Daily Memo: NASA Project Signals Dawn Of Electrified Airliner

By Guy Norris Oct 12, 2021
The long-term sustainable growth of air transport will hinge on the development of net zero carbon propulsion technologies and NASA has taken a concrete step toward fostering the development of one such option.
Aircraft & Propulsion

GE Outlines NASA Electric Propulsion Test Plan

By Guy Norris Oct 01, 2021
GE Aviation says it will use a modified Saab 340B regional airliner as a flying testbed for hybrid electric propulsion technology to be evaluated as part of NASA’s Electric Powertrain Flight Demonstration (EPFD) program.
Aircraft & Propulsion

David Joyce Joins Boeing Board, Giambastiani Departing

By Michael Bruno Sep 01, 2021
Former GE Aviation chief David Joyce is joining Boeing’s board of directors, while Navy Adm. (ret.) Ed Giambastiani Jr. will leave at the end of the year, the company announced Aug. 31.
Manufacturing & Supply Chain

Avelo Taps GE Digital Flight Data Monitoring For Safety, Sustainability

By Sean Broderick Aug 02, 2021
Avelo, an all-Boeing 737 Next Generation-series operator, plans to tap its flight data and GE’s repository of algorithms to monitor and improve its operation across the board.

Daily Memo: CFM ‘Open Fan’ Project Confirms Airbus, Boeing Plans

By Thierry Dubois Jun 15, 2021
GE Aviation and Safran want to widen the field of possibilities as they have to meet the needs of two competing airframers—something CFM has consistently managed to do with one family of engines and customized versions.
Aircraft & Propulsion

CFM Unveils ‘Open Fan’ Demonstrator Plan For Next-Gen Engine

By Guy Norris Jun 14, 2021
CFM International joint venture partners GE Aviation and Safran have launched an aggressive technology development program to pave the way for a new generation of fuel-efficient unducted—or open fan—engines to enter service around the mid-2030s.

Tests Of GE XA100 Adaptive Combat Engine Exceed Performance Targets

By Guy Norris May 13, 2021
GE Aviation has completed initial test runs of the first full-scale XA100 three-stream adaptive combat engine, marking the start of a new chapter in U.S. military turbine engine development and paving the way for a new generation of variable cycle powerplants for sixth generation fighters.
Aircraft & Propulsion

GE’s T901 Engine On Critical Path For U.S. Army Modernization

By Graham Warwick May 12, 2021
With the U.S. Army looking to maintain the capability of its legacy helicopter fleet even as it moves to modernize the force with advanced rotorcraft, continued progress with a new engine program is becoming crucial to its plans.
Aircraft & Propulsion

Daily Memo: Boeing’s -5X Project A Must-Win For Engine OEMs

By Jens Flottau Mar 23, 2021
As Boeing is quietly beginning to work on what is now being called the -5X project—a small widebody aircraft derived from the new mid-market airplane (NMA) studies—things are getting serious for the three engine OEMs, too. 
Aircraft & Propulsion

Daily Memo: Embraer Pushes Ahead With Turboprop Plans

By Jens Flottau Mar 16, 2021
Despite the former CEO of Embraer Commercial Aviation saying the development of a new turboprop was contingent on forming a joint venture with Boeing, the Brazilian company has decided to go it alone.
Aircraft & Propulsion

NASA Steps Up Civil Hypersonic Studies With Aerion, GE

By Guy Norris Feb 09, 2021
NASA is transitioning long-running hypersonic technology studies increasingly toward potential commercial applications and has awarded two new contracts supporting high speed design and propulsion work to Aerion Supersonic and GE Aviation respectively.
Aircraft & Propulsion

NASA Spools Up HyTEC Small-Core Engine Program

By Graham Warwick Feb 05, 2021
NASA has struck agreements with General Electric and Honeywell to develop technologies for small-core turbine engines that burn less fuel and produce more power than current turbofans powering commercial aircraft.
Aircraft & Propulsion

Daily Memo: GE Aviation’s Slattery Talks MAX, 777X And Future Tech

By Jens Flottau Dec 16, 2020
A little over three months ago former Embraer Commercial Aviation CEO John Slattery took the top job at GE Aviation, succeeding company veteran David Joyce.
Aircraft & Propulsion

Top-Tier OEMs, Suppliers See Slow Aftermarket Recovery

By Sean Broderick Oct 28, 2020
Top-tier manufacturers and suppliers are not banking on a quick commercial aftermarket rebound, financial figures and commentary from 2020 third-quarter (Q3) earnings calls underscore. 
Supply Chain

Daily Memo: GE Aviation’s Complicated Path Forward

By Jens Flottau Aug 26, 2020
Until only a few months ago, John Slattery’s future career path looked well-defined.
Aircraft & Propulsion

Daily Memo: John Slattery’s Unusual Career Takes New Unexpected Turn

By Jens Flottau Jun 15, 2020
In a way, it is typical for Slattery that he is emerging from what looked like a bleak professional situation, given his own expectations, to landing one of the biggest jobs the industry has to offer: CEO of GE Aviation.
Aircraft & Propulsion

USAF Opens Bidding Phase Of B-52 Re-Engine Competition

By Steve Trimble May 20, 2020
The request for proposals invites bids from GE Aviation, Pratt & Whitney and Rolls-Royce to supply 608 engines.
Aircraft & Propulsion

GE Aviation Job Cuts Steepen From COVID-19 Effects

By Molly McMillin May 08, 2020
GE Aviation will lay off as much as 25% of its workforce this year, including the voluntary and involuntary cuts it’s already taken, because of a downturn in its commercial aviation business. 
Airports, FBOs & Suppliers

Auterion Unveils New Line of Drone Avionics Modules

By Bill Carey May 05, 2020
Drone operating system developer Auterion has released the reference design for a new family of unmanned aircraft systems avionics modules and announced GE Aviation as the launch manufacturer of its own high-reliability module for drone operations.
Urban & Unmanned Aviation

Second Boeing 777-9 Joins Flight Test Campaign

By Guy Norris May 01, 2020
Boeing’s 777X test program is set to accelerate with the addition of a second 777-9 flight test aircraft, WH002, which made its first flight from the…
Aircraft & Propulsion

USAF Releases Draft Solicitation For Re-engining B-52 Fleet

By Steve Trimble Apr 24, 2020
The release of the second draft on April 24 by the Air Force Lifecycle Management Center moves the competition closer to a formal bidding phase scheduled to begin later this year.
Aircraft & Propulsion

USAF Takes First Formal Steps To Acquire F-15EX

By Steve Trimble Jan 28, 2020
The U.S. Air Force has notified industry to expect sole-source contracts for Boeing F-15EX fighters and accompanying GE Aviation F110 engines.
Defense and Space

ATI, GE Aviation Renew Key Jet Engine Forging Supply Contracts

By Michael Bruno Dec 10, 2019
Pittsburgh-based Allegheny Technologies (ATI) and GE Aviation have reached agreement on several new long-term contracts worth a total of around $2.5 billion to ATI for the supply of iso-thermal and hot-die forgings used in the manufacture of commercial jet engines, the companies announced Dec. 10.
Air Transport