Welcome to the next generation BCA. 

BCA is alive and well – and coming January 2021 – is going all digital!


We’re transforming the digital delivery approaches to match business aviation content and audience needs.


The editorial mission has not changed and BCA’s new editorial team is committed to BCA’s core values around how-to safety, operational, and aircraft-centric content.

Among the new features

More content plus the monthly features that have become industry standards:

  • A regular BCA Digest e-letter.
  • Aircraft-centric landing pages curating our vast content stores for pilot reports, data, values and more.
  • A new digital platform that delivers how-to and long-form content in multiple formats.
  • Rich-media features: videos, webinars, podcasts, photography.
  • Business Aviation Marketplace, with thousands of products and services at your fingertips.
  • Continued creation of popular editorial content including Cause & Circumstance, Point of Law and 20/Twenty.
With Bill Garvey’s help and mentorship, we have assembled a new digital product plan and the next-generation BCA team — all of whom have many years of experience covering the aviation industry and serving our audiences at the high standards you expect.
Greg Hamilton
President, Aviation Week Network

BCA's Retiring Editors Offer A Final Salute

Jessica Salerno
BCA's Retiring Editors Offer A Final Salute

Memories and Transition

Our legendary editors got together for a final farewell. Watch as they share their favorite memories and milestones, and hear from the new BCA editorial team on the all-new digital experience that includes even MORE content, interactivity, and accessibility. 


Meet the New BCA Team

Executive Editor, Business Aviation & MRO
Managing Editor, Business Aviation
Senior Editor, Business Aviation
Executive Editor, Technology
Senior Editor, Propulsion
France Bureau Chief
Advertising Opportunities
Coming in January 2021: The Next-Level Digital Experience for the Business Aviation Industry. We’re transforming the digital delivery approaches to match business aviation content and audience needs.

Find out how to get involved in the new BCA.

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