FAA Releases Interim Vertiport Design Guidance
The FAA has released vertiport design standards to support the introduction of new advanced air mobility aircraft into the U.S. airspace system.
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AAM Developers Undeterred By FAA Certification Shift

By Bill Carey Sep 22, 2022
Aspiring advanced air mobility (AAM) vehicle developers gathered for an event near the U.S. Capitol described their progress toward entering commercial service on a day that saw the AAM ranks thinned by one company.
Advanced Air Mobility

Europe Gears Up For Urban Air Mobility Kickoff

By Thierry Dubois Sep 21, 2022
European regulators are showing support and using a new approach to rulemaking as they prepare for the emergence of urban air mobility.
Advanced Air Mobility

Wisk Aero Unveils Proposed Concept Of Operations

By Garrett Reim Sep 21, 2022
Wisk envisions one “multivehicle supervisor” managing three air taxis at once from a remote location by 2030.
Advanced Air Mobility

FAA Awards Type Certification For Matternet M2 Drone

By Bill Carey Sep 09, 2022
The FAA has awarded type certification of the Matternet M2 quadcopter after a four-year evaluation, the company has announced.
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AAM Professionals: Collaboration On Regulation Is Vital

By Angus Batey Sep 08, 2022
The director of safety transformation at NATS, the UK’s air navigation service provider addresses aerospace executives during a panel discussion on the safety of shared airspace.
Safety, Ops & Regulation

UK CAA Seeks Industry Input On Drone And AAM Regulation

By Angus Batey Sep 08, 2022
Britain’s air safety regulator is inviting drone users and manufacturers to help shape the legal environment for uncrewed aircraft systems, and the collaboration may end up influencing regulation of the advanced-air-mobility sector.
Safety, Ops & Regulation

AAM Vertiport Startup VPorts Plans Quebec Network

By Graham Warwick Sep 06, 2022
Montreal-based startup VPorts plans to build a network of vertiports in Quebec, focused initially on regional cargo and medical transportation using electric vertical takeoff and landing aircraft. 
Advanced Air Mobility

Testing Paces Opener’s Progress With Personal eVTOL

By Graham Warwick Sep 01, 2022
Ultralight aircraft are usually the simplest of flying machines, often just tube and fabric—no certification, no pilot’s license, no commercial use.
Advanced Air Mobility

Diamond Details Certification Challenges For Electric Trainer

By Graham Warwick Aug 31, 2022
Diamond Aircraft is facing challenges to reaching agreement with regulators on requirements for certification of its eDA40 electric trainer. Battery safety is a key concern for certification, which is planned for 2023.
Advanced Air Mobility

Regent Makes Progress Toward Seaglider Certification

By Graham Warwick Aug 30, 2022
Regent has taken a step closer toward certification of its Viceroy electric seaglider with receipt of approval in principle (AiP) for the wing-in-ground-effect regional transport from inspection agency Bureau Veritas.
Safety, Ops & Regulation

FAA OKs Reliable Robotics’ Certification Basis For Autoflight

By Garrett Reim Aug 23, 2022
The FAA has agreed to a certification basis for Reliable Robotics’ autoflight and navigation systems.
Advanced Air Mobility

Joby Agrees On Revised eVTOL Certification Basis With FAA

By Graham Warwick Aug 15, 2022
Joby Aviation has signed a revised certification basis for its tiltprop S4 after the FAA changed direction of certifying electric vertical takeoff and landing aircraft, and says it is still on track to launch air taxi operations in 2024.
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Airspace Integration Curbs May Stifle New Aircraft, UK Working Group Says

By Angus Batey Aug 08, 2022
The potential economic and environmental benefits of new aircraft types risk being “stifled” by restrictions on airspace integration, a UK government-funded working group has warned.
Advanced Air Mobility

Startup Focuses On Air Space Security

By Carole Rickard Hedden Aug 05, 2022
As the U.S. prepares to renew its counter-drone legislation—designed so that government agencies can protect against drones—startup Shield Counter UAS of the UK is working with vertiport and airport planners to design counter-uncrewed aircraft systems capabilities for the public sector.
Advanced Air Mobility

Legislation Would Renew, Expand Counter-UAS Powers

By Bill Carey Aug 04, 2022
Proposed new federal legislation would renew the legal authorities already granted to U.S. agencies to protect critical infrastructure and events against rogue drones and empower the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) to “proactively” prevent drone incursions at airports.
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Standard Receipt Developed For SAF Purchases

By Bill Carey Jul 26, 2022
The National Air Transportation Association (NATA) and sustainability rating firm 4AIR have released a common receipt that FBOs and aircraft operators can use to credit sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) purchases.

Bristow Looks To Buy 50 Lilium Jets, Could Collaborate On U.S. Certification Effort

By Angus Batey Jul 18, 2022
Offshore vertical-lift specialist Bristow could acquire up to 50 Lilium Jets after signing a "non-binding memorandum of understanding."
Farnborough Airshow

Joby Applies For UK eVTOL Certification

By Guy Norris Jul 17, 2022
The application will allow Joby’s U.S.-based certification to be concurrently validated by the UK’s Civil Aviation Authority, accelerating access to the British market.
Farnborough Airshow

VoltAero Calls For More European Coordination On Electric Testbeds

By Graham Warwick Jul 12, 2022
French hybrid-electric aircraft startup VoltAero has called for increased coordination among European airworthiness authorities on recognition for experimental aircraft to facilitate the demonstration of electric aircraft across borders.
Advanced Air Mobility

ZeroAvia Power Loss Could Lead To Tighter UK Rules On Experimental Testing

By Graham Warwick Jul 11, 2022
The findings could affect the flight testing of new concepts in the UK.

EASA Releases Proposed Regulation For AAM Vehicles

By Bill Carey Jul 01, 2022
Europe’s aviation safety agency on June 30 issued a proposed regulatory framework for operations of new vertical takeoff and landing-capable aircraft over cities.
Advanced Air Mobility

Bye Cites Progress On Certification Plans For eFlyer Trainer

By Graham Warwick Jun 30, 2022
After disruptions and delays caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, Bye Aerospace and the FAA are finalizing certification plans for the eFlyer 2 electric trainer, keeping the company on course to have the first electric aircraft certified under Part 23 Amendment 64 airworthiness regulations.
Advanced Air Mobility

EASA Progress On eVTOL Regulation Puts Pressure On FAA

By Graham Warwick Jun 29, 2022
Europe is extending its lead in building the regulatory foundations for advanced air mobility with the expected release this week by the European Union Aviation Safety Agency of its draft operating and licensing rules for electric vertical takeoff and landing aircraft and their pilots.
Air Transport

Congressional Caucus Formed To Promote AAM

Jun 24, 2022
Industry is welcoming creation of a bipartisan Congressional Advanced Air Mobility Caucus. National Business Aviation Association President and CEO…
Advanced Air Mobility