Airbus CEO Calls For Carbon-Neutral Aircraft Incentives

By Thierry Dubois Nov 27, 2020
Future carbon-neutral commercial aircraft should benefit from a favorable tax policy to help the technology gain traction, Airbus CEO Guillaume Faury said.
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ICAO Finalizes Last Elements For CORSIA Implementation

By Victoria Moores Nov 27, 2020
ICAO’s council has adopted decisions on eligibility units and sustainability certification, clearing the path for the implementation of CORSIA, the carbon-offsetting scheme for airlines.
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Aviation’s Non-CO2 Climate Impact Needs Further Research, IATA Says

By Victoria Moores Nov 25, 2020
IATA is reviewing the findings of a European report into the climate impacts of aviation beyond CO2 emissions, but has cautioned against jumping to premature conclusions.
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IATA Launches New Carbon-Offset Trading Platform

By Victoria Moores Nov 25, 2020
U.S. LCC JetBlue has performed the first transaction on IATA’s Aviation Carbon Exchange (ACE), a new carbon-offset trading platform which went live on Nov. 25.
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Mauboussin Name Returns To French Aviation With Hydrogen Plans

By Graham Warwick Nov 25, 2020
A French startup has unveiled plans to develop a hybrid-electric light aircraft as a step towards a hydrogen-fueled six-seat regional aircraft.
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Aerion Links With Spire For Boomless Supersonic Cruise

By Guy Norris Nov 23, 2020
Supersonic business jet developer Aerion has teamed with satellite company Spire Global to supply the high-fidelity weather data critical to the aircraft maker’s goal of achieving Mach 1-plus cruise speeds without generating a sonic boom on the ground.
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ANALYSIS: Sustainable Aviation Fuel The Key And The Challenge For Future Flying

By Alan Dron Nov 18, 2020
With air traffic flights and passengers drastically down in 2020, the 2019 top issues of aircraft emissions and “flight shame” have all but disappeared. But they will reappear just as soon as traffic recovers.
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European Airlines Could Face Dual Tax Blow In 2021

By Victoria Moores Nov 16, 2020
The Netherlands has increased a new national flight tax that takes effect Jan. 1, while the European Commission has been scrutinizing aviation’s fuel-duty exemption and is expected to release its findings in 2021.
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NASA Seeks Industry Input On Subsonic Transport X-plane Planning

By Graham Warwick Nov 10, 2020
NASA is polling industry on technologies that have a high probability of being used in new single-aisle airliners entering service in 2030-35. 

Rolls-Royce Launches Emerging Tech Project Aimed at Improving Engine Maintenance, Sustainability

By Lindsay Bjerregaard Nov 06, 2020
In partnership with the UK’s ATI Programme, project REINSTATE will develop 20 emerging technologies to improve engine maintenance while reducing airline disruption and environmental impacts.
Emerging Technologies

Paint And Coatings Go Greener, More Global

By Lindsay Bjerregaard Nov 05, 2020
Paint and coatings providers are expanding facilities, releasing innovative new products and leading the way in sustainability initiatives.

Sustainability. A Clear Ambition

Sponsored by CFM Nov 04, 2020
“We believe there is a clear path to get us where we need to be; our industry has been constantly improving fuel efficiency, noise, and emissions as…

Bye’s Electric Aircraft Attract South Korean Investor

By Graham Warwick Nov 03, 2020
Electric aircraft developer Bye Aerospace has attracted another investor, South Korean startup Aerospace9.
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787 Flight Tests Boost NASA Noise-Prediction Tools For Future Aircraft

By Guy Norris Nov 02, 2020
NASA tests on Boeing’s 787-10 ecoDemonstrator provided unprecedented system-level acoustic data for improving low-noise airliner designs.

DLR-GE Project Looks At Propeller Noise For Regional Aircraft

By Graham Warwick Nov 02, 2020
Flight tests for the first time synchronously measured noise on the ground and on the aircraft.
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How May Hydrogen Propulsion Affect Hybrid-Electric Engine Development?

By Graham Warwick Oct 26, 2020
Ask the Editors: There is room for both and overlap between both, and who will win where will play out over the next decade.

Sustainable Aviation Initiatives In Spotlight

By Victoria Moores Oct 26, 2020
The Air Transport Action Group (ATAG) predicts COVID-19 will have a 16% impact on traffic 30 years from now, the group said in a report, “Waypoint…
Safety, Ops & Regulation

Safran And GE Avio Aero Propose New Open-Rotor Engine Demo

By Guy Norris Oct 23, 2020
Plans for major technology demonstrators to shape next generation of single-aisle airliner firming up in Europe and U.S.
Aircraft & Propulsion

Sustainable aviation initiatives in the spotlight (November 2020)

By Linda Blachly Oct 20, 2020
Aviation’s electric propulsion pioneers are reliving the passion of the formative years of aviation as the push to develop electric and hybrid…
Emerging Technologies

Daily Memo: Europe Presses Ahead With ATM Modernization

By Thierry Dubois Oct 16, 2020
Renovation of Europe’s air traffic management (ATM) is progressing at a steady speed but with shifted priorities, as the backers of the Single European Sky Research (SESAR) project manage their budgets amid the pandemic.
Safety, Ops & Regulation

Lead-Free Avgas Development An Elusive Goal

By William Garvey Oct 15, 2020
High-octane fuel is a threat to 230,000 lightplanes and helicopters.
Business Aviation

VoltAero Cassio Offers 'A La Carte' Hybrid-Electric Propulsion

By Graham Warwick Oct 14, 2020
VoltAero has begun flight-testing the most powerful version of its hybrid-electric power train for regional transportation.
Aircraft & Propulsion

Robots for Greener Aircraft Painting and Stripping Make North American Debut

By Lindsay Bjerregaard Oct 12, 2020
Xyrec is opening a new facility at Port San Antonio, where it plans to further develop its Laser Coating Removal and Automated Paint Robot solutions.
MRO Transatlantic

PHASA-35 HAPS Faces Simulated Cold Soak

By Tony Osborne Oct 12, 2020
Prismatic’s PHASA-35 high-altitude pseudo-satellite has been fitted with a sensor payload and been taken through simulated cold soak testing to prepare it for stratospheric flight. 
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Ampaire Sets Distance Milestone With Hybrid-Electric Flight

By Graham Warwick Oct 12, 2020
The startup describes the flight from Camarillo to Hayward in California as “the longest flight to date for any commercially relevant aircraft employing electric propulsion.”
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