baker has been instrumental in shaping the development of Qatar Airways and is an industry influencer. Throughout the pandemic, he has transitioned Qatar Airways by introducing dedicated cargo and repatriation flights, restoring scheduled routes and launching hygiene safety initiatives to reassure and safeguard passengers and employees.


Mr. Al Baker serves on the IATA Board of Governors, which he chaired in 2018-2019. He is also a member of the Executive Committee of the Arab Air Carriers Organisation and a non-executive Director of Heathrow Airport Holdings. A recipient of France’s Legion of Honor in recognition of his leadership in the aviation industry, Mr. Al Baker also holds a private pilot license.


Join Aviation Week Network as Mr. Al Baker provides his perspective on how the worldwide airline industry should position itself to best survive the global pandemic and return to strength.









Fireside Chat With Moak Group CEO, Former ALPA President and Delta Captain Lee Moak

July 7

10:00 EDT | 15:00 BST | 22:00 SGT


Captain Lee Moak, founder & CEO of Washington D.C.-based The Moak Group, has one of the broadest and deepest aviation career experiences. He will share his insights on the similarities and differences of the industry’s post 9/11 reset with that of the post-pandemic recovery and provide analysis on the U.S. airline reset, including:


      - How do the air travel health and safety guidelines relate to passengers and crews?

     - What are the possible market distortions and how will they impact the new competitive landscape where many airlines will have new government ownership?

     - What will it mean for the airlines that enter the Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection process?

     - Will US aviation initiatives, such as the FAA Certification Process Report, be reshaped by the pandemic?


A former U.S. Marine Corps and Navy fighter pilot, Moak was also a Delta Air Lines Boeing 767 captain and President of the Air Lines Pilots Association. In 2019, he co-chaired the U.S. DOT’s Special Committee to Review the FAA’s Aircraft Certification Process in the wake of the Boeing MAX grounding, and he serves on the FAA’s Drone Advisory Committee (DAC). Moak also serves on the Board of Governors of the United States Postal Service (USPS), a position that was appointed by the U.S. President and confirmed by the U.S. Senate this year.


Join Aviation Week Network as we discuss the crucial waypoints as we navigate towards recovery. 


Moderated by Karen Walker, Air Transport World Editor-in-Chief and Group Air Transport Editor-in-Chief

FC Moak

Fireside Chat with Alaska Air Group President, Chairman & CEO Brad Tilden

July 2



Alaska Airlines and Horizon Air, the airlines formulating Alaska Air Group, have been addressing the challenges of the pandemic along with planning for the airlines’ future by identifying opportunities. With nearly 300 aircraft and a network spanning the U.S., Canada, Mexico and Costa Rica, Alaska Airlines is also planning a U.S. West Coast-focused partnership with American Airlines and joining the oneworld global alliance in 2021.


Under Brad Tilden’s leadership, Alaska has consistently been recognized for its high levels of customer service and been at the forefront of sustainability and community service efforts. Tilden joined Alaska Airlines in 1991 and has been ranked among the Top 50 Corporate Leaders in America by Fortune magazine.


Join Aviation Week Network for an interactive webinar focusing Tilden’s perspective of the air transport industry and the opportunities ahead.




Recording Tilden

Asia Commercial Aviation Briefing

June 30, 2020

08:30 India | 11:00 SGT | 13:00 Sydney


Markets in Asia-Pacific, China and Australasia have started to open, and as airlines and airports across the region restore their networks, traffic demand is returning. However, cash is flowing out at an unprecedented rate and the future of aviation remains precarious.


Join Aviation Week Network’s experts as they assess the outlook for Asian markets in a world that has adjusted to the realities of COVID-19.


