SBD International Airport Offers a Winning Strategy for Air Cargo and Supply-Chain Operators

Sponsored By San Bernardino International Airport Sep 16, 2021
Building upon the legacy and location left by Norton Air Force Base following its official closure in 1994, SBD International Airport (SBD) is an aviation growth story several decades in the making.

Innovating to Maintain Air Dominance: An Expert Perspective

Sponsored By Raytheon Missiles & Defense Sep 16, 2021
In recent conflicts the US has been able to carry out air operations at will, wherever and whenever required. This is air dominance, and maintaining…
Defense and Space

Shaping the Future of Special Operations Air Power: SNC’s MC-145B Coyote – for Armed Overwatch

Sponsored by Sierra Nevada Corporation Sep 15, 2021
Today’s warfighter operates in a constantly evolving environment where rapidly improving technologies and diverse combat zones pose increasingly…
AFA Air Space and Cyber Conference

Rapid Expansion Of The Use Of UAVs By Global Air Forces Continues Apace

Sep 15, 2021
The rapid expansion of the use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) by air forces around the world is continuing apace.
Defense and Space

WEBINAR: How Technology is Enabling Secure Travel in a Post Pandemic World

Sponsored By SITA Sep 14, 2021
October 6, 2021 11:00 am EDT / 8:00 am PDT As we start to rebuild following the pandemic the industry focus is firmly on delivering healthy,…
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FAST CHAT: Training Beyond Proficiency

Sponsored By FlightSafety Sep 14, 2021
Now available on-demand! Simply meeting a regulatory minimum is not enough. Pilots must be trained to excel and command their aircraft with calm…
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Singapore Hub Powers Collins Aerospace Digitalization Pivot

By Chen Chuanren Sep 13, 2021
Collins Aerospace’s recently launched Singapore Innovation Hub has continued its pursuit of new technology products throughout the pandemic.
MRO Asia

Aerospace Leaders To Outline Future Roadmap Of Industry At Dubai Airshow 2021 Conferences

Sponsored by Dubai Airshow Sep 10, 2021
This November, Dubai Airshow takes thought-leadership to new heights as it introduces 9 tracks packed with sessions covering the full spectrum of…

Freighter Conversion Solutions that Soar Above

Sponsored by ST Engineering Sep 09, 2021
One of the few bright spots for the airline industry over the past one year has been the strong demand for freighters. While there may be more conversion houses and options available in the market now, not all solutions are however created equal.
MRO Asia

How to Increase Military Software Innovation and Longevity Through Reuse

Sponsored by AdaCore Sep 08, 2021
Discover how the adoption of open source software for military projects and software reuse can be differentiators providing strategic and tactical advantages on the battlefield.

Electric Flight: The Material Difference

Sponsored by Henkel Sep 07, 2021
Aviation Week interviews Henkel’s global head of strategy, Ruairi O’Kane, about the role of materials suppliers in realizing the transformative…

Regular Engine Wash Plan For Sustainable MRO | 持続可能なMROのために最適なエンジン洗浄頻度とは

Sep 03, 2021
Air Transport & MRO

Webinar: The Road To Zero Carbon Airports

Sep 01, 2021
This webinar took place September 1, 2021. With ACI World and its member airports committing to carbon neutral operations by 2050, we bring together…
Airports & Routes

A Guide To Keeping Air Travel Safe During The Pandemic Through Testing

Sponsored By Thermo Fisher Scientific Sep 01, 2021
Even with vaccines, testing passengers for COVID-19 is still important for air travel. Learn about testing technologies, best practices, testing protocols, and testing networks that make the process passenger-friendly.

Global Commercial In-Service Fleet Taken Off Recently | 世界の民間機運航数が急速に回復中

Sep 01, 2021
Air Transport & MRO

VIDEO LEARNING: Aircraft Maintenance Technician Training in a Post Pandemic World

Sponsored By CAE Aug 27, 2021
AVAILABLE ON DEMAND The impact of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has underlined the need for aircraft maintenance training providers to offer…
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Mixed Recovery Posing Challenges For Some MRO Providers | コロナ禍からの回復の地域差により、困難に直面するMRO事業者

Aug 27, 2021
Europe’s slow recovery is being offset by increasing headwinds in Asia, creating a mixed near-term outlook for some aftermarket providers, Bank of America analysts report.
Air Transport & MRO

Global Commercial In-Service Fleet Taken Off Recently | 近期全球商业飞机在役机队大幅增长

Aug 26, 2021
AIr Transport & MRO

New Approaches to U.S. Military Space

Sponsored By PwC Aug 25, 2021
Aviation Week Network spoke with Scott Kittrell, Director of Aerospace, PwC, and Michael Holland, Director of Aerospace and Defense at PwC, about the…

Countries Giving Greater Role To Turboprop Trainers | 部分国家赋予涡轮螺旋桨教练机更大的作用

Aug 25, 2021
Aerospace & Defense

Far Eastern Promise For Crossover Jets

By Bernie Baldwin Aug 24, 2021
Even in an industry totally shaken by a global pandemic, some things don’t appear to be changing as a post-Covid world emerges. One of those is that…
Crossover Narrowbody Jets

Podcast: Why a Market Digital Twin is Critical to AAM's Success

Aug 24, 2021
Using a "digital twin" to model market demand and behaviors will help AAM players understand and trigger mass adoption. Listen in as Aviation Week’s…

Global Commercial In-Service Fleet Taken Off Recently

Aug 24, 2021
Comparing monthly data at the same points in previous years shows the dramatic shifts from the lows of the pandemic period starting in January 2000.
Air Transport

Ask the Experts: New Approaches to U.S. Military Space

Sponsored By PwC Aug 23, 2021
The U.S. Department of Defense’s first new military service branch in over five decades, the United States Space Force, ushers in a new era marked by…

Countries Giving Greater Role To Turboprop Trainers | 訓練課程におけるターボプロップ練習機の役割を拡大させる国々

Aug 23, 2021
このようなトレンドの影響もあり、2021年時点で世界に3,185機配備されている高等練習機は、2030年には3,038機に減少するとAviation Week Networkは予想している。
Aerospace & Defense