Vertical’s eVTOL Prototype Takes Shape As Merger Vote Approaches

By Graham Warwick Sep 13, 2021
UK advanced air mobility startup Vertical Aerospace is gearing up to begin assembly of its VA-X4 engineering prototype to fly in 2022.
Urban & Unmanned Aviation

FAA Approves Certification Basis For Archer’s eVTOL

By Graham Warwick Sep 07, 2021
The startup is aiming for Part 23 type certification of its aircraft in late 2024.
Urban & Unmanned Aviation

FAA Testing New Approach To FBW Certification for eVTOLS

By Graham Warwick Sep 01, 2021
For most electric vertical-takeoff-and-landing vehicle developers, certifying the advanced flight controls is a key challenge.
Urban & Unmanned Aviation

NASA, Joby Conduct eVTOL Noise Tests

By Graham Warwick Sep 01, 2021
Joby Aviation has become the first company to fly an electric vertical-takeoff-and-landing aircraft as part of NASA’s Advanced Air Mobility National Campaign.
Urban & Unmanned Aviation

Airbus, Boeing Push Vision Of Integrated Airspace Management

By Graham Warwick Aug 30, 2021
Following a call to action from Airbus and Boeing, an advisory group under the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) is bringing together stakeholders to develop a global vision for future integrated air traffic management that meets the needs of all existing and emerging airspace users.
Urban & Unmanned Aviation

Bizav Operators Advised To Start SMS Planning

By Bill Carey Aug 19, 2021
Business aviation operators and repair stations that have not already done so should start developing safety management systems now in anticipation of an FAA rulemaking process that is expected to begin early next year, an industry safety expert advises.
Safety, Ops & Regulation

FAA Close To First Certification Rules For Electric Engines

By Graham Warwick Aug 10, 2021
The FAA is closing in on its first special condition for type certification of an electric propulsion system, and acknowledges that amending requirements developed over decades for piston and turbine engines is proving challenging.
Emerging Technologies

Joby Begins Process Toward eVTOL Airline Operations

By Guy Norris Jul 29, 2021
The company, which is also currently pursuing Part 23 type certification of the S4 eVTOL aircraft as well as production certification of the assembly line which will manufacture it, is targeting air carrier approval in 2022.
Urban & Unmanned Aviation

Race To EIS Covers Six-Year Span

By Carole Rickard Hedden Jul 21, 2021
As the advanced air mobility sector continues to shape and shift at pace with the technological advances and regulatory and legal realities, the real question remains: When will the new aircraft emerge on a widely accepted basis?
Urban & Unmanned Aviation

U.S. Air Force Approves Kitty Hawk’s Heaviside eVTOL

By Graham Warwick Jul 09, 2021
Heaviside becomes the fourth electric vertical-takeoff-and-landing (evTOL) aircraft to receive military flight release from the U.S. Air Force under its Agility Prime program. 
Urban & Unmanned Aviation

Corridors Could Be a Solution To AAM Airspace Access Issue

By Carole Rickard Hedden Jun 22, 2021
Working groups are evaluating a variety of solutions to some of the toughest issues in urban air mobility operations, including where the aircraft will operate and how they will enter and exit that airspace.
Urban & Unmanned Aviation

FAA’s Dickson: Cross-Agency Coordination On AAM Is Essential

By Graham Warwick Jun 16, 2021
Enabling type certification of electric air taxis is a priority for the FAA, but equally important is ensuring these new types of aircraft can operate at scale in the U.S. national airspace system, FAA Administrator Steve Dickson has told Aviation Week.
Urban & Unmanned Aviation

Lilium Works Toward Concurrent EASA/FAA eVTOL Certification

By Graham Warwick Jun 11, 2021
Lilium plans to use at least six conforming prototypes for testing in an effort to obtain concurrent European and U.S. type certification of its seven-seat electric air taxi.
Urban & Unmanned Aviation

FAA To Create New Drone Rulemaking Committee

By Bill Carey Jun 10, 2021
The FAA will assemble an aviation rulemaking committee to provide the agency with recommendations for allowing routine flights of drones beyond an operator’s visual line of sight, Administrator Steve Dickson said June 9.
Safety, Ops & Regulation

EASA Advances AAM Guidance

By Carole Rickard Hedden Jun 07, 2021
Obtaining certification from civil aviation authorities is the milestone that eVTOL vehicle manufacturers most seek—it allows them to be first-to-market in what is viewed as a keenly competitive industry.
Urban & Unmanned Aviation

Joby Lays Out Milestones To UAM Service Launch

By Graham Warwick Jun 07, 2021
Joby Aviation has laid out its road map to achieve type certification of its electric air taxi and obtain its air operator certificate in order to begin commercial aerial ridesharing services in U.S. cities in 2024.
Urban & Unmanned Aviation

EASA On Path To Autonomous Passenger Transport

By Graham Warwick May 26, 2021
Europe’s aviation regulator believes commercial use of electric air taxis could begin by 2024-25, but that it will take at least five more years to enable autonomous passenger transport, the holy grail for ubiquitous and affordable urban air mobility.
Urban & Unmanned Aviation

EASA: Progress, Concerns Grow On eVTOL Harmonization

By Graham Warwick May 18, 2021
Harmonization of the differing European and U.S. approaches to regulating electric vertical-takeoff-and-landing aircraft is advancing somewhat, but there are concerns over the lack of information on China’s approach to approving the new class of aircraft.
Emerging Technologies

FAA Executive Board Will Lead AAM Development

By Bill Carey Mar 04, 2021
The FAA will establish an executive board to lead the agency’s oversight of the emerging Advanced Air Mobility sector, Administrator Steve Dickson announced on March 3.
Aircraft & Propulsion

FAA Readies For First Air Mobility Certification In 2021

By Guy Norris Jan 27, 2021
The FAA expects to certify the first of a new generation of advanced or urban air mobility (AAM/UAM) aircraft later in 2021 and says regulations will be in place in time for initial piloted electric vertical-take-off-and-landing (eVTOL) operations to begin as early as 2023.
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