Airbus Helicopters believes the offshore wind-farm industry will support up to 1,000 helicopters over the coming two decades. “Helicopters are an integral part of any logistics concept for offshore wind farms,” says Dennis Bernitz, the company’s head of sales for Western Europe. “Helicopters can be used to deploy technicians or medical personnel in emergencies, even in rough seas, and can also transport operating personnel between the shore and the wind farm.”

Airbus notes that a helicopter can cover 40 nm in 20 min., meaning it can reach the site and return to shore faster than a transport vessel, and protect those aboard from seasickness.

To further its helicopters’ appeal, Airbus has developed a logistics calculator for wind farm operators, which takes into account relevant factors including weather, location and the number of turbines in the wind farm — to determine the most economical and environmentally friendly logistics solution.