Norway To Equip F-35s With Joint Strike Missile
Norway’s defense materiel agency has signed a 3.95 billion krone ($470 million) contract to acquire an undisclosed number of the missiles.
jeff.morris@av… Sat, 10/23/2021 - 00:33
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First Test Of Army/Navy Hypersonic Glider-Booster Combo Failed
The failed test is one of a series of over the past year marring the Pentagon’s portfolio of boost-gliding and air-breathing hypersonic weapons.
steve.trimble@… Thu, 10/21/2021 - 20:28
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Sounding Rockets Test Advanced Hypersonic Tech For U.S. Navy, Army
The U.S. Navy has announced the completion of successful tests of “advanced hypersonic technologies” on three sounding rockets launched from the NASA Wallops Flight Facility, Virginia, on Oct. 20.
steve.trimble@… Thu, 10/21/2021 - 18:41
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S. Korean Primes Vie For Missile Defense System; N. Korea Fires SLBM
South Korean defense prime contractors Hanwha and LIG Nex1 are competing to provide candidates for the country’s "Korean Iron Dome" project. This is as North Korea fired a new family of submarine-launched ballistic missiles.
michael.stearn… Thu, 10/21/2021 - 14:04
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DOD Developing Common Standards, Interfaces For DEWS
The U.S. Defense Department has announced plans to apply modular open systems approach standards on an emerging class of directed energy weapon systems. 
steve.trimble@… Tue, 10/19/2021 - 20:10
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Ramjet-Powered Artillery Moves Beyond Experimental Status
A decade-long investment by Nammo in solid-fuel ramjets has proven the feasibility of the technology for artillery applications.
jack.freifelde… Mon, 10/18/2021 - 08:00
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Dynetics Starts Shaping First Hypersonic Manufacturing System

By Steve Trimble Oct 15, 2021
As calls grow for more affordable hypersonic systems, Dynetics remains focused on delivering the baseline weapon on time.
Missile Defense & Weapons

The Week In Defense, Oct. 14-21, 2021

By Jen DiMascio Oct 14, 2021
GBU-72 penetrator clears tests; U.S. Army UH-60 negotiations; Serbia to buy Airbus aircraft; and Chinook rotor blade upgrades in doubt.
Aircraft & Propulsion

Pentagon Wants Cheaper Hypersonics To Convince Doubters

By Brian Everstine Oct 13, 2021
The Pentagon’s head of research and engineering wants hypersonics programs to become cheaper and show tangible successes in tests to convince doubters in the Pentagon that the weapons will be effective.
AUSA 2020

Decision Nears In Lengthy Low-Band Jammer Contract Dispute

By Steve Trimble Oct 13, 2021
The U.S. Navy is set to decide a path forward after two rounds of protests have delayed the Next-Generation Jammer Low-Band program.
Missile Defense & Weapons

USAF Completes First Drop Tests On New Penetrator Bomb

By Steve Trimble Oct 12, 2021
A new 5,000-lb. penetrator has completed a series of release tests, paving the way for the U.S. Air Force development program to enter production later this year.
AUSA 2020

U.S. Army Looks At New Ways To Beat Drones

By Brian Everstine Oct 08, 2021
The service has taken the lead on defeating small drones, looking at near-term acquisition and long-term development.
AUSA 2020

Lockheed Forecasts 2027 NGI Fielding Date

By Jen DiMascio Oct 07, 2021
Lockheed Martin says its proposal for the U.S. Missile Defense Agency’s Next Generation Interceptor could be fielded as early as 2027.
Missile Defense & Weapons

IAI Sheds Light On Blue Spear Missile For Estonia

By Chen Chuanren Oct 07, 2021
Israel Aerospace Industries has provided more details about the features and capabilities of the Proteus Advanced Systems’ Blue Spear anti-surface missile, adapted from the company’s Gabriel V missile.
Missile Defense & Weapons

The Week In Defense, Oct. 7-14, 2021

By Jen DiMascio Oct 06, 2021
Russia’s Zircon missile; Japan tests F-35B on carrier; U.S. Air Force looks for next-gen protections; and F-35A drops B61 test bomb.
Missile Defense & Weapons

Lockheed Delivers Laser Prototype For AC-130J Demo

By Steve Trimble Oct 06, 2021
Lockheed Martin has delivered a 60-kW-class, high-energy laser prototype for an upcoming demonstration on board an AC-130J gunship, a company official said on Oct. 6.
Missile Defense & Weapons

Estonia First Customer For Blue Spear Anti-Ship Missile

By Chen Chuanren Oct 06, 2021
Estonia has become the first customer of the Proteus Advanced Systems’ Blue Spear anti-ship missile, opting for the land-based variant.
Missile Defense & Weapons

AFRL To Hold Project Kaiju Industry Day

By Brian Everstine Oct 05, 2021
The Air Force Research Laboratory will meet this month with industry on Project Kaiju, its recently announced effort to develop new, high-tech countermeasures to protect high-value aircraft in contested environments.
Missile Defense & Weapons

Roketsan Demos Missile For Multicopter Carriage

Oct 05, 2021
Turkey’s Roketsan has revealed the development of a guided, small-diameter, air-to-ground missile designed to be fitted to multicopter unmanned aircraft systems and operated by frontline troops.
Missile Defense & Weapons

Prague Buying Israeli Spyder Air Defense System

By Tony Osborne Oct 05, 2021
The Czech Republic has contracted with the Israeli government for four batteries of the Rafael Spyder ground-based air defense system.
Missile Defense & Weapons

Boeing Gets Another $1.1B For PAC-3 Seekers

By Brian Everstine Oct 04, 2021
Boeing has received another $1.1 billion to extend production of the active seeker for the Patriot Advanced Capability-3 missile system, the company announced Oct. 4.
Missile Defense & Weapons

Russia Fires First Submerged Hypersonic Cruise Missile

By Steve Trimble Oct 04, 2021
The Russian Navy fired a hypersonic cruise missile from a submerged submarine on Oct. 4, a possible first if the test weapon includes a scramjet engine.
Missile Defense & Weapons

North Korea Launches New SAM

By Chen Chuanren Oct 01, 2021
North Korea test launched a new, locally developed surface-to-air missile on Sept. 30, the country’s fourth test of a new weapon in a month.
Missile Defense & Weapons

The Week in Defense, Oct. 1-8, 2021

By Jen DiMascio Oct 01, 2021
U.S. Air Force wants to add hypersonics to B-1s; North Korea’s hypersonic missile; Boeing wins German P-8, C-17 sustainment contracts.
Missile Defense & Weapons

Dynetics Wins AIM-9X-based Air Defense Contract For U.S. Army

By Steve Trimble Sep 30, 2021
Dynetics has won a competition to field a 360-deg., counter-unmanned aircraft system and cruise missile defense system for the U.S. Army.
Missile Defense & Weapons