Aircraft Cabin Configuration Trends

By Paul Seidenman Feb 04, 2022
What’s in and what’s out for aircraft cabins.
Interiors & Connectivity

Brazil’s Aviation Market Recovery Drives MRO Growth

By Henry Canaday Feb 04, 2022
Brazilian aviation’s quick recovery is driving MRO growth in commercial and business markets.
Aircraft & Propulsion

How The Middle Eastern Aftermarket Is Shaping Up In 2022

By James Pozzi Feb 04, 2022
The Middle East’s MRO industry is planning further recovery in 2022.
Aircraft & Propulsion

United Tech Ops Gains Efficiencies At LAX

By Lee Ann Shay Feb 03, 2022
United Airlines built a new technical operations complex at Los Angeles International Airport to improve efficiencies there.
Aircraft & Propulsion

FAA Issues Pratt-powered 777 Service Return Mandates

By Sean Broderick Feb 02, 2022
The inspections and modifications needed before Pratt-powered Boeing 777s can return to service.
Safety, Ops & Regulation

New IFE Products Aim To Benefit Both Passengers And Airlines

By Lindsay Bjerregaard Feb 02, 2022
Inflight entertainment providers are introducing new products to improve passenger experience and grow airline business opportunities.
Interiors & Connectivity

The Benefits Of In-Person Attendance At Post-Pandemic MRO Events

Brett Levanto Feb 02, 2022
ARSA considers the importance of in-person networking, meetings and competitions for aftermarket companies.
Workforce & Training

Coatings Complexity Rises For Next-Gen Engines

By Alex Derber Feb 02, 2022
Why advanced coatings are crucial for aircraft engines—and will also be for next-gen engines, including hydrogen-powered types.
Aircraft & Propulsion

Inside MRO News Briefs And Contracts

Feb 02, 2022
New joint ventures, support agreements and restructurings are highlights of News Briefs this month.
Aircraft & Propulsion

Parts Market Will Drive E195-E2 MRO In Midterm

By James Pozzi Feb 02, 2022
How the aftermarket for Embraer’s newest aircraft program is shaping up.
Aircraft & Propulsion

Opinion: Are Aircraft Going To Become ‘Conscious’?

Ian Jennions and Jim Angus Feb 01, 2022
Enabling aircraft to communicate could produce cost savings and environmental improvements, but improved data transfer is needed.
Emerging Technologies

Key Roadblocks To Maximizing MRO Digital Potential

By Lindsay Bjerregaard Feb 01, 2022
Airlines and MROs are using only a fraction of available data. How can the industry overcome challenges in using data’s full potential?
Interiors & Connectivity

Infographic: Global Cargo Conversion Boom Continues Through 2022

By Lindsay Bjerregaard Feb 01, 2022
A look at the most recent passenger-to-freighter conversion developments across the world.
Aircraft & Propulsion

Europe Readies For Recovery In 2022, But Obstacles Remain

By James Pozzi Jan 13, 2022
Aviation Week’s Aero Engines Europe attendees discuss how they see the MRO industry progressing in 2022.
Aircraft & Propulsion

Lessons Learned From Parking Aircraft

By Lee Ann Shay Jan 13, 2022
Airlines, MROs and OEMs share lessons learned from parking aircraft during the pandemic.
Aircraft & Propulsion

Niche Numbers Belie CF6-80A’s MRO Prospects

By Sean Broderick Jan 12, 2022
Push to keep the fleet flying economically prompts partnerships.
Aircraft & Propulsion

Twente Cluster Looks To Switch MRO Focus

By James Pozzi Jan 11, 2022
Netherlands’ Twente Airport is changing paths to embrace the evolving aviation landscape.
Emerging Technologies

Thermal Blankets: A Weighty Subject For Aircraft

By Paul Seidenman Jan 07, 2022
For thermal blankets, it’s lighter weight, longer life.
Interiors & Connectivity

Iberia’s MRO Division Plans GTF Services, Software Rollouts In 2022

By James Pozzi Jan 06, 2022
How the maintenance unit of Spanish airline Iberia is looking at new investments to grow its business.
Aircraft & Propulsion

Aircraft Drone Inspection Providers Make Industry Headway

By Lindsay Bjerregaard Jan 05, 2022
Drone-based aircraft inspections are gaining traction as new providers, technologies and certifications come down the pipeline.

Commercial Air Transport In-Service Fleet Keeps Climbing, But Deliveries Drop

By Lee Ann Shay Dec 15, 2021
Tracking the commercial aviation fleet month-to-month as recovery continues.
Aircraft & Propulsion

The Aftermarket, Sustainability And 2050 Goals

By Craig Gottlieb Dec 14, 2021
Aftermarket services that improve airline sustainability.
Emerging Technologies

Cargo Market To Drive Boeing 767's Long-Term Future

By James Pozzi Dec 10, 2021
How the Boeing 767’s long-term future will be shaped by the buoyant cargo market.
Aircraft & Propulsion

Opinion: Rethink Hub-Based MRO

Brett Levanto Dec 08, 2021
As aviation technologies evolve, MRO will have to reorganize and decentralize to keep up.
Emerging Technologies

Avionics Specialists Amp Up Aftermarket Capabilities

By Lindsay Bjerregaard Dec 06, 2021
Avionics specialists are adding new products, equipment and repair capabilities to support a wider customer base.
Interiors & Connectivity