Podcast: Disruption At EBACE

By Molly McMillin May 24, 2023
Disruptive technologies shaping the future of business aviation are on show at EBACE, but 2023 will be remembered for the protestors at the static display.

Podcast: Bombardier Doubles Down On Wichita Site

By Molly McMillin May 15, 2023
Listen in as Bombardier's Tonya Sudduth talks about what making Wichita its U.S. headquarters has meant for that site and how it fits into the OEM's strategy.
BCA Podcast

Podcast: Business Aircraft Values In A Changing World

By Molly McMillin May 01, 2023
Listen in as business aircraft valuations expert Chris Reynolds from Aircraft Bluebook joins the podcast to explain how the pre-owned market is changing.
BCA Podcast

Podcast: Flying Airliners, Business Jets And Vintage Aircraft In Antarctica

By Matthew Orloff Apr 17, 2023
Listen in to hear from Patrick Woodhead, pilot and CEO of White Desert, which charters multiple aircraft types to Antarctica.
BCA Podcast

Podcast: Insights From Sun ‘N Fun Aerospace Expo

By Molly McMillin Apr 03, 2023
Editors provide the latest news and insights from the Sun ‘n Fun Aerospace Expo in Lakeland, Florida.
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Podcast: AIR CEO Rani Plaut Discusses Personal-Use eVTOLs

By Ben Goldstein Mar 20, 2023
Listen in to hear about progress of the AIR One, a two-seater eVTOL marketed as a personal daily commuter vehicle for those with a pilot’s license.
BCA Podcast

Podcast: Where Was AAM? The Future Of Vertical Flight

Mar 15, 2023
Rotorcraft are ripe for disruption, but eVTOL makers were largely absent at the signature Heli-Expo show.
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Podcast: Pilot Medical Certification Trends With AOPA's Gary Crump

By Matthew Orloff Mar 06, 2023
AOPA Director of Medical Certification Gary Crump shares the trends he's noticing with future pilots seeking their medical certification along with those who ha
BCA Podcast

Podcast: Newly-formed Classic Lear Jet Foundation To Restore Historic Learjet 23

By Molly McMillin Feb 18, 2023
Wichita-based Classic Lear Jet Foundation is acquiring the first Learjet delivered to a customer, Learjet 23-003, with plans to restore it to flying condition.
BCA Podcast

Podcast: The Unconventional Gulfstream Pilot Inspiring Others To Become Part 91 Pilots

By Matthew Orloff Feb 06, 2023
Thomas Remo is inspiring the next generation of pilots by showing them the possibilities that come with pursuing a career as a Part 91 private jet pilot.
BCA Podcast

Podcast: Can Aviation Suppliers Catch Up?

Feb 02, 2023
Listen in as business editor Michael Bruno and analysts Richard Aboulafia and Rob Epstein discuss aerospace's big problem.

Podcast: Verijet CEO Lays Out Efficient Solution To Short-Haul Frustration

By Matthew Orloff Jan 23, 2023
Verijet CEO Richard Kane sits down with Aviation Week's Matt Orloff to discuss the Cirrus Vision Jet and how his company can provide solutions to gaps in the in
BCA Podcast

Podcast: First-Hand Observations From MEBAA In Dubai

By Molly McMillin Dec 08, 2022
What’s the atmosphere like and what are the key new observations from the Middle East Business Aviation Association show taking place in Dubai?
Business Aviation

Podcast: Will The Business Aviation Market Be As Buoyant In 2023?

By Bill Carey Dec 06, 2022
BCA editors discuss the state of the market and predict what will change in 2023, as well as examine top technological developments impacting the industry.
Business Aviation

Podcast: Archer Races Midnight Air Taxi Toward Production

By Carole Rickard Hedden Nov 17, 2022
As Archer Aviation unveils its four-passenger production air taxi, the Midnight, Aviation Week editors discuss the shifting competitive dynamics in the nascent advanced air mobility market where three rival OEMs with differing approaches push toward FAA certification and operation. 

Podcast: A Look At Today’s Student Pilots and Mechanics

By Lee Ann Shay Oct 27, 2022
What does the talent pipeline look like and is training evolving to better train for competency? Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University President Barry Butler talks with Aviation Week.
Business Aviation

Podcast: Will Hot Bizav Market Continue?

By Lee Ann Shay Oct 19, 2022
Aviation Week Network editors at the NBAA-BACE 2022 discuss market outlook, technology, SAF and more.
Business Aviation

Podcast: Aviation’s Future Fuels

By Bill Carey Oct 11, 2022
The production and widespread supply of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) and unleaded avgas will be key for aviation to meet its environmental sustainability goals. BCA Senior Editor Bill Carey discusses industry progress toward deploying SAF and unleaded avgas with National Air Transportation Association CEO Curt Castagna and Managing Director of Industry & Regulatory Affairs Megan Eisenstein.

Podcast: The Story Behind Walt Disney’s Airplane, Mickey Mouse One

By Matthew Orloff Sep 19, 2022
Mark Malone has made a career out of flying Gulfstreams, but one Gulfstream in particular is near and dear to his heart, N234MM, better known as Mickey Mouse 1. After 30 years of sitting in Orlando, Florida, the legendary airplane that helped build the Disney brand has been restored and moved back to Anaheim, California for visitors to enjoy at Disney’s D23 convention.
Business Aviation

Podcast: AirVenture Team Shares Insights From World’s Most Attended Air Show

By Molly McMillin Jul 27, 2022
AirVenture Team Shares Insights From World’s Most Attended Air ShowBCA editors Molly McMillin, Mike Lavitt and Matt Orloff are reporting from Oshkosh, Wisconsin, during EAA AirVenture, where nearly 5,000 aircraft are on the field, and roughly 600,000 are expected to attend. Join us as we discuss the largest issues facing general and business aviation today and what the future may hold. We’ll look at the complex issues of removing lead from all aviation fuel, the outlook for pilot jobs, the new Daher Kodiak 900, the One Week Wonder project and more.
Aircraft & Propulsion

Podcast: Perspective on the Pilot Shortage, with First Take Aviation’s Shane Braddock

By Matthew Orloff Jul 05, 2022
After years of running flight schools at one of the busiest general aviation airports in the world, Shane Braddock, managing partner of First Take Aviation, offers his insight on how the flight training industry is rapidly changing due to the looming pilot shortage and current state of the global economy.
Business Aviation

Podcast: Wichita’s Transformation In Production Reflects Aviation Industry

By Molly McMillin Jun 29, 2022
Wichita-based Textron Aviation uses vertical assembly in the production of the Citation Latitude to aid in the assembly process.
Business Aviation

Podcast: EBACE Unpacked

By Thierry Dubois May 24, 2022
With the 2022 edition of EBACE in full swing, the onsite ShowNews editorial team gather to share their key takeaways from this year's event.

Podcast: Spirit AeroSystems' Sam Marnick Discusses The Company's Business Aviation Sector

By Molly McMillin May 16, 2022
Spirit AeroSystems' executive vice president Sam Marnick sits down with Aviation Week's Molly McMillin to discuss the company's diverse and growing business.
Business Aviation

Podcast: Interview With Sun 'n Fun's New President And CEO Gene Conrad

Gene Conrad Apr 21, 2022
Meet Sun ‘n Fun’s new President and CEO Gene Conrad and join Aviation Week editors as they discuss Sun ‘n Fun 2022 in Lakeland, Florida, along with the market, the largest issue facing general aviation and other issues.
Business Aviation