Rolls-Royce: Trent 1000 TEN Fix On Track For Mid-2021

By Sean Broderick Dec 14, 2020
Rolls-Royce remains on track to roll out upgraded Trent 1000 TEN high-pressure compressor turbine (HPT) blades around mid-2021 and does not expect to see any more unplanned Boeing 787 groundings linked to the issue or other identified problems with the engines.
Aircraft & Propulsion

Rolls-Royce Acts On Trent XWB High-Time Wear Issue

By Guy Norris Aug 11, 2020
Rolls-Royce has discovered cracks in the intermediate pressure (IP) compressor blades of higher-time Trent XWB-84 engines during scheduled overhaul but said early detection will enable the speedy development of a fix.
Aircraft & Propulsion

Rolls-Royce Reports Losses As Trent 1000 Fixes Progress

By Tony Osborne Feb 28, 2020
Rolls-Royce has reported losses of £852 million ($1.1 billion) as the company continues to tackle issues around the Trent 1000 engine.
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Cathay Pacific To Cover Hong Kong Route For Air New Zealand

By Adrian Schofield Dec 12, 2019
Cathay Pacific Airways has agreed to temporarily take over its partner Air New Zealand’s (ANZ) Hong Kong flights, which will help ANZ cover for a shortage of international capacity.
Air Transport