MROs Tap Technologies To Boost Workforce Productivity

By Lindsay Bjerregaard Aug 08, 2022
Aftermarket providers are using technologies such as asset-tracking systems and robotics to make technicians’ work easier and more efficient.
Emerging Technologies

Tooling Tech Advances To Simplify MRO, Tool Tracking

By Lindsay Bjerregaard Aug 05, 2022
Specialists across the aviation tooling ecosystem are developing new products to help technicians more easily use and track tools.

Opinion: MRO Should Rethink Digital Recruiting Methods

Brett Levanto Aug 05, 2022
ARSA argues that the MRO industry needs to adapt recruiting methods to reach candidates with relevant skill sets.
Workforce & Training

Airlines Using Predictive Maintenance Reap Big Benefits

By Alex Derber Jul 08, 2022
The pandemic and recovery have boosted airline demand for predictive maintenance solutions, which continue to evolve and gain traction.
Emerging Technologies

Flux In Fleets Driving Aftermarket, Leasing Changes

By Lindsay Bjerregaard Jul 08, 2022
How MROs are adapting and planning for ever-changing fleet composition as air travel recovers.
Aircraft & Propulsion

Aftermarket Builds Groundwork For Hydrogen-Electric Retrofits

By Lindsay Bjerregaard Jul 07, 2022
Industry stakeholders are establishing MRO resources to prepare for the impending wave of hydrogen-electric aircraft conversions.
Emerging Technologies

Freebird Airlines’ Maintenance Strategy Post-Pandemic

Jul 07, 2022
How Freebird Airlines is planning its maintenance operations post-pandemic.
Aircraft & Propulsion

Atitech’s Plans For Its Alitalia Maintenance Acquisition

By James Pozzi Jul 07, 2022
Atitech’s acquisition of Alitalia’s maintenance unit has implications for capacity, capabilities and jobs.
Services & Support

Prospects For The A350’s Engine In Sluggish Widebody Aftermarket

By James Pozzi Jul 07, 2022
What the future has in store for the Trent XWB engine aftermarket.
Aircraft & Propulsion

Landing Gear OEMS Adopt Lighter Weight, More Sustainable Materials

By Paul Seidenman Jul 07, 2022
Landing gears are getting greener, with greater use of lighter-weight materials and more environmentally benign anti-corrosion technologies. …
Aircraft & Propulsion

Opinion: Don’t Blame MRO For Today’s Airline Travel Delays

By Lee Ann Shay Jul 07, 2022
Why airline delays related to surging post-pandemic travel demand are mostly not being caused by maintenance issues.
Aircraft & Propulsion

Regulatory Inconsistency Challenges U.S. Repair Stations

Jul 06, 2022
ARSA highlights an example of how unpredictable regulatory requirements hinder repair stations.
Safety, Ops & Regulation

EASA Sees No Need To Revamp Third Country Operator Process

By Sean Broderick Jul 06, 2022
Europe is pleased with the effectiveness of its foreign air carrier screening process.
Safety, Ops & Regulation

ICAO Chief Calls For Approved Maintenance Organization Harmonization

By Sean Broderick Jul 06, 2022
Bilaterals and regional cooperation should be expanded to make MRO facility approval more efficient.
Safety, Ops & Regulation

Lessors Adapting To Rapidly Changing Airline Fleet Movements

By James Pozzi Jul 05, 2022
Why airlines are now pursuing lessors for additional lift, as war in Ukraine creates uncertainty.
Aircraft & Propulsion

Inside MRO News Briefs And Contracts...

Jul 05, 2022
Passenger-to-freighter conversions, connectivity upgrades feature in this month’s Contracts and Briefs.
Aircraft & Propulsion

New Aftermarket Software Platforms Target Improved MRO, Supply Chain Ops

By Lindsay Bjerregaard Jul 05, 2022
Evolving aftermarket software platforms are leveraging emerging technologies to make MRO more efficient and better predict maintenance needs.
Services & Support

Opinion: Digital Engineering's Role In Life-Cycle Management

By Craig Gottlieb Jul 05, 2022
Why MRO providers must embrace digital engineering to achieve ongoing performance improvement and fine-tune outcomes.
Emerging Technologies

Opinion: To MROs: Step Up Sustainability Or Face Investors

By Lee Ann Shay Jun 10, 2022
The MRO industry is reducing its environmental footprint in many ways, but needs to do even more.
Supply Chain

MROs Working To Improve Sustainability, But Hurdles Remain

By Lee Ann Shay Jun 10, 2022
How aviation aftermarket companies are taking steps toward sustainability, despite unresolved issues.
Services & Support

Aftermarket Struggles To Meet Cabin Refurbishment Demand

By Alex Derber Jun 09, 2022
Although aircraft transitions are driving demand for cabin refurbishment, supply chain woes are limiting progress.
Interiors & Connectivity

Aircraft Brakes Become Greener, Cleaner

By Paul Seidenman Jun 09, 2022
Recent aircraft wheel and brake developments aim for more time on wing and less environmental impact.
Aircraft & Propulsion

Eastern Europe’s MROs Address Capacity Issues As Aftermarket Recovers

By James Pozzi Jun 09, 2022
The region’s aftermarket is projected to enjoy a consistent and steady spending increase in 2022-31.
Aircraft & Propulsion

Wheel And Brake Specialists Add Capabilities, Facilities

By Lindsay Bjerregaard Jun 08, 2022
Aftermarket specialists focused on wheels and brakes are adding new worldwide facilities and capabilities.

Australian Safety Board Report Shows Importance Of Clear Instructions

By Sean Broderick Jun 08, 2022
A lack of clarity in Boeing, Qantas maintenance documentation led to a 787 crossing the Pacific with tape on four static ports, an ATSB probe found.
Safety, Ops & Regulation