Daily Memo: Boeing’s Painful Commercial Aircraft Journey Continues

By Jens Flottau May 06, 2022
Boeing’s journey has been painful for years, but the last few days have brought further developments that make its recovery challenge even harder.
Aircraft & Propulsion

London’s High Court Allows Airbus To Cancel A321neo Order

By Jens Flottau Apr 26, 2022
Airbus has scored a key point in its legal dispute with Qatar Airways over surface quality issues on the airline’s A350 fleet that could make an eventual settlement more likely.
Safety, Ops & Regulation

Daily Memo: Airbus Makes Progress In Regional Aircraft Technology Demonstration

By Thierry Dubois Apr 05, 2022
Modifications made to an Airbus C295 are opening the door to new gains in fuel efficiency.
Emerging Technologies

Daily Memo: The Freighter Market’s Post-COVID Boom

By Helen Massy-Beresford Feb 16, 2022
In recent months, high-profile launches from Airbus (the A350F) and Boeing (the 777-8F) demonstrate that manufacturers have seized on the market’s appetite for new freighters, while conversions are in demand too.  
Airlines & Lessors

Airbus, Germany’s Mubea Negotiate Sale Of Premium Aerotec’s Augsburg, Varel Sites

By Jens Flottau Feb 01, 2022
Following months of negotiations and several days of industrial action, Airbus and Germany’s industrial workers union IG Metall agreed on a new company set-up that will see the company's industrial structure in Germany divided into two main units.
Manufacturing & Supply Chain

Daily Memo: Airbus, Qatar Airways Need To Define Exit Strategies

By Jens Flottau Jan 31, 2022
The ongoing bad-tempered dispute between Airbus and Qatar Airways has to be resolved somehow.
Aircraft & Propulsion

Daily Memo: Asia-Pacific Fleet Reaches Post-Pandemic High

By Adrian Schofield Jan 27, 2022
There are promising recovery signs for the Asia-Pacific region as the in-service aircraft fleet steadily rebuilds, although the growth rate has been quicker for narrowbodies than widebodies.
Aircraft & Propulsion

U.S. Airlines Warn 5G Safety Risks Go Beyond Altimeters

By Sean Broderick Jan 17, 2022
Just days from AT&T and Verizon Wireless beginning the already twice-delayed initial 5G rollout, many questions remain unanswered.
Safety, Ops & Regulation

Tianjin Lockdown Puts Airbus On Alert As China Tackles Omicron

By Chen Chuanren Jan 11, 2022
Airbus is keeping a close eye on the COVID-19 situation in China’s Tianjin, home to the airframer’s only final assembly line in Asia, after authorities ordered a partial lockdown of the city in response to the detection of 40 cases linked to the omicron variant.
Manufacturing & Supply Chain

Daily Memo: Hydrogen’s Contrail Potential Perplexes Researchers

By Thierry Dubois Jan 10, 2022
While Airbus and the European industry are accelerating research and technology work to replace current aviation fuels with hydrogen, experts in atmospheric science and propulsion are debating the contrail potential of the zero-carbon fuel.
Emerging Technologies

Daily Memo: Will Aerospace Stock Results Be More Of The Same? Many Think So

By Michael Bruno Jan 06, 2022
Share prices of publicly traded A&D companies in 2021 were up from catastrophic 2020, but still down from pre-pandemic heights.
Manufacturing & Supply Chain

French Aerospace Industry Puts Emphasis On Hiring

By Thierry Dubois Jan 06, 2022
The lobbying association for the French aerospace industry, GIFAS, says its members may need to hire up to 15,000 after a period of job cuts.
Manufacturing & Supply Chain

Daily Memo: Leaving Boeing For Airbus

By Jens Flottau Dec 23, 2021
Strategically important wins for Airbus underscore the depth of Boeing’s troubles.
Aircraft & Propulsion

Canadian Government Disqualifies Boeing Bid For Fighter Deal

By Steve Trimble Dec 01, 2021
The decision leaves the Lockheed Martin F-35A Block 4 and Saab Gripen E in the competition for the Future Fighter Capability contract.
Aircraft & Propulsion

Airbus, Honeywell Make Quantum Computing Investments

By Michael Bruno Dec 01, 2021
Aerospace and defense companies stepping up quantum computing investments, with two top-tier providers announcing separate investments.
Connected Aerospace

Airbus Developing Autonomous Aerial Refueling Capability

By Tony Osborne Nov 30, 2021
Airbus has begun development work on an autonomous automatic air-to-air refueling capability for its Airbus A330 MRTT.
Aircraft & Propulsion

Eurodrone Awaiting Spanish Green Light

By Tony Osborne Nov 30, 2021
Three governments have already approved funding the multibillion-euro development.
Missile Defense & Weapons

Airbus Pleiades Neo Sats Make Early Start In Earth Observation

By Thierry Dubois Nov 30, 2021
Airbus has already started using its latest-generation Pleiades Neo Earth-observation satellites.

Slovenia Buying C-27J Through Italian Government Deal

By Tony Osborne Nov 19, 2021
Slovenia has ordered a single Leonardo C-27J Spartan turboprop airlifter to bolster its air transport capability.
Aircraft & Propulsion

French Signals-Intelligence Satellites Reach Orbit

By Irene Klotz Nov 16, 2021
An Arianespace Vega rocket lifted off from French Guiana on Nov. 16, delivering France’s first signals-intelligence satellite system into orbit.

UK Requires 36-44 New Medium Helicopters

By Tony Osborne Nov 13, 2021
The UK Ministry of Defense has confirmed it is looking to procure as many as 44 rotorcraft for its New Medium Helicopter requirement.
Aircraft & Propulsion

AirAsia Discusses A321neo Freighter With Airbus

By Adrian Schofield Nov 03, 2021
AirAsia has unveiled the first aircraft in its planned narrowbody freighter fleet, and in the longer-term the carrier is interested in the prospect of a freighter version of the Airbus A321neo.
Airlines & Lessors

French President Adds Pressure To Airbus’ Hydrogen Plans

By Thierry Dubois Oct 12, 2021
French president Emmanuel Macron says the first commercial aircraft relying on hydrogen should be in service by 2030, earlier than Airbus’ stated target of 2035.
Aircraft & Propulsion

Airbus Sees Growing Support For Hydrogen-Fueled Aircraft

By Thierry Dubois Sep 23, 2021
Airbus has been gathering positive signs that its 2035 ambition for a hydrogen-fueled commercial aircraft is realistic. 
Aircraft & Propulsion

EASA Directive Targets Airbus A380 Fuselage Reinforcement

By Sean Broderick Sep 08, 2021
EASA plans to mandate an Airbus-recommended fuselage modification which addresses A380 fuselage cracks operators are discovering when conducting a similar fix required by the European regulator.
Safety, Ops & Regulation