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Shutdown Would ‘Stop Us In Our Tracks’ On ATC Improvements: Buttigieg

By Christine Boynton Sep 22, 2023
U.S. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg is warning that a U.S. federal government shutdown would stop ATC training at a critical moment.
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Safran Waiting For More Operators To Report AOG Technics Parts, CEO Says

By Thierry Dubois Sep 22, 2023
Olivier Andries says that with CFM56 operators still investigating if they have AOG Technics parts in their fleet, the full extent of the problem is not known.
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UK School Launches UAS Test Pilot Course

By Tony Osborne Sep 21, 2023
The UK’s Empire Test Pilots school has launched an uncrewed air systems (UAS) test pilot course, reflecting growing market needs.
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Transport Canada Official Urges ‘Collaboration’ On Pilot Training

By Sean Broderick Sep 19, 2023
“The growing pilot shortage will need to be addressed in a measurable and broad way,” TC Associate Director General, Civil Aviation Andy Cook said.
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AirBaltic Sees Imminent Return To Normal A220 Engine Maintenance

By Helen Massy-Beresford Sep 19, 2023
AirBaltic CEO Martin Gauss tells Aviation Daily that issues with its Airbus A220s' PW1500G engines are subsiding.
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Virgin Australia Finds Undocumented Parts On 737-800s

By James Pozzi Sep 18, 2023
Virgin Australia Airlines has discovered two uncertified engine parts on separate Boeing 737-800 aircraft in its fleet.
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French Flight Schools Are Facing Financial Challenges

By Thierry Dubois Sep 06, 2023
The surge in global pilot demand is not a panacea for economic woes.
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Daily Memo: New French Flight Schools Keep Appearing Despite Failures

By Thierry Dubois Sep 05, 2023
The last nine months have seen several flight schools in France go into liquidation or receivership.
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Industry Assessing Scope, Risk Of Unapproved CFM56, CF6 Parts Documentation

By Thierry Dubois Sep 01, 2023
At least 74 instances of falsified release certificates and related documents have been linked to parts sold by AOG Technics.
Supply Chain

Industry Assessing Scope, Risk Of Unapproved CFM56, CF6 Parts Documentation

By Sean Broderick Sep 01, 2023
At least 74 instances of falsified release certificates and related documents have been linked to parts sold by AOG Technics.
Supply Chain

HEICO Reports Strong Quarterly Earnings, Pre-Wencor Acquisition

By Matthew Fulco Aug 31, 2023
HEICO Corporation had a strong fiscal third quarter as its revenue rose 27% to a record $722.9 million and operating income increased 16% to $149.4 million.
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Rolls-Royce, Air China Break Ground On New Engine MRO Plant

By Chen Chuanren Aug 31, 2023
The facility will be 80,000 m² in size and will enter production starting in 2026.
Aircraft & Propulsion

Embraer To Station E-Jet E2 Simulator In Singapore

By Chen Chuanren Aug 30, 2023
Training is expected to start in December.
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Boeing Service-Instruction Errors Prompt New 777 Inspections, FAA Says

By Sean Broderick Aug 29, 2023
Maintenance info used by regulators to mandate 777 structural inspections includes errors that may create more risks for affected aircraft than it addresses.
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The Airline Hiring Binge Is Stressing Business Aviation

By William Garvey Aug 25, 2023
How the corporate aviation industry is responding to the challenge of competition for pilots from the scheduled airlines.
Flight Deck

KLM’s Embraer E2s Now Back In Service

By Victoria Moores Aug 22, 2023
KLM said it had to ground “a number” of E2s because of “teething problems” with the type’s Pratt & Whitney PW1900G Geared Turbofan (GTF) engines.
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Spirit Airlines Contends With A320neo ‘Gliders’ As It Plans Schedule

By Aaron Karp Aug 15, 2023
Florida-based Spirit Airlines is “open to doing less-than-daily” frequencies on routes where it makes sense from a utilization and demand standpoint.
Airports & Networks

Riyadh Air Starts Pilot Recruitment Process

By Alan Dron Aug 14, 2023
New Saudi Arabian flag-carrier Riyadh Air has made clear the scale of its ambitions by opening a recruitment process for 700 pilots.
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Aeroflot Replaces Boeing 777 Landing Gear Legs

Aviation Week Network Staff Aug 11, 2023
Russia’s largest airline did not disclose where it had acquired them, 18 months after export aircraft spare parts to Russia was prohibited by Western sanctions.
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CAE Flies High On Strong Civil, Defense Sales

By Matthew Fulco Aug 10, 2023
Canada-based CAE Inc. beat analysts’ expectations in the April-to-June quarter.
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Pilot Flow To Air Canada ‘Constrains’ Jazz Capacity

By Christine Boynton Aug 08, 2023
Over 300 captain or captain-eligible pilots have transferred to Air Canada from Jazz Aviation over the past year, reports the regional airline’s parent Chorus.
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GTF Engine Issues Having Material Impact On Spirit Airlines

By Christine Boynton Aug 03, 2023
Spirit Airlines says its exposure to the latest Pratt & Whitney Geared Turbofan (GTF) engine issue is unique and material, and it's having an impact on margins.
Airlines & Lessors

DHL Plans Cincinnati Maintenance Facility Expansion

By Lindsay Bjerregaard Aug 02, 2023
The cargo carrier is investing nearly $200 million to grow maintenance capacity at its Americas hub.

Triumph Group Reports Strong Aftermarket Sales

By Matthew Fulco Aug 02, 2023
Among Triumph’s business lines, commercial aftermarket performed the best, on the back of continued improvement in overall air travel metrics.
Manufacturing & Supply Chain

Boeing Details CFM56-7 Nacelle Inlet And Cowl Redesign Effort

By Sean Broderick Aug 01, 2023
The aircraft-maker has finished its proposed redesign of older 737 nacelles, but it must analyze maintenance-related errors to help mitigate their risk.
Safety, Ops & Regulation