FAA Says Progress In Bad Passenger Conduct Needs To Continue

By Lori Ranson Sep 24, 2021
The FAA is citing some headway in unruly passenger incidents since implementing its zero-tolerance policy, but much work remains to be done to combat the rise in defiant passenger behavior. 
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Newark Slots Opened To LCCs To Boost Competition

Sep 17, 2021
The U.S. Transportation Department (DOT) plans to award the rights for several peak flights at Newark Liberty International (EWR) to a LCC or ULCC to spur competition and reduce fares.
Safety, Ops & Regulation

Seven Injured In Cape Air Accident

By Bill Carey Sep 10, 2021
Seven people were injured Sept. 9 when a Cape Air Cessna 402 left the runway and crashed into nearby woods while landing at Provincetown Municipal Airport (PVC) in Provincetown, Massachusetts.
Safety, Ops & Regulation

United Eyes Pratt-Powered 777 Return; Nacelle Fix Delays Persist

By Sean Broderick Sep 09, 2021
The global fleet of 128 Boeing 777s with PW4000s has been grounded since late February following a failure onboard a United 777 near Denver—the third PW4000-powered 777 in-service event in three years linked to a cracked fan blade.
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U.S. Commits To 3B Gal./Year SAF Target For 2030

By Graham Warwick Sep 09, 2021
The aim of the actions announced is to “re-establish U.S. credibility through ambitious domestic commitments ... [and] demonstrate leadership on aviation ambition at the International Civil Aviation Organization,” the White House said.

FAA, Pentagon Seeking Airspace Display Ideas

By Bill Carey Aug 27, 2021
The FAA and U.S. Defense Department (DOD) are seeking solutions from industry to display certain special-use airspace areas to comply with congressional direction to make that information available to pilots in real time.
Safety, Ops & Regulation

NTSB Turbulence Accident Risk Mitigation Targets Better Reporting, Onboard Precautions

By Sean Broderick Aug 10, 2021
More consistent reporting, better forecasting, and more proactive onboard risk-mitigation measures such as wearing seatbelts and protecting cabin crew are keys to reducing turbulence-related accidents and related injuries, an NTSB study on the issue found. 
Safety, Ops & Regulation

FAA Appeals To U.S. Airports To Help Stop Unruly Passengers

By Ben Goldstein Aug 06, 2021
FAA Administrator Steve Dickson said that airports can help combat instances of unruly and intoxicated passengers by cracking down on concessionaires who sell “to-go” alcohol, which some passengers have been bringing on to flights.
Safety, Ops & Regulation

Senate Infrastructure Bill Would Fund $25B In Aviation Priorities

By Ben Goldstein Aug 06, 2021
The Senate is nearing a vote on a $1.2 trillion bipartisan infrastructure package that would fund $25 billion of commercial aviation priorities through 2026.
Airports & Routes

FAA Restricts 737 MAX Cargo Capacity Under Specific Scenario

By Sean Broderick Aug 05, 2021
The FAA is ordering restrictions for Boeing 737 MAX and some 737 Next Generation models that would prohibit carrying freight in the aft cargo compartment if certain systems not critical for flight are malfunctioning.
Safety, Ops & Regulation

FAA Alert Flags 737NG Thrust Reverser Issue

By Sean Broderick Aug 03, 2021
A mandatory, repetitive test to validate that Boeing 737 thrust reverser sensors are working can cause the systems to malfunction.
Safety, Ops & Regulation

Joby Begins Process Toward eVTOL Airline Operations

By Guy Norris Jul 29, 2021
The company, which is also currently pursuing Part 23 type certification of the S4 eVTOL aircraft as well as production certification of the assembly line which will manufacture it, is targeting air carrier approval in 2022.
Urban & Unmanned Aviation

FAA Mandate Targets 737 Cabin Pressure Switches 

By Sean Broderick Jul 16, 2021
In an immediately adopted airworthiness directive (AD) due out July 20, the agency will order Boeing 737 operators to inspect cabin altitude pressure switches more frequently.
Safety, Ops & Regulation

FAA, Transport Canada Direct Bell Rotor Hub Inspections

By Bill Carey Jul 08, 2021
Emergency airworthiness directives (AD) have been issued requiring main-rotor hub inspections of certain Bell helicopters following the fatal crash of a Bell 212 last month in Canada.
Aircraft & Propulsion

Daily Memo: 777X Certification And The Derivative Dilemma

By Guy Norris Jul 02, 2021
When it comes to certification, major derivatives are often more difficult and sometimes as expensive and more taxing than all-new alternatives.
Safety, Ops & Regulation

FAA Awards Raytheon New STARS Contract

By Bill Carey Jun 30, 2021
The five-year contract maintains Raytheon’s position as the systems integrator for STARS, which receives surveillance and flight-plan data and presents the information to controllers on high-resolution, color displays.
Safety, Ops & Regulation

FAA Delays Certification Test Start For Boeing 777-9

By Guy Norris Jun 28, 2021
Boeing’s long-delayed 777X program has suffered another blow after the FAA declined the manufacturer’s request for Type Inspection Authorization (TIA), citing concerns over unresolved software and hardware issues.
Aircraft & Propulsion

U.S. Commercial, GA Airports To Receive FAA Recovery Aid

By Molly McMillin Jun 22, 2021
The FAA plans to award $8 billion in grants to U.S. commercial, reliever and general aviation airports to aid in their recovery from the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.
Airports, FBOs & Suppliers

Daily Memo: NextGen Post-Downturn—Opportunity Amid The Recovery?

By Sean Broderick Jun 18, 2021
Interrupted by the pandemic, the U.S. FAA’s NextGen airspace modernization program could now benefit from a slow return to normality.
Safety, Ops & Regulation

FAA’s Aviation Safety Head Bahrami To Retire June 30

By Sean Broderick Jun 02, 2021
Ali Bahrami spent most of his time as head of FAA’s safety and certification activities under intense scrutiny following fatal Boeing 737 MAX accidents in October 2018 and March 2019.
Safety, Ops & Regulation

Biden Administration Proposes FAA Budget Increase

By Bill Carey May 28, 2021
The Biden administration rolled out a fiscal 2022 proposed federal budget on May 28 that seeks $18.45 billion for the FAA, $1 billion more than sought last year by the previous Trump administration.
Safety, Ops & Regulation

Belavia Network Shrinks After Incident; FAA Issues Belarus NOTAM

By David Casey May 28, 2021
The U.S. FAA has issued a Notice to Airmen advising U.S. passenger airlines to exercise extreme caution while flying over Belarus.
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EASA: Progress, Concerns Grow On eVTOL Harmonization

By Graham Warwick May 18, 2021
Harmonization of the differing European and U.S. approaches to regulating electric vertical-takeoff-and-landing aircraft is advancing somewhat, but there are concerns over the lack of information on China’s approach to approving the new class of aircraft.
Emerging Technologies

Breeze Airways Receives AOC, Awaits DOT Certification

By David Casey May 17, 2021
Breeze's network will focus on point-to-point flights from smaller secondary airports, bypassing hubs; almost 80% of its routes will have no competition.
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Operators Still Waiting On 737 MAX Electrical-Issue Fix Details

Sean Broderick and Bo-Göran Lundkvist Apr 30, 2021
The FAA’s mandate ordering electrical-bonding modifications to certain grounded Boeing 737 MAXs is out, but operators are still waiting on finalized…
Safety, Ops & Regulation