Opinion: Can The U.S. Keep Its Lead In Commercial Aviation?
Europe and China are investing at least 10 times the amount NASA and the FAA are spending annually for public-private R&D efforts on aeronautics.
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Daily Memo: Safety Improvement Starts With Return To Basics

By Sean Broderick Mar 27, 2023
Industry stakeholders are being urged to go back to the basics to help minimize mistakes.
Safety, Ops & Regulation

FAA Issues AD For 737 MAX Loose Fastener Checks

By Guy Norris Mar 24, 2023
The FAA airworthiness directive applies to around 330 U.S.-registered 737s.
Safety, Ops & Regulation

U.S. Safety Incidents Trigger Broad Search Of Possible Factors

By Sean Broderick Mar 24, 2023
A U.S. push to curb a troubling trend of commercial aviation occurrences will lean heavily on existing safety risk-mitigation strategies.
Safety, Ops & Regulation

Ky: FAA And EASA Are Closer After Difficult Discussions

By Jens Flottau Mar 23, 2023
The European safety agency’s certification concerns have contributed to the latest 777X delay, but EASA, the FAA and Boeing seem to have found a path forward.
Safety, Ops & Regulation

Boeing 737-7, -10 Certification Timelines Continue To Grow

By Sean Broderick Mar 22, 2023
FAA approval of the last two Boeing 737 MAX variants is “progressing,” a top Boeing official said.
Safety, Ops & Regulation

Lockheed Martin Ventures Invests In Electric Seaglider Startup Regent

By Garrett Reim Mar 22, 2023
Lockheed Martin Ventures has invested in electric seaglider startup Regent to speed up the development of a military variant of the company’s aircraft.
Aircraft & Propulsion

New Jetson CEO Sees Early Adoption For Personal eVTOLs

By Ben Goldstein Mar 22, 2023
The newly appointed CEO of Jetson predicts that some of the earliest adopters of electric-vertical-takeoff-and-landing vehicles will be private owners.
Advanced Air Mobility

EASA Chief Confirms Progress In Boeing 777X Certification Talks

By Jens Flottau Mar 22, 2023
EASA Executive Director Patrick Ky says much progress has been made toward joint certification of the Boeing 777X with the U.S. FAA.
Safety, Ops & Regulation

ARSA Navigates Workforce, Regulatory Challenges

By Henry Canaday Mar 22, 2023
Attendees at ARSA’s annual conference outlined challenges the MRO industry still faces in training, technician shortages and regulatory policies.
Safety, Ops & Regulation

Mexican Carriers Hopeful Of Speedy FAA Resolution

By David Casey Mar 22, 2023
Aeromexico and Volaris are optimistic that Mexico’s Category 1 safety rating will be restored by FAA within the next six months.
Airports & Networks

Budget Boosts FAA Spending To Address Certification Backlog

By Sean Broderick Mar 22, 2023
The fiscal 2024 bill requests $1.7 billion for the FAA’s Aviation Safety division—a 7% increase over the current year’s enacted total.
Safety, Ops & Regulation

Editorial: Don’t Ignore The US Air Safety Red Flags

By Karen Walker Mar 21, 2023
In the seven weeks between mid-December and early February, there were six runway incursion incidents in the US.
Safety, Ops & Regulation

NTSB Renews Call For Repair Station SMS Mandate

By Sean Broderick Mar 20, 2023
The NTSB is reiterating its stance that new U.S. safety management system (SMS) requirements should also cover repair stations.

Recent Incidents Jump-Start FAA’s CVR Upgrade Proposal

By Sean Broderick Mar 17, 2023
A push to collect more data to help mitigate safety risks has helped justify a pending FAA proposal to mandate cockpit voice recorders with 25-hr. durations.
Safety, Ops & Regulation

Despite Latest Setback, Boeing Maintains 787 Delivery Target

By Sean Broderick Mar 16, 2023
Deliveries were paused for more than a month as Boeing was forced to rework airworthiness limitations math.
Aircraft & Propulsion

Beta CEO Recounts ‘Tipping Point’ For CTOL Launch

By Ben Goldstein Mar 16, 2023
The seed of the idea for the fixed-wing CX300 was planted in early 2022.
Advanced Air Mobility

U.S. Industry Kicks Off Short-Term Safety Risk Reduction Effort

By Sean Broderick Mar 15, 2023
Industry will spend the next several months attempting to find out and, ideally, develop short-term risk-mitigation strategies.
Safety, Ops & Regulation

Budget Request Highlights FAA Certification Backlog

By Sean Broderick Mar 13, 2023
The fiscal 2024 bill requests $1.7 billion for FAA’s Aviation Safety (AVS)—a 7% increase over the current year’s enacted total.
Safety, Ops & Regulation

Archer Says First Nonconforming Midnight Prototype Nearly Complete

By Ben Goldstein Mar 10, 2023
Archer Aviation has announced that assembly of the first nonconforming prototype of its Midnight electric air taxi is nearly complete.
Advanced Air Mobility

Schweizer Exploring Turbine Engine Installation for S300C

By Tony Osborne Mar 09, 2023
Schweizer is considering the installation of a turbine engine as a possible alternative to the piston engine that currently powers its S300C light helicopter.
Aircraft & Propulsion

Proposed FAA Budget Boosts Key Infrastructure Funding 15%

By Sean Broderick Mar 09, 2023
The proposed FAA budget includes $16.5 billion in discretionary funding—a 5% increase over current-year levels.
Safety, Ops & Regulation

Cirrus Aircraft SF50 Chief Engineer Dies In SR22 Crash

By Molly McMillin Mar 08, 2023
The aircraft had taken off from the Duluth International Airport before it went down, reports say. 
Safety, Ops & Regulation

Beta Establishes eVTOL Engineering Hub In Montreal

By Graham Warwick Mar 08, 2023
Beta Technologies has opened an engineering center in Montreal to support design, certification and production of the structure for its Alia eVTOL aircraft.
Advanced Air Mobility

Opinion: Perseverance Pays Off In Regulatory Compliance

Marshall S. Filler Mar 08, 2023
Successfully navigating the U.S.-European Union bilateral relationship requires more realistic logic about parts requirements.
Safety, Ops & Regulation