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Asia Defence Briefing

October 28

10:00 AM SGT


China’s activities in the South China Sea have both direct and indirect effects on military procurement in South East Asia. How are ASEAN states looking to counter China’s increasingly assertive regional stance?


Join Aviation Week Network’s experts as they present the latest regional data and insights, showing how our information products can be used to help create an open source intelligence view of Asia’s defence landscape. Live chat with our experts - a dedicated Q&A session opens for audiences to ask questions around the region’s defence market.  



Paul Burton, Managing Director, Asia-Pacific, Aviation Week Network


Chen Chuanren, S.E Asia and China Correspondent, Air Transport World


Finding Opportunity In The Space Sector

October 16

10:00 EDT / 15:00 BST / 16:00 CEST


NASA’s Artemis program to put humans on the Moon by 2024, the U.S. Defense Department’s creation of the Space Force and a growing middle market for space services are fueling at least one bright spot in the aerospace industry.


Join our panel of experts in a discussion about the surge in space revenue and where new opportunities may lie.


Moderated by Michael Bruno, Senior Business Editor, Aviation Week Network







Bill Gattle, President of Space Systems at L3Harris Technologies


Greg Konrad, Equity Analyst at Jeffries & Co.


Carey Smith, President and Chief Operating Officer at Parsons

NASA Administrators Panel: Where We’ve Been, Where We’re Going

October 9

1:00PM EDT / 6:00PM BST


As part of Aviation Week’s coverage of this year’s International Astronautical Congress and in recognition of the upcoming 20th anniversary of sustained human presence on the International Space Station, Aviation Week is hosting a webinar panel with former NASA administrators Dan Goldin, Sean O’Keefe and Charlie Bolden. 

Join us for an hour-long panel discussion about building, sustaining and growing human and robotic space programs, how the lessons of the past can inform the future. 


Moderated by Irene Klotz, Space Editor, Aviation Week Network








Charlie Bolden, Former NASA Administrator


Sean O’Keefe, Former NASA Administrator


Dan Goldin, Former NASA Administrator

The Revolution in Combat Aircraft Software

September 21

10:00 EDT / 15:00 BST / 16:00 CEST


The biggest new U.S. Air Force innovation of this decade may not be a new stealth fighter but rather the ability to upgrade platforms on the fly with new software, the way an iPhone uploads a new app. The military has been working for years to shift its periodic waterfall upgrades to this more commercial approach and the Air Force is getting close to making it a reality.


Aviation Week Defense Editor Steve Trimble and Executive Editor, Technology Graham Warwick discuss how the service is moving toward its goal, what that will mean for the platforms, how the software will be used and how the changes are likely to impact the industrial base.


Moderator: Jen DiMascio, Executive Editor, Defense & Space, Aviation Week Network







Steve Trimble, Defense Editor, Aviation Week Network


Graham Warwick, Executive Editor, Technology, Aviation Week Network

What’s Ahead for the Space Development Agency?

June 4


The Pentagon’s Space Development Agency (SDA) is finally gaining traction and seeking pitches for its architecture of satellites that can fulfill military objectives for communication, navigation, missile warning and tracking. Eventually, the agency may send thousands of satellites into orbit. But what is that constellation going to look like? What are the risks ahead? If the U.S. is buying thousands of satellites, how does that change its military strategy? And how might that affect how the commercial industry uses space?


SDA’s Director, Derek Tournear, joins Aviation Week Network to discuss these questions and how his organization is likely to transition into the fledgling Space Force.


Moderated by Jen DiMascio, Executive Director, Defense & Space, Aviation Week Network.




Dr. Derek Tournear, Director, Space Development Agency


Steve Trimble, Defense Editor, Aviation Week Network


Lee Hudson, Pentagon Editor, Aviation Week Network

Space Recording

How COVID-19 Is Affecting Top Defense Aircraft Programs

May 14

0930 EDT / 1430 BST / 2130 SGT


Despite defense manufacturing being considered “essential” work during the coronavirus crisis in the U.S., UK and elsewhere, factories around the world have faced work stoppages and slowdowns. That leaves countries counting on the delivery of new aircraft waiting. In some cases, such as a delay to deliveries of the Boeing KC-46 tanker, might be welcome news, but in India – which has already been watching its fighter fleet dwindle – slower deliveries of Dassault Rafales will hurt.


 - How might COVID change the military aircraft market now and in the future?

 - Which programs are likely to experience production slowdowns that last?

 - Which fleets will be hit the hardest?


Join Aviation Week Network and industry analysts while we look at how the market for high-profile military aircraft programs has changed since the arrival of COVID-19.


Moderator: Jen DiMascio, Executive Editor, Defense & Space, Aviation Week Network


Richard Aboulafia, The Teal Group


Craig Caffrey, Aviation Week Network


Daniel Urchick, Aviation Week Network



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Return of U.S. Human Orbital Flight

May 12


As NASA and SpaceX prepare to launch astronauts into orbit from the U.S. for the first time since the space shuttle ended, join our complimentary interactive webinar featuring four icons of human spaceflight for an hour-long discussion about what's changed in the last decade, what’s still essential and what human spaceflight may develop into in the future.



Irene Klotz, Space Editor, Aviation Week Network








Wayne Hale, Director of Human Spaceflight for Special Aerospace Services


Pam Melroy, former NASA astronaut and now CEO of Melroy & Hollett Technology


Mike Moses, President, Virgin Galactic


Peggy Whitson, former NASA astronaut


Space and COVID-19: How Are Space Start-Ups Surviving the Pandemic?

April 30

11:00 EDT | 16:00 BST | 17:00 CEST


As credit markets dry up and venture capital becomes scarce, how is investment being impacted in this era? What are some of the ways in which startup companies can stay afloat? We’ll talk about government initiatives, export-import bank financing, and other funding sources and policy initiatives in play.


Moderated by Jefferson Morris, Editor-in-Chief, Aerospace Daily & Defense Report


Carissa Christensen, CEO, Bryce Technology


Eric Stallmer, President, Commercial Spaceflight Federation


Josh Brost, VP Government Affairs, Relativity Space


Irene Klotz, Space Editor, Aviation Week Network


Defence Spending & COVID-19: What are the short and long-term impacts?

April 14: U.S. Edition


While the defence sector has so far been spared the immediate and severe effects of COVID-19 currently wreaking havoc in the commercial sector, it has not escaped unscathed with production lines and supply chains disrupted. Previous global crises suggest that the pain for the defence industry will come later as the full economic and fiscal ramifications manifest themselves in government budgetary policy around the world.


What effect has the COVID-19 crisis had on the defence sector to date, and what impact will it have in the coming years?


Join Aviation Week Network to learn about the challenges already being faced, and to understand the short and long-term impact of the crisis on programmes and budgets over the coming years.