FAA Warns On Aircraft Disinfection Risks

By Sean Broderick Nov 04, 2020
The FAA is calling attention to risks that disinfection can have on aircraft interiors, urging operators and maintainers to heed manufacturers’ guidance and take extra steps to protect sensitive equipment, wiring, and other high-risk components. 
Safety, Ops & Regulation

How Next-Gen Aircraft Windows Have Become Safer And Stronger

By Paul Seidenman Nov 04, 2020
Trends in the next generation of windows for business and commercial aircraft.
Emerging Technologies

New Palletized System Transforms Cargo Aircraft for Passengers

By Lindsay Bjerregaard Nov 02, 2020
Collins Aerospace and Knight Aerospace have joined forces to develop a mobile galley and lavatory system that can be rolled on and off cargo aircraft.
Interiors & Connectivity

Combating The Other Virus

By Alex Derber Oct 20, 2020
Given the acute demand-side stresses that COVID-19 has inflicted upon aviation, cybersecurity concerns may have dropped down some MRO companies’…

Engineering Innovations Focus On COVID-19 Cabin Redesign

By Paul Seidenman Oct 09, 2020
Aircraft cabins could look different after the COVID-19 pandemic because of various engineering innovations underway.
Interiors & Connectivity

Moving Toward Next-Gen Composites

Oct 09, 2020
The current decade is likely to see some major innovations in composites technology, particularly with respect to recyclability and manufacturing…
Interiors & Connectivity

IAMA Calls For Changing Future Of Aircraft Modification

Nicole Noack Oct 08, 2020
The Independent Aircraft Modifier Alliance says a customer-centric approach will be crucial to meet future aircraft owner and operator needs.
Aircraft & Propulsion

Design Organizations Strive For Modernized Aircraft Offerings

By Lindsay Bjerregaard Oct 01, 2020
Specialized design, engineering and modifications providers are growing their offerings for aircraft cabins and structures.

Singapore Airlines Shelves Seat Refit On 737-800s, For Now

By Chen Chuanren Sep 28, 2020
Singapore Airlines will not refit its SilkAir Boeing 737-800s with new lie-flat business class seats, as the regional unit reintegrates with the parent carrier. 
Interiors & Connectivity

‘Peace Of Mind’ To Drive Interiors Transformation

By Chen Chuanren Sep 24, 2020
Despite numerous studies and reports on the cleanliness of passenger aircraft and the low risk of infection while aboard, the implementation of tangible and visible measures is key to building passenger confidence. 
MRO Asia

New Canadian Airline Finalizing Major Fleet Refurbishment Project

By Lindsay Bjerregaard Sep 11, 2020
Before it begins flight operations in November, OWG’s fleet is receiving avionics, IFE and cabin upgrades.
Interiors & Connectivity

Why Inflight Connectivity Antennas Are Playing Catch-Up

By Paul Seidenman Sep 10, 2020
Inflight connectivity has revolutionized the passenger experience, but it continues to have issues with undependable internet connections and content…
Interiors & Connectivity

Aereos Launches Germ-Killing Aircraft Interior Parts

By Lindsay Bjerregaard Aug 26, 2020
Aereos is producing a range of high-touch parts in cabin interiors and lavatories with antimicrobial additives incorporated into the source materials.
Interiors & Connectivity

Collins’ ‘LuxStream’ Broadband Introduced On Gulfstreams

By Bill Carey Aug 20, 2020
Collins Aerospace and business jet MRO Western Jet Aviation expect a first FAA approval in September to install the new LuxStream in-flight broadband service on the Gulfstream G450, with approvals following on other Gulfstream models, Collins announced on Aug. 20.
Interiors & Connectivity

Imagining MRO Post-COVID-19: Steps For the Future

By Lee Ann Shay Aug 14, 2020
The pandemic has been a catalyst for change, from accelerated digitalization to new training technologies.
Program Management

Airbus, Operators Study On-Aircraft Fume Anomalies

By Sean Broderick Aug 14, 2020
New program, system upgrades target recurring, mysterious in-service incidents.
Safety, Ops & Regulation

COVID-19 Prompts Airlines To Reconsider Lavatory Features And Design

By Paul Seidenman Aug 14, 2020
How OEMS are upgrading lavoratories to cope with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Aircraft Passenger Seat Design Gets Smarter

By Thierry Dubois Aug 14, 2020
Weaknesses at established suppliers have opened the door to newcomers with innovative products, especially in economy seats.
Interiors & Connectivity

MRO Industry Seeks More Multiskilled Technicians

By James Pozzi Aug 12, 2020
Digital aircraft are bringing more demand for the right kind of technicians to repair them.

Lavatory Upgrade Options To Improve Hygiene, Accessibility

By Lindsay Bjerregaard Aug 07, 2020
From touchless products to decontamination tech, these modifications seek to upgrade lavatories in the COVID-19 era.

Airbus Developing Retrofit Solution for Aerkomm K++ IFEC System

By Lindsay Bjerregaard Jul 29, 2020
The system will first be installed on Hong Kong Airlines’ fleet of Airbus A320 aircraft.
Interiors & Connectivity

PEMCO Makes Progress on B737-700 Conversions

By Lindsay Bjerregaard Jul 16, 2020
The conversion has received FAA approval and will fly with launch customer Texel Air.

How Pratt & Whitney Plans To Grow Its Military Business

By Steve Trimble Jul 15, 2020
President Matthew Bromberg on COVID-19, production increases and future development efforts.
A&D Week 2020

MRO’s Recovery: The Path Forward

By Lee Ann Shay Jul 09, 2020
How WestJet and others are using the COVID-19 downtime to position themselves for recovery.

LHT Plans A321neo Special Mission Mods for German Air Force

By Lindsay Bjerregaard Jul 08, 2020
The two aircraft will be equipped to handle a variety of medevac and troop transport configurations.