Airbus Says Aerostructures Will Remain Core, Gives Cautious Outlook

By Jens Flottau Feb 18, 2021
Around a decade after preparing to divest its aerostructures businesses, Airbus is now reversing course and wants to keep component manufacturing inside the group for the long term.
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Airbus Proposes Additional FCAS Demonstrators

By Tony Osborne Feb 16, 2021
Airbus has said it could be “useful” if the trinational Future Combat Air System (FCAS) countries France, Germany, and Spain could build three new-generation fighter demonstrators to support developments in their respective state. 
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Boeing Reaffirms ‘Conventional’ Next-Gen Aircraft Plan

By Guy Norris Jan 27, 2021
Contrasting Boeing’s strategic direction against that of Airbus, which in 2020 unveiled concepts for liquid hydrogen fueled zero emissions airliners for potential entry-into-service in 2035, company CEO Dave Calhoun said SAFs are “the only answer between now and 2050.”
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Airbus Slows Down Production Rate Increase

By Jens Flottau Jan 21, 2021
Airbus plans to raise single-aisle production rates later in 2021, but the ramp-up will be slower than previously planned “in response to the market environment.”
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New Skytra Tool Paves Way For Airline-Revenue Hedging

By Victoria Moores Jan 12, 2021
Airbus subsidiary Skytra has secured UK finance regulator approval for a data tool which will allow airlines to hedge revenue for the first time, in the same way they do for fuel and currency.
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Airbus Plans To Raise Single-Aisle Production In Second Half Of 2021

By Jens Flottau Jan 08, 2021
Airbus CEO Guillaume Faury said Jan. 8 that he expects the company to begin ramping up single-aisle production in the second half of 2021, with further steps following in 2022 and 2023.
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EasyJet, Airbus Agree On A320neo Delivery Deferrals

By Helen Massy-Beresford Dec 22, 2020
EasyJet says it has agreed with Airbus to defer aircraft deliveries from its 2022-24 financial years.
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Alaska Airlines Upsizes Boeing MAX Order, Pivots Away from Airbus

By Ben Goldstein Dec 22, 2020
Alaska Airlines reached an agreement in principle with Boeing to take as many as 120 new 737-9 jets in coming years, marking the first sale of a MAX aircraft to a U.S.-based customer since the type was grounded nearly two years ago.
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Airbus Challenging AirAsia X Restructuring Plan, Report Says

By Adrian Schofield Dec 22, 2020
AirAsia X’s attempt to slash its debt and liabilities has struck more complications, with Airbus the latest to challenge the carrier’s drastic…
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Airbus Studying Integrated Underwing Fuel Cell Powerplants

By Thierry Dubois Dec 16, 2020
Airbus has unveiled a potential configuration for a hydrogen aircraft, integrating fuel cells and propellers in underwing pods.
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British Aerospace In Limbo As Brexit Transition Period Nears End

By Tony Osborne Dec 15, 2020
Four and half years since the Brexit referendum and aerospace is no nearer to understanding what the UK’s future trading relationship with its nearest and largest trading partner will look like.
Safety, Ops & Regulation

UK Airliner Tariff Gesture Gets Cold Shoulder By U.S. Trade Officials

By Tony Osborne Dec 10, 2020
The British government’s decision not to charge tariffs imposed by the European Union (EU) on commercial airliners purchased from the U.S. has been given the cold shoulder by trade representatives in Washington. 
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Airbus Posts 11 Cancellations In November

By Sean Broderick Dec 07, 2020
Airbus booked zero new orders and logged 11 cancellations in November, the company said Dec. 7. 
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Airbus CEO Calls For Carbon-Neutral Aircraft Incentives

By Thierry Dubois Nov 27, 2020
Future carbon-neutral commercial aircraft should benefit from a favorable tax policy to help the technology gain traction, Airbus CEO Guillaume Faury said.

Daily Memo: French Supply Chain Sees Light At The End Of The Tunnel

By Thierry Dubois Nov 23, 2020
The promise the French industry made this past June to make its supply chain stronger is beginning to materialize.
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Airbus, Safran CEOs Cry Foul Over Europe’s Travel Mess

By Thierry Dubois Nov 18, 2020
The heterogeneous health and safety requirements passengers face when trying to travel within Europe are badly hurting the entire commercial aviation industry, the CEOs of two major OEMs are saying.
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Airbus Now Looks To Raise Single-Aisle Output In Mid-2021

By Jens Flottau Oct 29, 2020
Airbus confirmed it may raise single-aisle production rates to 47 aircraft per month from 40 at some point in 2021.
Aircraft & Propulsion

Airbus To Develop Aviation Fuel Cells With ElringKlinger

By Graham Warwick Oct 16, 2020
The partnership will develop aviation-compatible fuel-cell stacks, beginning with the delivery this year of stacks and a customized test rig.
Aircraft & Propulsion

Helicopter-Borne CT Scanner For Norwegian EMS

By Tony Osborne Oct 13, 2020
Traditionally, CT scanners have been large, heavy devices limited to static use in hospitals.
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Podcast: Airbus' Ambitious Hydrogen Plans

By Jens Flottau Sep 25, 2020
The company is making key technology choices early and still has massive challenges ahead: technological, regulatory and in convincing industry partners to participate.

Airbus To Start Hydrogen Project With Storage Demo In 2021

By Thierry Dubois Sep 21, 2020
Airbus is expecting to gather the first results of a demonstration program on onboard hydrogen storage and distribution in 2021, according to Airbus EVP for engineering Jean-Brice Dumont.
Aircraft & Propulsion

Daily Memo: French State Aid To Limit Job Cuts

By Thierry Dubois Sep 11, 2020
As Airbus and the suppliers for its commercial aviation business have to cope with drastic reductions in production rates, jobs are under threat. 
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Airbus Performs Autopiloted Fello’fly Test Flights

By Jens Flottau Sep 09, 2020
Airbus has completed three test flights using two of its own Airbus A350s with the autopilot engaged in its Fello’fly wake vortex-riding project.
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French Government Ups Pressure On Airbus To Move To Hydrogen Fuel

By Thierry Dubois Sep 09, 2020
The French government has reiterated its desire to see a hydrogen-fueled Airbus flying in service by 2035, firmly reacting to those claiming the move is too risky.
Emerging Technologies

France Wants Airbus To Have Hydrogen-Powered Aircraft By 2035

By Helen Massy-Beresford Sep 08, 2020
France will focus on investing in hydrogen technology as part of a broader post-COVID-19 economic relaunch plan with the government planning to have a hydrogen-powered aircraft ready for 2035. 
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