How Are Relationships Among OEMs And Suppliers? In A Word: Surprising.

By Michael Bruno Jun 01, 2023
A new Aviation Week and Bank of America market survey shows the state of industry’s relationships to be unexpectedly good.
Manufacturing & Supply Chain

PC-12 Achieves First Flight Under Anthem Control

By Bill Carey May 12, 2023
Honeywell on May 12 completed the first flight of a Pilatus PC-12 test airplane managed by its new Anthem integrated flight deck.
Aircraft & Propulsion

Electric Seaplane Startup Jekta Signs MoU With Honeywell

By Ben Goldstein May 10, 2023
Swiss electric seaplane startup Jekta has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Honeywell.
Advanced Air Mobility

Honeywell Launches Satcom With 5G For AAM

By Graham Warwick May 10, 2023
Honeywell has introduced a small satellite communications system for the advanced air mobility (AAM) and uncrewed aircraft systems (UAS) industry.
Advanced Air Mobility

Honeywell Launches Power-To-Liquid eSAF Process Technology

By Graham Warwick May 10, 2023
Honeywell has launched processing technology to produce eSAF via their UOP eFining methanol-to-jet process that converts e-methanol to eSAF at high yields.
Emerging Technologies

What’s Next For The U.S. Army And Boeing’s Chinook

By Brian Everstine May 05, 2023
As the Army considers the CH-47F Block II production plan, Boeing expects more congressional additions and pitches more upgrades.
Aircraft & Propulsion

Honeywell Engineer Warns Of Cyber Vulnerabilities

By Bill Carey May 03, 2023
Cybersecurity and inflight connectivity are prominent topics at the NBAA Maintenance Conference.
Interiors & Connectivity

Never Been Better Time To Be Buyer In M&A, Honeywell CEO Says

By Michael Bruno Apr 27, 2023
Honeywell International Chairman and CEO Darius Adamczyk expects his company to become more active in mergers and acquisitions.
Supply Chain

Flying Whale Selects Honeywell-Pratt For Airship Power

By Guy Norris Apr 14, 2023
New-generation airships have become the unexpected initial launch platforms for hybrid-electric propulsion systems.
Emerging Technologies

Honeywell Generator To Power Flying Whales Airship

By Guy Norris Apr 05, 2023
Airship developer Flying Whales has selected Honeywell's 1-megawatt power system for its LCA60T large-capacity hybrid-electric cargo airship.
Aircraft & Propulsion

At Honeywell, The Chairman Of The Board Has Few Regrets

By Michael Bruno Mar 17, 2023
What do Frank Sinatra and Darius Adamczyk have in common? Both chairmen of the board did it their way and had few regrets.
Manufacturing & Supply Chain

Honeywell’s Adamczyk Turns Over CEO Role To Kapur; M&A Possible

By Michael Bruno Mar 14, 2023
Darius Adamczyk will hand over the CEO title to Vimal Kapur, currently president and chief operating officer, on June 1.
Aircraft & Propulsion

Europe Aims To Halve Future Regional Aircraft Emissions

By Graham Warwick Mar 09, 2023
Clean Aviation’s Hybrid-Electric Regional Aircraft thrust is developing technology for a mid-2030s service entry.
Aircraft & Propulsion

AAM Briefs

Aviation Week Staff Feb 28, 2023
The Civil Aviation Administration of China has released its regulations and guidancefor the airworthiness certification of medium and large uncrewed aircraft.
Advanced Air Mobility

Honeywell Sees Asia’s Potential For SAF Biomass Feedstock

By Chen Chuanren Feb 24, 2023
Honeywell UOP sees Asia-Pacific as a potential key region to supply biomass feedstock or even produce SAF using biomass products. 
Emerging Technologies

First Take, Feb. 27, 2023

By Graham Warwick Feb 24, 2023
Our roundup of the main aerospace and defense stories making the news this week.

OEMs Target Cleaner, Greener Cabin Air Conditioning

By Paul Seidenman Feb 09, 2023
New-generation cabin air conditioning systems are advancing reliability, air quality and sustainability.
Interiors & Connectivity

FAA Codifies 5G Interference Mitigation Plan

By Sean Broderick Feb 08, 2023
The FAA’s phased upgrade aligns with voluntary delays put in place by wireless companies.
Maintenance & Training

Bell Targeting Second Half Of ’23 For Invictus First Flight

By Guy Norris Feb 04, 2023
Bell’s tandem-cockpit, single-main-rotor Invictus is competing for the FARA contest against Sikorsky’s Raider X.
Aircraft & Propulsion

Air France and Lufthansa Offer Mutual Support for APUs

By Alex Derber Jan 31, 2023
Both airlines have outsourced signed agreements with airline affiliated maintenance providers.
Services & Support

Leonardo Swaps Out AW09’s Honeywell Engine In Favor Of Safran

By Tony Osborne Jan 26, 2023
Leonardo has decided to ditch Honeywell’s HTS900 turboshaft for Safran’s Arriel 2K turbine for the AW09 single engine light helicopter. 
Aircraft & Propulsion

Vertical Looks Toward Next Phase of VX4 Testing

By Graham Warwick Jan 12, 2023
Vertical Aerospace has completed initial tethered hover testing of a full-scale demonstrator for its VX4 electric vertical takeoff and landing air taxi.
Advanced Air Mobility

Honeywell Starts Testing Upgraded T55 For CH-47

By Steve Trimble Dec 02, 2021
The upgrade is Honeywell’s answer to a move by GE Aviation to offer the more powerful T408 turboshaft engine as a future upgrade option.
Aircraft & Propulsion

Honeywell Unveils 'Anthem' Avionics Suite

By Bill Carey Oct 05, 2021
The fifth-generation “Anthem” suite represents a step change in integrated avionics systems, the manufacturer says.
Business Aviation

Copa Airlines To Install Honeywell Fuel Tank Safety Component

By Sean Broderick Aug 09, 2021
Copa Airlines will retrofit its Boeing 737s with Honeywell’s air separation module (ASM), becoming the first announced customer for the fuel tank safety system component. 
Aircraft & Propulsion