Standard Receipt Developed For SAF Purchases

Business jet at sunset
Credit: Panther Media GmbH / Alamy Stock Photo

The National Air Transportation Association (NATA) and sustainability rating firm 4AIR have released a common receipt that FBOs and aircraft operators can use to credit sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) purchases.

Unveiled on July 26, the SAF Delivery Receipt replaces differing documentation provided by fuel suppliers with a standardized form that itemizes the SAF feedstock, fuel blend and gallons uplifted by an aircraft to calculate the actual emissions reduced. Operators can use the receipt for certification of their sustainability efforts by 4AIR and other organizations and to validate compliance with corporate Environment, Social and Governance goals.

fuel receipt
Source: NATA

The creators say the form is the first standardized proof-of-purchase documentation for SAF serving business aviation. Its utility will be to increase operator awareness and drive adoption of sustainable fuel.

“Sustainable aviation fuel is today’s most accessible way to not just offset but actually reduce carbon emissions that contribute to climate change,” 4AIR President Kennedy Ricci said. “However, many operators were struggling to get the necessary information to report on their use of SAF. Our collaboration with NATA provides a standardized paper trail for everyone in the industry to know what to look for. It both proves and highlights the use of SAF, which will encourage its wider adoption.” 

Bill Carey

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