Moderator: Paul Burton, Managing Director, Asia-Pacific, Aviation Week Network



Adrian Schofield, Senior Air Transport Editor, Aviation Week Network


Chen Chuanren, S.E Asia & China Editor, Air Transport World


Hang Zhao, Senior Consultant, ASM


Simon Elsegood, Head of Research, CAPA - Centre For Aviation

Asia Briefing

Route to Recovery | Latin America, the New Epicentre for COVID-19

June 30

10:00 EDT | 15:00 BST | 22:00 SGT


Latin America has now become the epicentre of the coronavirus outbreak, according to the World Health Organisation. The impact of the virus, together with the challenging political landscape in the region, have created huge challenges for the aviation industry across Central and South America. LATAM, the continent’s largest carrier, has applied for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection as it seeks a major restructure, and the Argentinean market looks set to remain closed until September.


- How can airlines and airports survive the huge financial pressures?

- What will a reshaped regional market look like post-lockdown?

- How can we recover after the crisis?


Join Aviation Week Network as we take a closer look at the impact on Latin America and what the route to recovery will look like.


Moderated by Wes Charnock, Editor-in-Chief, Routes



Peter Cerda, Regional Vice President, The Americas, IATA


João Pita, Head of Airline Business, São Paulo/Guarulhos Airport


Alejandro Vales, Customer and Route Development Director, ASUR


Rafael Echevarne, Director General, ACI-LAC


Carlos Criado, Director of Business Development, Quito International Airport

R2R Latin America

Fireside Chat with NACA President George Novak

June 23


Health safety, rebuilding travelers’ trust and navigating the competitive landscape are currently at the forefront of conversations surrounding the air transport industry.


- How are US LCCs faring against the majors in the US domestic market?

- What is the status of cargo operations within the context of the pandemic?

- What is the long-term impact and potential market distortions of government financial aid packages?


George Novak shares his insight into these questions and more. His more than 30-year career in aviation includes joining NACA as President in 2018 and posts at the Aerospace Industries Association, the George Washing University and the FAA.


The National Air Carrier Association (NACA) represents 15 US airlines providing non-scheduled and scheduled passenger and cargo services in North America and around the globe. They include LCCs like Spirit Airlines, Allegiant, Frontier Airlines and Sun Country, and cargo operators like Atlas, Kalitta and Amerijet.


Join Aviation Week Network for an interactive webinar focusing on the health and safety rules the air transport industry is implementing, including NACA’s own SAFETY principles.




Recording FS Novak

Fireside Chat with Tony Tyler | Asia-Pacific & Australia Market Update

June 16


As the markets in Asia-Pacific, China and Australasia begin to open and airlines and airports across the region restore their networks, traffic demand is returning. As the rest of the world follows, are there lessons learned that could be applied to other regions?


What are the economic and virus-control drivers across this vast region that are helping spur air travel restoration? How are LCCs faring against legacy carriers in the pick-up? Which countries have “air corridor/quarantine bubbles” and how is that affecting demand?


Former IATA Director General and CEO Tony Tyler will discuss these questions and more with ATW Editor-in-Chief Karen Walker. Tyler is a leading expert on the global air transport industry, having led IATA from 2011 to 2016. Before that, he spent 30 years at Hong Kong-based Cathay Pacific Airways, rising to the position of CEO. He is now on the boards of Qantas, Bombardier, Trans Maldivian Airways and lessor BOC Aviation.


join us as Tyler discuses lessons from the Asia-Pacific area that can be learned by the regions of the world where most fleets remain grounded. This interactive webinar featuring audience questions will be live on Wednesday, June 17 at 9am Hong Kong time. It will also be recorded so registrants outside of Asia-Pacific time zones can watch at their convenience.




Fireside Chat with Air Canada CEO Calin Rovinescu

June 11


As one of the world’s most innovative and resilient airlines, Air Canada’s restart narrative will provide a template for how air travel can be safely restored. President and CEO, Mr. Calin Rovinescu, has been at the helm of Air Canada since 2009 and has been a driving-force behind Air Canada’s profitability and sustainability. Before joining the airline, he was a co-founder and principal at Genuity Capital Markets, an independent investment bank, and a managing partner at law firm Strikeman Elliott. He was chair of the Star Alliance CEO board from 2012 to 2016 and chair of the IATA board of governors in 2014-2015.


