FAST CHAT: Innovation in Sustainment with Tech Pubs

Sponsored By RWS Apr 26, 2021
Available on demand Join us to learn how to put your organization's technical knowledge to work! Technical publications contain the organization's…
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Sourcing Low-Criticality Parts for Aircraft with 3D Printing

Sponsored By Materialise Apr 26, 2021
3D printing offers a golden opportunity for aerospace supply chain management, enabling quick on-demand production, eliminating overstock and warehousing costs. This guide clarifies typical parts, volumes, and costs.

A Season Of Change

Sponsored By iAero Thrust Apr 14, 2021
How do you move from stagnant to thriving? The dismal market remnants appear like dry bones. Here’s a transformational story underway at iAero Thurst in a season unlike any other.

WEBINAR: Disconnected Operations - What Happens When Military Assets Have No Connectivity

Sponsored By IFS Apr 13, 2021
How can you maintain real-time insights into the force-wide availability and readiness of assets, when they exist in a disconnected environment? Join IFS as they answer this question.
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Be A Touch Above The Rest

Sponsored By Collins Aerospace Apr 13, 2021
Citation Jet owners know a well-equipped flight deck is necessary to meet the demands of NextGen airspace. Meet Pro Line Fusion® – the flight deck upgrade that brings synthetic vision, touchscreen flight planning, CPDLC, and more.
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Cause And Effect: Fundamentals Of Aerospace Failure Analysis

Sponsored By Element Materials Technology Apr 05, 2021
Aerospace is an industry where failure is not an option. In light of the recent engine failure of the Boeing 777 plane, this white paper provides guidance on all things failure analysis and failure prevention.

FAA-Approved Service Life Extension Programs = Continued Airworthiness

Sponsored By Vertex Aerospace Apr 05, 2021
Vertex Aerospace FAA-approved STC Service Life Extension Programs (SLEP) extend Learjet lifespan. Flight controls SLEP saves over $200,000 per airframe and main landing gear SLEP provides an increased 5,000 cycles.
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Driving Innovation Through Digitalization

Sponsored By Siemens Digital Industries Software Apr 01, 2021
One area where innovation is truly taking off is electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft. This innovation podcast series will focus on eVTOLs from a number of different design domains and disciplines.
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With Hydrogen Into The Future

Sponsored By MTU Aero Engines Mar 31, 2021
Hydrogen has the potential to enable completely emissions-free flight for most aircraft in the future. MTU Aero Engines has high hopes for it and essentially sees three ways of using the volatile gas.
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Strategy in the Age of Technology Disruption

Sponsored By PwC Mar 29, 2021
Aviation Week Network hosted PwC leaders to discuss technology disruption as the driver of today’s aerospace and defense strategies, and the role M&A…

Ask The Expert: Strategy In The Age Of Technology Disruption

Sponsored By PwC Mar 26, 2021
Aviation Week Network hosted PwC leaders to discuss technology disruption as the driver of today's aerospace and defense strategies, and the role M&A plays in propelling this disruption

Sintavia's CEO Speaks To Greater Fort Lauderdale's Global Importance

Sponsored By Greater Fort Lauderdale Alliance Mar 15, 2021
Brian Neff, CEO of Sintavia, discusses Greater Fort Lauderdale's role in the success of his company and about Sintavia's leading edge technology that will have, "massive implications in all areas of people's lives, not just aviation."

GA Telesis CEO Credits Greater Fort Lauderdale For Rise In Business

Sponsored By Greater Fort Lauderdale Alliance Mar 15, 2021
Find out how President and CEO of GA Telesis, Abdol Moaberry, is successfully using Greater Fort Lauderdale as a point of takeoff for his global aviation business.

SBD International Airport Offers a Winning Strategy for Air Cargo and Supply-Chain Operators

Sponsored By San Bernardino International Airport Mar 08, 2021
Building upon the legacy and location left by Norton Air Force Base following its official closure in 1994, SBD International Airport (SBD) is an aviation growth story several decades in the making.

Future Vertical Lift Will Revolutionize US Army Combat Aviation

Sponsored By Elbit Systems of America Mar 04, 2021
The Army's forward-thinking Future Vertical Lift initiative is going to change the way rotorcraft aviators maneuver and dominate future battlefields…

The Benefits Of Thermostatic Control In Avionics Cooling

Sponsored By ThermOmegaTech, Inc. Mar 02, 2021
With traditional fixed flow through a liquid cooling design, coolant continuously moves between the cold plate and the heat exchanger, regardless of…

Electric-Powered Deicing Truck Gives Aviation Industry A Lift

Sponsored By Aero Mag 2000 Feb 26, 2021
New technology from Aero Mag and Vestergaard is a big step toward a carbon-neutral future for air travel.
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Pioneering Technology To Unlock The Full Potential Of Sustainable Aviation Fuel

Sponsored By Shell Aviation Feb 22, 2021
Companies across the aviation sector are working towards ambitious carbon emission reduction targets.1 The sector is vital for international travel…

Consider Embedded Electronics When Planning Next Aircraft Design

Sponsored By Abaco Systems Feb 11, 2021
Introducing a new aircraft comes with considerable challenges. It can certainly seem like a jigsaw puzzle getting piloted, remotely piloted, or unpiloted aircraft certified for government, cargo, urban air mobility or passenger service.

A&D Future Of Industry: The Digital Pivot

Sponsored By PwC Feb 08, 2021
Aviation Week Network hosted PwC leaders to discuss three ways to pivot your organization and digital transformation toward a post-pandemic future…

Orchestrate Your Technical Program With Model Based Systems Engineering

Sponsored By Siemens Digital Industries Software Feb 01, 2021
Model-based systems engineering, MBSE, brings a new level of integration and efficiency to complex systems and processes across the many multi-domain challenges aerospace manufacturers face today.
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The Growing Importance Of Data Collection And Usage For Training

Sponsored By CAE Feb 01, 2021
Training data collection and the identification of actionable insights can drive the development of effective Competency-Based Training and…
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Digital Engineering for Space

Sponsored By Raytheon Technologies Feb 01, 2021
Learn how Raytheon Technologies is using digital engineering to help the Department of Defense identify design problems and opportunities before real-world production begins.

Ask The Experts: Reshaping Digital For The Post-pandemic Environment

Sponsored By PwC Jan 25, 2021
Aviation Week Network hosted PwC leaders to discuss three ways to pivot your organization and digital transformation toward a post-pandemic future.

Using Simulation Delivers Products On Time, With Predictable Performance

Sponsored By Siemens Digital Industries Software Jan 18, 2021
Siemens Digital Industries Software offers a complete aerostructure simulation solution that enables traceable data and results while maintaining consistent global process control.
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