Join ATW Editor-in-Chief Karen Walker as Mr. Rovinescu details Air Canada’s restart story and how the airline is rethinking the entire air travel journey so that passengers and employees feel safe and economies can be stimulated.





China Aviation Industry Online Briefing (Conducted In Mandarin)

June 3

15:00  GMT+8


This webinar will provide insights on:

  • The current state of Southeast Asia (SEA) air travel industry
  • Opportunities arising from the COVID-19 crisis
  • Understanding the health of an airport or destination network using data
  • Navigating post Covid-19 recovery
  • Forecasted traffic returning post Covid-19
  • China’s domestic and international aviation recovery

Moderator: Paul Burton, Managing Director, Asia-Pacific, Aviation Week Network



Chen Chuanren, SEA and China Correspondent, Air Transport World


Hang Zhao, Analyst, ASM


Sharon Dai, Head of Data Solutions, CAPA


Fireside Chat with Emirates President Sir Tim Clark

June 2

10:00 EDT / 15:00 BST / 16:00 CEST


Over the decades, Sir Tim Clark has been instrumental in making Emirates into the airline it is today, operating one of the largest hubs worldwide in Dubai and becoming a forceful quality competitor for legacy carriers in the markets it serves. Emirates is known for its unique business model of operating only very large aircraft, betting on low seat mile costs and high passenger volumes.


The airline, like the entire industry, has been hit hard by the novel coronavirus pandemic, but now plans to slowly rebuild its network over the summer. Sir Tim Clark is speaking to Aviation Week Network editors Karen Walker and Jens Flottau about the fall-out of COVID-19, the airline’s future strategy and his view on what the industry will look like as it emerges from the crisis.



Jens Flottau, Executive Editor, Commercial Aviation, Aviation Week Network


Karen Walker, ATW and Group Air Transport Editor-in-Chief.

Route to Recovery | Rebuilding Demand

May 28

10:00 EDT / 15:00 BST / 16:00 CEST


Convincing potential passengers that flying is safe, fun and responsible will be a major challenge for the industry in the post-lock-down world. Furthermore, the battle for customers in an airport’s catchment area will be key to economic success in the recovery.


How can airports and airlines work together to rebuild demand?

How can the industry convince passengers that flying is safe and fun?

What practical changes must the industry make, and how will these affect the economics of air transport?


Join Aviation Week Network and our panel of experts as we discuss plans to re-ignite interest in air transport.


Moderator: Wes Charnock, Editor-in-Chief, Routes



Armando Brunini, CEO, SEA Milan Airports


Kadri Samsunlu, CEO, İGA İstanbul Airport


David Stroud, Managing Director, ASM


Route to Recovery SS

Air Transport & COVID-19: Global Alliances and Airline Partnerships in the New Era

May 19


How will airline partnerships adapt to the momentous changes in the global air transport industry? When the Star Alliance formed in 1997, it began a huge shift in how airlines expanded their networks and engaged with customers, especially frequent flyers. Oneworld and then SkyTeam soon followed, establishing three global alliances that collectively represented the majority of flagship carriers. They rapidly expanded, providing cross benefits to passengers that encourage them to stay within their chosen alliance.


Will the industry crisis mean fewer alliance airline members and how will any network gaps be addressed?


How are the alliances supporting their airline members and maintaining frequent flyer engagement?


How will market distortions from government aid and government ownership of some airlines affect alliances and equity partnerships?


Join Aviation Week Network as we raise these questions and more with the leaders of two major global alliances.


Moderator: Karen Walker, Editor-in-Chief, Air Transport World, Aviation Week Network




Rob Gurney, CEO, oneworld

Jeffrey Goh, CEO, Star Alliance

Jens Flottau, Executive Editor, Aviation Week Network


Air Transport & COVID-19: Hygiene Safety Standards Post-Pandemic

May 7, 2020


The COVID-19 pandemic is changing how we travel, prompting conversation of what measures are necessary as restrictions lift and more people begin to fly. In this interactive webinar, hosted by ATW Editor-in-Chief Karen Walker, we will discuss potential new standards and processes that might be implemented at airports, on aircraft and through the entire passenger journey.


We will look at what levels of collaboration and coordination are occurring across airlines, airports, government bodies and other organizations to create a set of global common standards.


Will distancing require significant re-shaping of airport spaces?

Will airlines need to reconfigure cabins?

How will security and immigration processes be handled?

Will non-touch technologies, such as bio-metrics and eye scanning, be fast-tracked?



webinar thumbnail

Airline Panel - Risk Strategies and Returning To Service

April 30


Risk management is key for airlines to survive and recover from the novel coronavirus pandemic.


This webinar will focus on airlines' fleet and aftermarket strategies for now and as fleets reenter service.


Moderator: Lee Ann Shay, Chief Editor MRO, Aviation Week Network



Serife Akin, VP Procurement, Pegasus Airlines

Valter Fernandez, CEO, Portugalia Airlines

Ken Newton, Aircraft Lease Management Director, Alaska Airlines

Paul Salwik, Head of Technical Procurement, Norwegian Air Shuttle

Fireside Chat with Wizz Air CEO József Váradi

April 22


The Air Transport Webinar will feature a fireside chat with József Váradi, the founder and CEO of Wizz Air, one of Europe’s fastest-growing airlines and the leading low-cost carrier in Central and Eastern Europe.

The company’s low-cost leader strategy has transformed the airline from being one of the many start-ups in 2004 to one of the major European players today. Váradi chairs the Board of Directors of Wizz Air UK and is on the Board of Directors of JetSMART Airlines in Chile. As the pandemic spread through Europe, Wizz emerged as one of the world’s strongest airlines in terms of its cash balance. The airline also rapidly introduced automated systems so that people could more easily change or cancel their flights.

Váradi will talk with ATW Editor-in-Chief Karen Walker, explaining how he was able to rapidly grow a startup while always ensuring its financial strength, and provide his thoughts on how the air transport industry will restart and what changes will be necessary. Audience questions will be welcomed during the webinar.


Moderator: Karen Walker, Editor-in-Chief, ATW


 József Váradi, CEO, Wizz Air



COVID-19: Air Cargo's Critical Role

April 16: U.S. Edition


The global air cargo industry has seen dramatic change brought about by the pandemic. A combination of a surge in demand for fast-delivered medical supplies, medicines and food, with the removal of much of the belly space in grounded passenger fleets has created a situation in which demand is outstripping capacity.


Join our panel as we discuss what is happening, some of the operational barriers to getting freighters into quarantined countries and the long-term implications of airlines converting some of their passenger fleets to all-cargo. 


Moderator: Karen Walker, Editor-in-Chief, ATW


Chen Chuanren, China & Southeast Asia Correspondent


Aaron Karp, Editorial Contributor


Helen Massy-Beresford, Paris Bureau Chief

Air Transport: How Will This Crisis Reshape The Industry?

April 7

The fallout from the global efforts to contain the COVID-19 pandemic has sent shockwaves through the global air transport community and causing major disruptions and fleet groundings.


Join Aviation Week Network’s thought leaders as we provide analysis of the current state of the industry, the challenges ahead, how this crisis is likely to reshape the industry and what steps will help airlines and airports adjust to those changes.


Moderator: Karen Walker, Editor-in-Chief, Air Transport World


Peter Harbison, Founder and Chairman Emeritus, CAPA


Jens Flottau, Executive Editor, Commercial, Aviation Week Network


Nigel Mayes, SVP Consulting & Product Development, ASM Global Routes Development Consultants